Alt Left: Jews and Blacks Since 1960 in the US

Polar Bear: I’ve heard Jews had a hierarchy of Gentiles. and Slavs ranked low, Germans ranked high. This may be just Western Jews.

I’ve never heard of this. I’ve never heard that they ranked us at all. I don’t think Jews care much about us Gentiles, sorry. Most of them are all wrapped up in thinking about themselves all the time. That’s what it means to be a Jew, bottom line. LOL how well do you know these people called Jews? What makes you think that they think much about us at all?

Jews do care about White Gentiles, especially Christians, but mostly it’s hostility and resentment because face it, we don’t have a great record of being nice to them. Rather the opposite.

They don’t seem to care anything about Hispanics or Asians. Obviously they don’t like Arabs at all, but can you blame them? The Arabs are trying to kill them. I wouldn’t like them either if I were a Jew.

To the extent that they do care about Gentiles, a lot of Jews are really anti-Black. The way so many Blacks act is so contrary to the ultra-civilized view Jews have of themselves! To a lot of Jews, Blacks are just gross.

The Jews don’t mind that Blacks are thieves; after all, many Jews are too. But Jews think you should steal with a pen, not a gun. Stealing with a gun is rude, uncouth, and almost evil. Something goes wrong and someone is hurt or dead.

Steal with a pen and nothing happens. No one gets hurt. You get away with it, and you live in a nice house. You don’t and you go to Club Fed Prison which is full of other Jewish white collar crooks. You get to sit around and bitch all day about how you did nothing wrong and the only reason you got caught is anti-Semitism. No, seriously, this is what Jewish white-collar crooks do. They go to federal prison and become obsessed with this idea that evil antisemitic prejudice put them in prison, instead of, you know, maybe just them being criminals?

Also, in the big cities back East, the Jews tended to live in the inner cities and had lived there a long time. After the 1960’s, ghetto Blacks moved into these Jewish neighborhoods in large numbers, and things were not real cool. Young Jews grew up around a lot of ghetto Blacks and often turned very racist.

One of the most virulent anti-Black racists I have ever met was a Jewish guy from Detroit. He was totally unashamed of his racism, too. No guilt at all. A lot of Jews from Detroit don’t like Blacks much. My old girlfriend was a Jew from Detroit. She wasn’t wild about Blacks. She called them svartzes. One time this Black man was flirting with her in line at the grocery store, and she told me about it, “Yuck. Why would I go out with a svartze? Ew.” Then later she moved to Atlanta and had a Black boyfriend. Who of course was cheating on her the whole time with another woman, a friend of hers.

Many of the younger Jews moved out of these inner cities, but often their parents or grandparents stayed. These people were older Jews, and they were easy prey for young ghetto Blacks. Many older Jewish parents and grandparents were badly victimized by ghetto Blacks. Younger Jews heard about their parents getting preyed on by Blacks and were not happy about that.

Most Jews don’t like Blacks very much. They just harp on this “White racism against Blacks” thing as a club to beat White Gentiles over the head with because they don’t like White Gentiles getting racist. The reason is because it eventually tends to boomerang back around on the Jews. And historically speaking, that hasn’t been good for the Jews. So they want us to be completely nonracist against Blacks, while they get to be as racist as they want against them. Typical Jewish hypocrisy, but all ethnocentric groups are very hypocritical. And the more ethnocentric you are, the worse the hypocrisy.

In fact, this is the major problem with Identity Politics because all IP types end up turning into the worst hypocrites. The other day it dawned on me that Jews practically invented Identity Politics. Jewishness and Judaism were the original Identity Politics movement.

For a while there, most of the leadership of the NAACP was Jewish. I wish I could say their motives were pure, but I think there was something underhanded about it. It was always “smash White Gentile racism to protect the Jews.” I’m not sure they cared about Blacks very much.

However, during the Civil Rights Era, a lot of those idealistic young Jews who went down to the South, some of whom got murdered, had very pure motives. Likewise, a number of the antiracist Jews in the hippie movement of the 1960’s had pure motives.

But Jews fighting anti-Black racism among White Gentiles has always been a lot more about bashing racist White Gentiles than about helping Blacks, sorry.

Incidentally, there are Black Jews, mostly converts, and they face a lot of discrimination in the Jewish community. Like bigtime. In Israel also there are Black Ethiopian Jews, and they have been treated terribly by White Jews. In fact, there has been a major effort on the part of the state of Israel to deny that they are Jewish so they can ship them back or not allow any more in. Ethiopian Jews often find the racism in Israel to be bald, naked, and obvious, while such things in the US are much more undercover and hidden.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Jews and Blacks Since 1960 in the US”

    1. Whites are responsible for almost every invention in the world all through history.

      The only exceptions are gangsta rap and the slam dunk being invented by Black Americans and fireworks by the Chinese.

  1. Your old gf., almost wife, ended up going Black. That hurts a lot of men, moreso if it’s a potential wife.

    Been listening to a lot of R&B, and it’s good music. Possibly the greatest modern achievement of Blacks is music. A lot of this music is tainted by rap. They should just leave a good thing alone.

    Here’s a good song rapped on by many clowns:

    1. Is that modern R & B. I don’t like modern R & B because ghetto Blacks like it, and it reminds me of ghetto Blacks. I had a date with what was sort of a ghetto Black woman a while ago, and she wanted to listen to that music. She was hot, but she was basically a whore trying to charge me for fucking her.

      She wasn’t obviously ghetto and she was only 25-50% Black. But you can’t always see the obvious ghetto in these Black and part-Black chicks, and a little bit of Black is plenty in too many cases.

      Also, she was a full-blown female psychopath, one of the only ones I’ve ever seen.

  2. Modern R&B singers are like pimps, and gangster rappers are like gangbangers.

    The deception of the R & B love song always bothered me a bit. Whereas the gangster rapper, real or faked, is often is a straight-up charcoal briquette thug, the R&B singer gleams like fools’ obsidian to women but is often no better or even worse.

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