Alt Left: Death To Israel (I Mean It)

Above, Jewish brownshirt followers of Ben-Givr the Kahanist assault a Palestinian man standing in his driveway. He got stitches all across his head. The attack was unprovoked.

Above, in the first video, an off-duty soldier in the Jewish Army gets out of his car in a Palestinian neighborhood and starts shooting into all of the houses with his automatic weapon. In the second video, a mob of Jewish settler pogromists attack a Palestinian house with rocks. They’re trying to take over his house so they can steal his land.

85% of US Jews support this crap. Most support (((AIPAC))), the (((ADL))), and the (((American Jewish Committee))). All of those organizations support the garbage you see below to the hilt. There really cool US Jewish organizations like J Street, but they have little power, and most passionate US Jewish Zionists (most of them Democrats!) hate, hate, hate, hate, hate them. Sure US Jews hate conservatives and Republicans, but when it comes to the Jewish state, they all go fascist, every last one of them. Hypocrites.

US Jews (even liberal Jews!) give extreme support to (((AIPAC))), an organization of rightwing Jews that tries to elect Republicans. Every prominent Democrat goes to (((AIPAC))) and bows to them on bended knee and kisses their feet in a yearly ritual. AIPAC is the second most powerful lobby in the US. Most US Jewish pro-Israel money goes straight to (((AIPAC))).

The (((ADL))) and the (((AJC))) will never say two words against the Jewish state. Even US liberal Jews are typically strong supporters of (((AIPAC))), the (((ADL))), and the (((AJC))), all rightwing pro-Israel organizations. US liberal Jews hate Republicans, but they give (((AIPAC))) a pass because AIPAC works for Israel. Hence, US liberal Jews help elect Republicans all to help their crappy little country! Good job, guys! Way to go! Keep on electing Republicans! Everything for your shitty little country, huh?

As does the (((US government))). The (((US government))) is a nearly fanatical supporter of the Jewish state. The (((Pentagon))) works very closely with the Israeli Army. Top US officers take tours of Israel every year, hosted by the Jewish state. Almost all of the US military’s top leadership is completely compromised, effectively agents of the Jewish state.

We share all of our latest military developments with them, and what we don’t share with them, they steal with their spies. No country spies on our country worse than the Jewish state. I once spoke on the phone with a US Marine with extensive experience in the US Security state who told me that the (((US government))) was gone, totally penetrated by Israeli spies.

Yeah, we got totally penetrated by Israeli spies all through the (((Executive Branch))) in 1983, and they’ve been there ever since. No one even tries to get rid of them.

Our entire government is compromised by Jewish spies spying for one of the worst countries on Earth. These spies have penetrated every inch of the (((US government))) and we won’t lift one finger to get rid of them. Israeli agents (US Jews with extreme dual loyalty like most Jews) are implanted deep in every single US government. Biden? Blinken anyone? (((Victoria Nuland)))? (((Sullivan)))?

The Jews have owned the (((US State Department))) forever. Even the (((CIA))) works very closely with the Mossad. (((Trump))), a so-called antisemite (that’s laughable) was the most pro-Israel president we have ever had, by far. What’s so antisemitic about that? (((Jared Kushner))), the Jewish husband of Trump’s daughter, effectively ran the (((US government))) for some time. He was even referred to as (((“President Jared.”)))

Both parties are controlled by Jewish money. 60% of the money going to the (((Democratic Party))) is Jewish money, all pro-Israel. 30% of the money to the (((Republican Party))) is Jewish money, all pro-Israel. (((Kushner))) made the worst deal for the Palestinians and then signed the document for them.

The (((Abraham Accords))) were a complete failure, but Trump paid the (((Saudis))), (((UAE))), and (((Morocco))) to sign onto it. For (((Morocco))), Trump agreed to support their despicable settler-colonial war in Spanish Sahara, where (((Morocco))) has genocided the Polisario people.

Even these few countries that have made alliance with Israel – (((Morocco))), (((UAE))), and (((Saudi Arabia))) – can only do that because they are dictatorships. A minimum of 65% of the population in all of those countries opposes these close relations with the Jewish state.

At least 57% of Arabs in every single Arab country seriously hate Israel and want nothing to do with the country. If these countries were democracies, not one of them would be pro-Israel now. Even the Israeli peace with Egypt and Jordan is a very cold one. Most Jordanians are Palestinians and they seriously hate Israel. The only reason there’s a peace treaty is because King Hassan was a dictator and he could push it through.

