Alt Left: Theodore Herzl and Western and Eastern Jews

Polar Bear: I’ve heard Jews had a hierarchy of Gentiles and Slavs ranked low, Germans ranked high. This may be just Western Jews. I heard this on a racial site this year, with much talk Russians this year.

No, that was just the German Jews. They divided themselves into “Westies” and “Easties.” The Westies from Germany and further West saw themselves as more assimilated, civilized, cultured, educated, and wealthy and looked down on Easties from Eastern Europe and the Slavic lands saw them as stupid, backwards, excessively religious, superstitious, lacking wisdom, uncivilized, ignorant, and poor. To some extent of course, there was truth to both stereotypes. Many of the shtetls of Poland were very poor well into the 20th Century. The stereotype of the rich Jew is not always true.

I actually respect Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism. All he did was write a book. He was a German Jew and he considered himself a German first and a Jew second. No dual loyalty! He absolutely loved German culture and he considered himself to be an integral part of it. In other words, he saw himself as German though and through! Nevertheless, he thought that Gentiles and Jews were doomed to never get along.

Interestingly, he blamed a lot of the conflict on the behavior of Jews themselves which seems to arouse Gentile anger. He said “we Jews succumb to the power of the purse when we rise.” He meant that when Jews rose in society, they were greedy and obsessed with getting rich and tend to end up being a lot more wealthy than the Gentiles they live amongst, which logically angers the Gentiles, as they think it’s not fair.

“And then,” he said. “When we fall, we become revolutionaries” (I forget the exact working). Well, a lot of Gentiles are conservatives, and they don’t dig revolutions, especially the leftwing ones that Jews specialize in. This also pisses a lot of Gentiles off and leads to the stereotype of the Jewish Communist or Jewish Bolshevik.

As he saw no hope of Jews changing their behavior (I don’t either really), he felt that Gentiles and Jews were doomed to never get along.

In his theoretical Judenstadt (that was the name of his 1897 book – Der Judenstadt or The Jewish State) he wanted to import German culture to this new state, so der Judenstadt would be a Jewish country outside of Europe with a German culture!

So weird considering the genocide that came 40 years later.

I actually think Herzl would be appalled at what der Judenstadt (Israel) has turned into and he would renounce Israel, saying, “My God! This is the opposite of what I had in mind.” It’s turned into the biggest Jewish ghetto on Earth (one they built for themselves in fact!) and it’s taken a bunch of assimilated civilized Jews and turned them into backwards, ugly, screwed-up, superstitious, ghetto Jews.

Herzl thought that when the Jewish state was created, all the Jews would leave the Diaspora and go there, so antisemitism would go away, as it was caused by Jewish presence in Gentile society. Take the Jews out of Gentile society, there goes the antisemitism.

He thought most Gentiles would welcome the Jewish state if only to rid of these pesky, annoying Jews in their midst. In fact, many early Gentile promoters of Zionism, particularly in the UK, felt exactly this way! They are on record as saying more or less, “Great! Let’s create a Jewish state for the Jews and hopefully they will go there and we won’t to deal with this problem people anymore!” I believe attitudes like this were still common in the teens around the time of the Balfour Declaration.

Problem is that the Jewish state has turned into the world’s largest Antisemitism Manufacturing Factory, and it has created a lot of danger for Jews that would not be there if Israel did not exist.

His frank talk about how Jews play a role in antisemitism (an obvious truth) is considered by Jews to be an “antisemitic canard,” which often means a truth about the Jews that they don’t want to hear about. Hence, a lot of Jews nowadays call Herzl an antisemite, though I doubt many Israelis do. Unfortunately, a lot of Left anti-Zionists also think this idea is a “canard” and they call Herzl an antisemite as a way of saying that Zionism itself was self-hating or antisemitic.

I don’t want to get into a match with the contest Leftists and Jews have over who can scream about antisemitism the loudest. Zionism is bad in many ways, but I don’t it is self-hating at its very nature. Rather the opposite in fact. And neither do I think Herzl, who very much loved his people, was an antisemite. He was just telling the truth about Jews. Problem is if you tell the truth about these people, they call you antisemite, so most folks prefer to lie about them so as not to get called names.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Theodore Herzl and Western and Eastern Jews”

  1. Christians have a New/Old Testament dynamic. Jews are purely Old Testament.

    One young Jew was telling me his dad was “old-fashioned,” which to me meant he acted like how White European Gentile men used to act. This is great for Jews but Gentiles aren’t in the (((fold))).

  2. Antisemites can be discerning. I was watching Jewish comedian Gilbert Gottfried tell an offensive joke he got some heat for. Someone was offended. His response to the offended was “You must be one of them Jews.” So being a Jew is like being a fag in a way. It doesn’t mean you’re literally Jewish or gay. “Don’t be such a Jew, Jew.”

    The PC crowd are just humor killers. Many Jew comedians would be silenced too if they had their way. No one wants to hang out with a humor tampon.

    1. Actually a comment in the video was “You must be one of them Jews.” Gilbert certainly didn’t shy away from Jewish jokes though.

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