Game/PUA: Female Self-Hatred and Internalized Misogyny Is Not a Good Look

I don’t like self-hatred and internalized misogyny in women. It’s not a good look.

Sure, you can play around with that as a kinky game in bed, but once the sex is over, it’s right back to equality. I think that men and women are equal, and I don’t care whether that’s a “true statement” or not. It’s my opinion! I bitch about women, but I know that men are at least as bad or maybe worse. When you are dealing with women of any kinds from the one at the counter to your girlfriend in a deep long-term relationship, things just go smoother when you tell yourself that women and men are equal.

Misogynist MRA’s and MGTOW’s try to claim that science has proven that men are superior to women, but whether one sex is superior to the other is not a scientific question. It’s a value judgement, and all such judgements are subjective and non-scientific. So any way you answer the question of whether the sexes are equal or whether one is superior to the other, you’re basically correct. You get to write your own truths as with all subjective opinions.

I don’t care what the “science” says. I’m just saying that things go a lot better with women when you tell yourself in your mind that she’s your equal and you’re not even 1

Everyone Should Support Their People

My motto is, in general:

Everyone should support their people.

That means that as a good general rule, people should not be self-haters. Women should support the women and men should support the men at least where their own gender is being oppressed. Good self-esteem is a good look on a woman. Low self-esteem is a bad look on anyone.

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One thought on “Game/PUA: Female Self-Hatred and Internalized Misogyny Is Not a Good Look”

  1. I was very pro-women. Well, White women at least.

    The two genders should get along. Man-haters annoy me. Woman-haters annoy most women.

    Male dominance is better though. Women can be very cruel when they sense weakness. Often the husband or boyfriend catches their wrath.

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