Most Egyptians feel the same way. The only reason there is peace with Israel is because Egypt is a military dictatorship. If they had a democracy, Egypt would sever ties with Israel. Tunisia and Algeria are extremely, almost fanatically anti-Israel. It’s the same with Syria and Iraq.

Syria will never make any sort of peace even of the coldest sort with Israel until Israel vacates the Golan Heights that they stole from Syria in 1973.

Lebanon is wildly anti-Israel and in fact, like Syria, it is still officially at war with Israel as Lebanon refused to sign a peace treaty with them. The Jews stole Lebanese land at Shabaa Farms in addition to the three Lebanese villages they stole and ethnically cleansed in the 1949. Israel is presently occupying this stolen land, and Lebanon wants it back.

Hezbollah controls the Lebanese government. Hezbollah and its allies control 65% of the Lebanese government. The (((US))) and (((France))) have tried to blackmail the Lebanese government. They have put (((sanctions))) on all of Lebanon’s banks until Lebanon gets rid of Hezbollah. Hezbollah has 65% support. Why should the Lebanese get rid of them? Also, half of the Lebanese Christians are in an alliance with Hezbollah. They don’t like Israel either.

It’s a lie that only Muslims hate this country. I knew a Syrian Christian and a Lebanese Armenian Christian recently and they both hated Israel, especially the Syrian. He really despised that country. I dated an Assyrian Christian woman from Iran recently. I was shocked that she absolutely despised Israel.

Libya is a failed state, but Ghaddafi always refused to make peace with Israel. I don’t think any of the factions battling it out now like Israel. One faction is the Muslim Brotherhood, and if there’s anything the Ikhwan hates, it’s the Jewish state.

In the Gulf, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain have no relations with Israel. Yemen is split between a sell-out pro-(((Saudi))) government supported by Israel (naturally) and the pro-Iran Houthis, who are as anti-Israel as Iran. There are also factions of the Iraqi Army that are as pro-Iran and anti-Israel as the Houthis. These were formerly private militias that have now been folded into the Iraqi Army. You can be imprisoned in Iraq for even advocating peace with Israel! And this is with Saddam gone! The Jews traded the devil they knew for the one they didn’t!

Mauritania has an Arab nationalist regime that hates Israel and has no relations with it.

Afghanistan has no relations with Israel.

The peace between Turkey and Israel is a cold one indeed.

Israeli relations with Iran are notoriously bad.

To add insult to injury, (((Morroco))) now works closely with the Israeli military. As does the (((Sudanese government))), but that government came in due to the military coup and the promised elections were never held. Most Sudanese despise Israel and want nothing to do with it. If Sudan were a democracy, it would sever relations with Israel.

The (((Saudis))) and (((UAE))) are just rich Arab countries who have sold out Islam, the Arab people, and their own dignity in search of the almighty dollar or shekel in this case.

Why did they establish close relations with Israel? For the money, baby! Furthermore, Gulf states are pulling away from the Palestinians because they think the Palestinians are with Iran. There’s nothing Gulf Arabs hate more than the Shia and Iran. They have even made a strong alliance with the Jewish state in order to fight Iran. They’ve sold out everything, all because of “Kill the Shia!”

I don’t know much about other Muslim countries, but I know that Malaysia and Pakistan have very poor relations with Israel.

Israel controls every (((US Presidential Administration))), every single (((US Congress))), and many US (((state governments))).

I’ve really had it with these scumbags. They say antisemites turn genocidal, right? Well, maybe I’m one of them. See those videos below? Look at how those soldiers and settlers act. The Palestinians can kill as many of those damned soldiers and adult settlers as they want. Leave the minor settlers alone – they did not choose to move there. Leave the Jewish civilians inside the Green Line alone – they’re not the problem. Do you see them acting like those maniacs below?

In general, I do not want to see one Jew in the Diaspora harmed. Most Jews in the Diaspora are just walking around, minding their own damned business. I don’t care how much they support Israel. I don’t care how much money they give to pro-Israel causes. If they’re not squatting in Palestine re-enacting Krisstallnacht every day like those creeps in those videos, leave them the Hell out of it!

The Jews with bullets with their names on it are starring in those videos below.

