Alt Left: Nietzsche’s Master-Slave Dialectic in Israel

Polar Bear: Israel doesn’t belong there but still wears the pants. Imagine a stranger wanders into your house and takes over. Then then the head of the household of most of your neighbors (except Iran, Syria, and Lebanon) sides with the stranger. Resisting and trying to reclaim your house is natural. It’s most pathetic how these ancient nations answer to the modern state of Israel. Gollums of their former selves, opposite the three healthy Hobbits. Israel really is the bagel to rule them all.

Master-slave dialectic. Read Nietzsche.

By the way, the master-slave dialectic in Germany in the 1930’s was Nazis were the masters and German Jews were the slaves. Now it’s reversed. The master-slave dialectic in Palestine has Jews as masters and the Palestinians as slaves. There’s all the same masters bullying, tormenting, torturing, mocking, and humiliating of the slaves as there was in Germany. As with all bullies, the Nazis claimed that they were the victims and were just fighting back and their Jews were attacking them and started it.

Same bully as victim complex in Israel. The Jewish bullies there claim that they are the victims and are just fighting back. They claim that they people and bully and victimize started it and they’re just fighting back. Notice how bullies are snow-white innocent? Notice how they’re always just fighting back? Notice how the people they torment always started it first? Same process here in Germany and Israel.

I befriended a prominent anti-Zionist Jew on Twitter, an attorney from New York named Stanley Cohen. I really liked him a lot! He was a real mensch! He told me that his parents were Holocaust survivors from Europe who went to Israel to escape prosecution. They soured on Israel pretty quickly and left in 3-4 years for America. They said, “This (Israel) is what we were trying to get away from.” In other words, to some extent the Jews over there were acting like the Nazis who persecuted them.

Don’t get me wrong. Nazis were far, far worse, maybe a million times more murderous that the Israelis, but the mindset is the  same. The Israelis are just practicing a vastly less murderous version of it.

The Jews have turned into their worst oppressors and enemies and are treating the Palestinians the way their oppressors treated the Jews. I guess it makes sense. They say abused kids can grow up to be abuser adults. I suppose they are getting revenge for their victimization in a sense.

The Jews are the masters and the Palestinians are the slaves. Problem with slavery is you tend to get these things called slave rebellions.

The Palestinian resistance against the Jews is basically just another slave rebellion or a typical revolution of the oppressed class (serfs, proletarians, or peasants) against their oppressors and class enemies (lords, bosses, and landowners). It’s not really an economic war but it resembles the economic wars of oppressed versus oppressors. I always side the serfs, proletarians, and peasants against the lords, bosses, and landowners. Why on Earth would I support those oppressor Jews who act like a ruling  class? Why wouldn’t I support the Palestinians who act like the revolutionary lower classes?

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Nietzsche’s Master-Slave Dialectic in Israel”

  1. Israel supporters would’ve supported Nazi Germany. Trenders just follow the latest trend, like a herd of sheep. I’ve even heard Jews thought of Slavs as inferior to Germans as well.

    “This is what we were trying to get away from,” says it all.

    1. I’ve heard Jews had a hierarchy of Gentiles and Slavs ranked low, Germans ranked high. This may be just Western Jews. I heard this on a racial site this year, with much talk about Russians this year.

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