Alt Left: The Basis for Some Antisemitic Negative Stereotypes about Jews

As noted in the previous post, Theodore Herzl said that when Jews rose in society, they “succumbed to the power of the purse,” and became obsessed with making money and getting rich. This tended to make Gentiles angry.

Well, they are greedy and especially they are absolutely obsessed with becoming successful and many of them define that as “getting rich.” I’ve had Jewish counseling clients in their 20’s who told me their goal in life was “to get rich.”

I’ve noticed in life that people who have that explicit goal and work diligently towards it in their 20’s and 30’s tend to make a lot of money.

Most of us don’t want to be obsessed with money like that. Also, if you go down that path in life, you run into a huge number of greedy asshole business types who stab you in the back, steal your money and ideas, and do all sorts of other sleazy stuff. These types tend to be very short-tempered and irritable, which goes along with a hypercompetitive nature.

Bottom line is I don’t really like people who are totally into money, as in money is the only thing they care about. How are they going to be friends with me anyway? I’m poor. That’s going to be a constant source of conflict. When you’re poor, you have to have poor friends. You can’t have rich friends. And when you are rich, you need to have rich friends. Poor friends doesn’t work.

Jews who end up being poor or homeless God forbid are treated like utter garbage by Jewish society, which pretty much just spits on them. So poor and homeless Jews tend to resent their own people. I know this because I hung out on a JDL site once and read all their comments. Behind closed doors when they think no one is listening, Jews really bash their own people.

They say stuff that if I said it, I would be tarred, feathered, and ruined as an antisemite like Kanye is right now.

I think Jewish women are just women. Most races and ethnic groups of women are just women. Women more or less act the same everywhere. Men seem to be driven more to extreme outlier behaviors, while women tend to settle in the moderate middle as is their nature.

However, I think Jewish women do push their men to be successful, and they can definitely be bitches, that’s for damn sure. My Jewish girlfriend was like that (the woman behind the man type), and I actually liked it because I thought she might get me off my lazy ass and somehow get me to make some money in life.

I think Jewish women are perhaps under pressure to marry a rich or successful man, but they’re not under pressure to succeed themselves. Also they don’t seem to be nearly as aggressive as the men.

But many Jews, men and women, are just very nice, quiet, introverted, brainy nerds.

Anyway, this obsession with success is drilled into Jewish men’s heads from an early age, and every time you go to a family gathering, it’s all about how Cousin Abraham became a doctor or how Uncle Issac became an attorney. If you’re not successful, all those uncles with pinky rings won’t treat you well, and they will always compare you to the successful folks.

This makes Jewish men absolutely driven to succeed in life, and many of them do just that because as I said, if you dedicate your life to success, you often succeed. Most of us don’t want that obsessive, degrading hassle.

But the problem is that this tends to make Jewish men totally driven and uptight, short-tempered, rude, and very aggressive. Behind all of it is this terror of failure, which lingers over Jewish men’s heads their whole lives and probably drives a lot of the aggression too, fear being the handmaiden of rage after all. So Jewish men are a lot more aggressive, rude, belligerent, etc. than Gentile men. You will notice that a lot of Jewish men in academia or business have this almost “thuggish” vibe about them. They almost sociopathic. I don’t think they’re more likely to be psychopathic, but I think they would score higher on the PCL.

That’s the reason for the stereotype of the rude, belligerent, loud, offensive, obnoxious, aggressive Jewish man.

Of course this aggro behavior makes a lot of Gentiles not cotton to Jewish men very much, but on the other hand, I don’t think it causes severe or homicidal (“obsessive and conspiratorial”) antisemitism. This is mild “watercooler” antisemitism, and while it may be annoying, I don’t think it does any serious harm to Jewish people because most people don’t get too roused up about people who act like assholes.

After all, assholes are everywhere you look, and most of them aren’t even Jewish. Gentile assholes are a dime a dozen. You can’t  go around killing them. You’d barely make it down your own block before the cops came. Hell, you might not even leave your house because you’d have to kill the assholes you live with first. In life, you can’t even punch assholes. You’d end up punching people everywhere you go, and cops would get called real quick.

Most people just make their peace with the esssential assholiness of many humans and figure the only thing to do about them is to avoid them. That’s my position.


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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Basis for Some Antisemitic Negative Stereotypes about Jews”

  1. Tolkien’s (((dwarves))) had a lust for gold and precious things. Jews have a superficiality about them.

    I make a lot of money and look good, that’s all that matters.

    Jews lack the emphasis on morality I see in White Europeans. Jews even take pride in being obnoxious; they think it’s cute.

    Indians are sort of nerdy materialists as well, but Indian snakes don’t soar as high as gold-hoarding (((dragons))). Might even be a non-White issue. From “Get rich or die trying” Blacks to “Get rich man or die hooking” Chinese parents to daughter.

    Jewish women have a childlike honesty about them. Barbara Spectre-type Jewish women are a window into how Jews really feel. A part-Jew porn starlet said, “All White women impregnated by White men should get abortions.” A ditzy Jewish girl brags about superior Jewish IQ on Youtube. Jewish women at least possess the virtue of honesty. Perhaps they even anchor the Jewish agenda.

    1. Jews lack the emphasis on…

      They just have pushy personalities. Low in agreeableness and high in neuroticism, kind of like Shih Tzu’s.

      Indians are sort of nerdy materialists as well…

      Indians may have the brains but do not have the balls. They tend to be very effeminate and subservient, no thanks to their Beta culture and rigidly hierarchical society; they are still not as conformist as East Asians though. When was the last time you saw a muscular Indian guy? When was the last time you saw an Indian girl whose ass didn’t start sagging after her mid-20’s? They seem to be a low-T group of people. Could it be their protein-deficient vegetarian diet?