Well, maybe I’ll make an exception for a few of those Diaspora Jewish neocon warmongers. I’m looking at you, Bernard-Henri Lévy. I won’t kill you myself, but I won’t weep if someone else does. This man is simply Satan personified. Everywhere he goes on Earth, some sort of mass murder follows. He’s like the Pied Piper of death and mass murder. He’s a demon in human form.

Literally Satan. He’s also acting out a nasty antisemitic stereotype of the “world-controlling Jew.” Levy could have strolled right out of the pages of the Protocols or Der Strumer.

Yeah, he’s a Jew, but there are plenty of Gentile neocons too, and they’re just as bad as the Jewish ones. Neocon is just the norm now. Almost all Democrats are neocons and a somewhat lesser number of Republicans are too. Even Trump was a bit of a neocon. He wavered between neocon and isolationist. NATO is a neocon organization. So is the OAS. So is the (((State Department))), the (((CIA))), and the (((Pentagon))).

Neoconservatism is the official foreign policy of the US ever since the adoption of the (((Wolfowitz))) Doctrine in 2001. Most of the people who wrote that notorious paper were Jews, but there were a few Gentile maniacs in there too, like (((James Woolsey))). (((John Bolton))) is an excellent example of a classic Gentile neocon. Neocons ran US foreign policy during the Reagan Administration. They get coincidence marks because they’re both hardline rightwing Zionists.

This would never happen, but suppose it did. It wouldn’t bother me at all if hundreds of thousands of those settlers and soldiers died. I don’t care if that meant hundreds of thousands of Jews got killed. Just certain ones is all. Not just any old Jew. Those ones in those videos below are asking for it by now. If they don’t want people trying to kill them, they can quit acting like they deserve killing. Real simple. Don’t want to get murdered? Real simple. Don’t act like you deserve to get murdered. This stuff’s not hard, people.

For the videos in Hebrew below, you have to click the video to see it in Twitter and then click translate below the Hebrew to translate it into English.

In the second video below and the ones  that follow, gangs of settler pogromist Jews raid the town of Hawara and start a pogrom against the Palestinians there. The soldiers of the Jewish Army just stand there and don’t do anything. They only interfere when the Palestinians try to fight back! This is in fact, similar to Nazi treatment of the Jews from 1933-1939. After that, it’s another matter.

The videos below depict settler terror in other parts of the West Bank. A couple of videos were shot in Jerusalem inside the Green Line where the situation is sometimes as bad as in the West Bank. Note that those Jews are not settlers. In fact, they are Jews living inside the Green Line, but they are acting like 1930’s Nazis too. Notice them ganging up on and taunting a Palestinian worker hapless enough to be caught in their neighborhood.

I will say that almost all of the Jewish civilians in the videos below are Orthodox Jews. Non-Orthodox Jews don’t seem to be engaging in this brownshirt pogromist gang behavior.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Death To Israel (I Mean It)”

  1. Do Berbers support of Israel more or less than Arabs from the same country?

    One site says their struggle for legitimacy is the same as Jews in Israel, but I doubt that very much.

    1. Well, all of the North Africans are Berbers. The ones who speak the Berber languages are deeply conservative Muslims, almost Al Qaeda types. I talked to one young woman like that who was working as a prostitute and in a long-term relationship with her father since age 11! Yeah! She’s was fucking her own Dad! They were in love with each other. As long as they have no kids, it’s ok by me. She thought females were very much inferior to men, and she was dedicated to providing males with sexual pleasure and could care less about her own sexual pleasure.

      She was from Mali, the most misogynistic country on Earth. She was a Berber from the northeast of the country. It was pretty much a lawless area ruled by gangs of either organized criminals, local militias, or even Al Qaeda types. They all sort of blended in and moved around between groups and it was hard to figure out where one started and the other ended or who was in charge at any given point. Also it was also deeply secret and you weren’t supposed to talk about it because pretty much everyone was involved with some illegal armed gang or another.

  2. Israel doesn’t belong but still wears the pants. Imagine a stranger wanders into your house and takes over. Then then the head of the household of most of your neighbors (except Iran, Syria, and Lebanon) sides with the stranger. Resisting and trying to reclaim your house is natural. It’s most pathetic how these ancient nations answer to the modern state of Israel. Gollums of their former selves, opposite the three healthy Hobbits. Israel really is the bagel to rule them all.

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