Alt Left: Two Types of Antisemitism (“Watercooler,” Mild, and Fairly Harmless) and Obsessive and Conspiratorial (Severe and Dangerous If Not an Out and Out Menace)

You know, I could pretty much give a flying fuck about Jews.

There are the usual “watercooler antisemitism” – the good (mild) antisemitism – complaints about these folks, but nobody’s perfect, and Jews have so many good qualities too. Anyway, these complaints are fairly minor, and you can make similar complaints about many ethnic groups.

I’ve known many Jews in my life, and I’ve even been friends with quite a few of them. They didn’t seem all that much different from anyone else, but these were all assimilated Jews. Your average assimilated Jew may well be a pretty cool guy and even a good friend.

Sure, there are plenty of asshole Jews out there (mostly the men – Jewish women are just women), but I don’t cotton to such folks anyway. The kind I make friends with are the quiet, brainy, nerdy, scholarly Jews. They really like me, too! I’ve always felt an affinity for these people because of the extreme value they place on the intellect and the arts. Of course the longest relationship of my life was with an assimilated Jewish woman.

And – a dirty little secret here – I’ve always wanted to be Jewish! My mother was always saying I should have been Jewish because I always argued with my father. Jewish fathers supposedly encourage their sons to argue with them, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me!

I’m serious. It’s true. I wanted to be one of those introverted, nerdy, brainy, scholarly, academic-type Jews. In fact, I wanted to convert to Judaism, and my girlfriend was going to help me with the process. She knew rabbis who would work you through the six month course.

The truth is that as a liberal American, there are not many serious complaints you can make about Jewish people in our country. Sure, they’ve got some money, and rich Jews are dicks like any rich person, but I’d much rather be ruled by rich Jews than by rich Gentiles. Rich Jews, oddly enough, are some of the most progressive and leftwing rich people on Earth! This is largely historical, but it goes against their class interests, and I’m proud of them for taking that brave stance.

Of course, as a man of the Left, I can hardly hate the Jews, as Jews played such an important role in the Left from liberalism to communism in the last century. Even in the 21st Century, there are few righteous liberal Jews out there holding a shining lamp in the dark, being a light unto nations, and leading us Gentiles towards the dream of a better world.

The truth is that antisemitism is rightwing. Yes, some Leftie morons have taken up “obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism” – the severe or bad antisemitism – which is the real ugly stuff, but it’s always a bad fit for the Left. Every time you try to ram this nasty antisemitism into a Left theory, you end up shoving square pegs into round holes. It never fits right.

And trust me, I’ve know quite a few Lefties who went antisemitic. They almost always slowly drift over to the Right as the antisemitism sets in over the years. This always puzzled me but the only explanation I can come up with is that antisemitism basically a rightwing complaint!

From the Left, there’s not a whole lot to bitch about with these people, and they’re usually on our side anyway. Study the arguments of any antisemite on the Web. They’re all rightwing, often far rightwing or even fascist, racist, or sexist. There’s no basis for any leftwing complaint about the Jews! Hence any serious antisemite on the Left can’t help but move to the Right over time. He almost has to. It’s almost a law, a physical law you could draw on a chalkboard.

That’s why I always yawn when I hear about the “new antisemitism” – decent people who’ve had it up to there with that fascist shitty little country, the Jews little “hate state” over there. Do we single them out? This is a complaint. I have no idea! Maybe we do! Sure, there are lots of other shitty and even monstrous, sick, and wicked countries on Earth. I suppose they’re about as shitty as blighted Israel or perhaps they’re worse.

What is the argument of the Jews? Hey, there’s a bunch of other horrid, nasty countries out there as bad as Israel, and you don’t talk about them? LOL. Well they just admitted what sort of country they are. When you are ranting against some terrible raping murderer criminal on trial, are you singling him out when you rant against his monstrous behavior but fail to give equal time to all the other monsters rotting on death rows?

The argument makes no sense! And I do bash all the other crappy countries. You’re damn right I do! Those Jews over there aren’t the only ratfucks on the planet. The whole damn please is teeming with monsters in human form!

Sure, some Lefties got in on the Jewish World Control thing, but that’s a stupid argument. The only people who think Jews run the world are Jews and antisemites. Some of them have decided that World Imperialism, Globalism, or Globohomo are all Jewish schemes. This is just lousy thinking. Imperialism, global and Globohomo are the problems, and I don’t think the Jews have much to do with any of them by now. I call this “the anti-imperialism of fools.”

