Being Bigoted Is Often Irrational, and Furthermore, It Doesn’t Really Work

Polar Bear: For us straights, it isn’t wise to just abandon the opposite sex. Women are less important to gay men, that bond isn’t critical.

I have a gay friend who hates or at least doesn’t like women. He’s one of those fairly masculine ones. Usually the more masculine ones are more likely to be woman-haters and the more effeminate women’s are more likely to love women. I guess there’s a reason for that, but I can’t think of one offhand. I would estimate that ~2

Hating women or misogyny doesn’t work. Sadly, I went through a phase like that about 30 years ago*. It completely failed. Whatever problems I had with women being hostile, standoffish, unfriendly, bitchy, cunty etc. (and all of us men have to deal with quite a few women like that at any time in our lives) were simply multiplied or potentiated. It was a complete disaster and after a while, it makes you start disliking them even more.

And women tried to get back at me a lot at the schools I taught at. An Hispanic teacher’s aid put a piece of chalk in my coffee. I totally hot teacher who came up to me and tried to talk to went away pretty quickly, and then when I wasn’t looking, took out some sharp object and sliced up the outside of my briefcase. What a bitch!

Anyway what goes around, comes around, and if you go around acting like an asshole or are bigoted against any group of people, I figured out that people tend to return aggression with aggression. You act aggressive and people often fight back in all these little ways. So being an asshole doesn’t work. You just end up in a war. It might be fun to walk around being at war with the world and shooting people with an emotional sniper rifle, but at some point, your victims are going to start fighting back at people, and what was once a fun shooting gallery is now a dangerous war.

*You notice how feminists say that almost all or all of us men have an extreme hatred of women, but few men admit to being woman-haters? I think a mixture of love for an anger at or even hatred towards women is extremely common in straight men. In fact, other straight men have told me that it’s the default for straight men.

Also, have you noticed that society beats the living crap out of any man brave enough to admit to misogyny, but women get to hate us men all they want, and nobody cares one bit about it? Many of them are even lauded and rewarded, seemingly getting more accolades they more they wish us will. And the feminists who make such an ungodly fuss about all of us supposedly hating them (most men I talked to are shocked to learn they are woman-haters because that’s not their internal experience) tend to have an extreme hatred of us men. In fact the ones who scream the loudest about misogyny tend to hate us the most of all!

Of course this is just normal Identity Politics and it’s the reason why all Identity Politics everywhere at all times has sucked. Identity Politics is a mental disorder. The more you get into it, the more disordered you become. You can’t be a mentally healthy person as long as you are deep into Identity Politics.

But if hating women is the worst thing on Earth, why is hating men so groovy. Obviously women hating men sucks just as much as men hating women.

You notice this with misogynist MRA’s too. The more they hate women, the more they rail against misandry. All of this behavior smells like serious projection to me and as such it’s it’s de facto mentally unhealthy.

Obviously if I reserve the right to hate some group of people, they must be accorded the right to hate me right back.

Identity Politics is all about “it’s righteous for  us to hate them (the designated enemy), but it’s evil for them to hate us back.” That obviously makes no sense at all.

Misogynistic men should shut up about female misandry. Those women are just the other side of their mirrors. And obviously misandrist feminists (man-hating bitches) should shut up about misogynistic men.

What goes around, comes around, folks. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

For some reason, humans can’t seem to wrap their minds around the “it’s ok for me to hate them but it’s evil for them to hate me back” notion, but sadly it and the bullying and double standards that logically follows this mindset everywhere seem to be an essential but pretty terrible part of the essential human condition. People basically have a bullying nature at least part of the time, and most adults bully others at least some of the time.

I call this “8th grade never ends.”

Of course kids are bullies, but as adults, we are supposed to grow out of this bullying crap. But we can’t seem to nor can we ever see our own bullying because the bully is always snow white innocent and the nicest person around, and his victim is always starting it first, and the bully’s always just fighting back against this maniac called their victim.

Angry people in general cannot see their angry nature. Rage and hatred seem to blind the person who wields these weapons to recognize that he is doing so.

This is another essential part of the human condition. It might seem like I hate people, but it’s not so.

I believe humans are 5

For instance, if I walk around acting like the nicest guy in town, I can assure you 10

If you don’t want to bring this monster out, it’s real simple. Just be nice. It’s really not that hard, people.

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2 thoughts on “Being Bigoted Is Often Irrational, and Furthermore, It Doesn’t Really Work”

  1. Ted Bundy struck me as a very primal straight man in some ways. On instinct, many of us are likely to think and even act like he did, but we suppress it.

    He proved women intuition is wrong in a way. They have no clue what’s inside of a man.

    Though, it may be more down to specifically White women’s naiveté, as non-Whites are often less trusting of men. Even after he was caught many women admired him. He satisfied their superficial needs, and that’s enough for many. Women are sort of forever teenage girls, often following the wrong piper.

    I truly feel men are a better judge of character. We have to really be great men to try to look out for them. Many women will hate you for trying to guide them as you would a daughter, as they’ve just gotten a taste of freedom.

    We need to accept failures in the West. I don’t think women’s rights, Black rights, gay rights, Jews’ rights, and the like have really worked in the West. We should follow past and present ways that worked. Modern unnatural behavior has infected many modern straight White men too.

    We need to start over, with Russia at the helm.

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