A Bit on the Berbers (Those Who Speak Berber Languages and Live in a Berber Culture)

Polar Bear: Do Berbers support of Israel more or less than Arabs from the same country?

One site says their struggle for legitimacy is the same as Jews in Israel, but I doubt that very much.

Well, all of the North Africans are Berbers. They call themselves Arabs, but take a look at an Algerian, Tunisian, Libyan or a Moroccan. Other than the Blacks, what do they look like? They look like Berbers! North African Arabs are just Arabized Berbers. That’s all they are.

If you mean the ones who speak the Berber languages, one thing you need to know is that many are deeply conservative Muslims, almost Al Qaeda types.

I talked to one young woman like that who was working as a prostitute and in a long-term relationship with her father since age 11! Yeah! She’s was fucking her own Dad! They were in love with each other. As long as they don’t have kids, it’s ok by me.

She thought females were very much inferior to men, and she was dedicated to providing males with sexual pleasure and could care less about her own sexual pleasure. I wasn’t really happy about that stupid self-denying mindset. You don’t want to get off? Why not? Orgasms are fun! Why deny yourself that pleasure?

She was from Mali, the most misogynistic country on Earth. She was a Berber from the northeast of the country and she was a mixed Black-White type as many in that area are. It was pretty much a lawless area ruled by gangs of either organized criminals, local militias, or even Al Qaeda types. They all sort of blended in and moved around between groups and it was hard to figure out where one started and the other ended or who was in charge at any given point. Also it was also deeply secret and you weren’t supposed to talk about it because pretty much everyone was involved with some illegal armed gang or another.

I didn’t really like this young woman’s self-hatred and internalized misogyny. It’s not a good look. I don’t like most self-haters including the White and male latest models. It’s usually not a good look on anyone.

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