Of course there is always the populist Right who looks out at the capitalist Hellscape and sees a Jewish plot. And now, yes, there are Left antisemites who look out at the capitalist world and see a bunch of hooknosed Jews. Get rid of them and we can have our marvelous socialism! This is indeed “the socialism of fools” because looking at capitalism and seeing a bunch of Jews is not even an analysis. It’s false on its face. And if you get rid of these Jewish capitalists, you will get a bunch of Gentile capitalists, and I assure you they act worse!

The problem is capitalists, not Jews. Jewish capitalists are some of the nicer ones! You think the Gentile capitalists are any better? Gentile capitalists are like Donald Trump! Give me a rich Jew instead please! The new fascist government of Italy of course has no understanding of economics other than that somehow people called “financiers” or “financial capitalists” are ruining everything.

In other words, the problem with capitalism is a bunch of Jewish bankers. Get rid of them and everything will be hunky dory. No it won’t. Nothing will change. Things will probably get worse. Jews don’t run the banks anymore anyway.

And how are these mysterious financiers or financial capitalists wrecking the world anyway? You mean like Wall Street? How exactly are they wrecking the world, and how do we reign them in if they are, and what will we do with them when we round em up, anyway? None of this makes sense as political economy. This antisemitic BS is “the economics of fools.” There’s no analysis there at all. The theory is empty of content.

There are people looking at the Ukraine-Russia War, rightwing supporters of Russia, who see a Jewish plot behind the whole war. Jews are behind the Ukrainian Nazis. Jews are behind NATO and the Anglosphere. They have to do this because they’re Hitlerian antisemites and any pro-Russian analysis has to take note of and condemn the Ukrainian Nazis as the main cause of this conflict.

This is an anti-Nazi, antifascist war that Russia is waging. Because antisemites are usually fascists and often Nazis themselves, they can’t see these Nazis as a problem, so they have to say it’s all just a bunch of Jews. Once again, that’s not an analysis. That’s like saying 2 + 2 = 5. It doesn’t address the essential questions of the conflict.

As you can see, most antisemitism ends up being rightwing in some way or another, and there are many rightwing angles to take if you’re down for blaming the Jews. There’s just nothing in that complaint for the Left, as much of this antisemitic argument against the Jews is that they are liberal, progressive, socialists, and communists and that they lead revolutions.

I’m sorry? This is a bad thing? Oh yeah, and the Jews imposed Bolshevism in the USSR. That’s the main complaint and one Hitler used to kill millions of Jews. And don’t forget, Lenin was a Jew! Ok but I like Lenin. And Trotsky was the worst Jew of them all! And a damn fine general he was, leader of the Red Army!

Why do I care about this? I like the Bolsheviks. The Jews were some of the top leaders in the Bolsheviks? Well, bully for them!

Whereas watercooler antisemitism is pretty harmless to Jewish people as it lacks the passion that leads to intense hate, the obsessive and conspiratorial kind of very bad for the Jews. This is the type of antisemitism that the Hitlerites used, and that very philosophy continues to this day. Jews always make the mistake of conflating the harmless antisemitism with the bad stuff, but that’s because they’re a nation of paranoids.

One difference is that while the mild antisemitism is largely true (hence it is “good”) the bad antisemitism is, well, just flat out wrong most of the time. Believe me, I’ve given these guys a chance and looked into all their arguments. There’s nothing there. They vastly overestimate the power, money, and control that the Jews wield. The strongly exaggerate the Jews’ rather minor role in Identity Politics, immigration, anti-White racism, porn, cultural degeneration, the drug trade, etc. All this stuff’s gone on automatic now.

The bad antisemitism is lazy thinking. The culprit behind every damn problem on Earth is the Jooooos. And what’s the solution every single time? “We need to get rid of these people.” They usually don’t elaborate on that chilling phase, but most folks like this end up being pro-Nazi and going over to Holocaust Denial.

Most such folks that I followed eventually advocated killing Jews, and most of them went over to genocide advocacy at some point. They usually wanted to kill at least ~200,000 Jews or so. There’s only one endgame for the bad kind of antisemitism, and that’s some sort of genocide or mass murder. They just can’t go partway with it. Once they’ve dove that deep in, they’ve got to keep swimming all the way til they touch bottom before they can come up for air.

If I were a Jewish person, I would regard this type of antisemite as a dangerous person, and many of them I would regard as a sheer menace, my worst, most deadly enemies.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Two Types of Antisemitism (“Watercooler,” Mild, and Fairly Harmless) and Obsessive and Conspiratorial (Severe and Dangerous If Not an Out and Out Menace)”

  1. Saudi Arabs are like Morgoth, strong but chaotic.

    Jews are more like Sauron, crafty with a game plan. I personally admire Sauron more. Like Sauron respected Morgoth’s power, Jews need to respect the White Europeans. They can and have through much of History. Jews worked for all major European colonial powers. Jews can and will assimilate.

    We just need to reverse everything.

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