      Punjabis tend to be more Alpha compared to other Indian ethnic groups but are overall still pretty Beta. Skinny-fat brown dudes with beards and turbans don’t scare me.

      Jewish women have a childlike honesty about them…

      LOL, that’s not honesty. That’s casual chutzpah!

      1. I grew up by a Shih Tzu – my neighbor friend’s – that used to chase the kids in the neighborhood. They are little shits and I could see a Jew behaving like one. They are blinded by their own fur like Shih Tzus too. They only resemble Shih Tzus after a nose job though. The Shih Tzu nose is basically the Pug nose, which many Jews in America used to get. It’s a form of assimilation really.

        I’m a Judeophile and an anti-Semite. The truth is that anti-Semitism is a richer path. They have hot women and are smart, which is great on a base level. So, simple men with basic needs (Apple pie and pussy) should worship Jews, and many neocons fit that bill.

        Jewy and Indian vibes are nerdy in a different way. Indians basically have a dorky accent. Jews can have the whiny runt of the Shih Tzu litter thing going on.

        Jews’ closeness to their Moms is good, sexual or not. I’ve seen hot Jewish moms fuck their sons, and I think it brings them even closer together.

        Jewish women may have more chutzpah than other women. The ones I’ve met have been very strong, but I also disagree with them. The one classic Jewish feminist type I’ve met is a Windy City Jewish woman. Jewish women are the closest to being equal to men. Though I’ve seen many great non-Jewish women online. Jewish women are like East Asian women in a way, a good average.

        Robert knows Indians very well. Indians lack the Jews’ chutzpah.

        I know a Paki woman who looks Indian with a perfect ass. She’s the only one of her kind like that in terms of fitness. She hits the gym. Certain races have to earn their ass in the gym and Indians are one. I have a naturally good ass, and it was grabbed a lot growing up. It’s sort of overrated for a straight man, but women are really into a good man ass.

        1. They have hot women and are smart…

          All groups have hot women, some more than others, some less, but I don’t think there exists a stereotype that’s along the lines of “Jewish girls are the hot.” If anything the stereotype is the other way around. Although the hot Jewish girls I have met have been irresistible because they have beauty, brains, and balls (chutzpah), and that trifecta is impossible to beat. And like Robert said, they are team players. They make great sidekicks!

          Their closeness to their moms is good, sexual or not. I’ve seen hot Jewish moms fuck their sons, I think it brings them even closer together.

          Curious where you observed this and what indicators led you to believe it is so. I would not be surprised. They are as a group comparatively high in Dark Triad traits, meaning high in psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism. WASPs are like that too. Something like that would be in the bounds of their behavior but obviously kept on the down-low. Maybe that’s how they lose their virginity. Does it go the other way too, meaning do Jewish daughters sleep with their fathers, brothers, or at least male cousins?

          Now that I think about it, I recall getting some incongruous vibes from Jews and WASPs. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but they had a secret inner megalomaniacal psychological construct combined with an emotionally incestuous disposition powerfully contrasted by unkindness for the Other.

          Like they knew something us plebeians and peasants would be too unsophisticated and mawkish to understand. Similar to the vibes the siblings Jake and Catherine were giving each other in the film Not Another Teen Movie (2001). Or the vibes the step-siblings Sebastian and Kathryn gave off in the film Cruel Intentions (1999).

          Perhaps this vibe is more common than we think; an act based more on opportunity rather than something fiendish. Wouldn’t be surprised if it is true given these people run the USG and the fact that sexual deviance in the form of child molestation and associated child trafficking rings that have been linked back to certain presidents.

          Jewish women are the closest to being equal to men…

          Feminism is a Jewish creation for the most part and for good reason. Jewesses are highly capable, certainly more capable than even most non-Jewish men due to having average IQ’s of 110-112. So it’s only fair they got an equal opportunity for self-actualization like everybody else, and Jewish men apparently agreed or perhaps were too wimpy or pussy-whipped to put up a fight. Whereas for non-Jewish women, feminism and female empowerment translates into being man-haters, blue-haired tatted up dykes, sluts, pornstars, and OF hoes.

  2. Most of us don’t want to be obsessed with money like that. Also along the way, you run into a huge number of greedy asshole business types who stab you in the back, steal your money and ideas, and do all sorts of other sleazy stuff.

    That’s corporate America in a nutshell, whose toxicity has bled into every American institution and has ultimately decayed the country psycho-spiritually.

    Anyway this obsession with success is drilled into Jewish…

    Jewish guys have been psychologically raped through circumcision and have had the deepest part of their psyches violated their pushy, bitchy mothers through constant gaslighting and incessant critique over the pettiest of things. Their asshole behavior is a symptom of their psychological family melodrama, high cultural expectations, and a hyper-neurotic and disagreeable personality.

    The same applies to Jewesses, albeit generally to a lesser degree ,which ultimately turns them into entitled and obnoxious turds, aka the Jewish American Princess (JAP).

    Most people just make their peace with the esssential assholiness of many humans and figure there’s nothing they can do about it but avoid them. That’s my position.”

    I have concluded that the majority of social interaction is simply personal ressentiment played out through social exchanges with other humans as a way of feeling good about themselves in the moment via manufactured and fake victories.

    Most humans are not capable of evolving past petty bullshit due to feelings of inferiority and mediocre IQ’s.

    These feelings of inferiority stem from not being hot, not being smart, not being strong, not being rich, not being popular, not having a big dick/big tits. Most people have one maybe two of these attributes at most and are resentful of not having the others. Imagine having a genius IQ but being an average looking midget with a small penis. Your suffering has just been exponentially multiplied. These feelings of inadequacy play out in the psycho-social melodrama of life.

    High school never ends!

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