Alt Left: What If Israel Truly Decided to Join the Neighborhood?

Polar Bear: Israel doesn’t belong there but still wears the pants. Imagine a stranger wanders into your house and takes over. Then then the head of the household of most of your neighbors (except Iran, Syria, and Lebanon) sides with the stranger. Resisting and trying to reclaim your house is natural. It’s most pathetic how these ancient nations answer to the modern state of Israel. Gollums of their former selves, the opposite of the three healthy Hobbits. Israel really is the bagel to rule them all.

They might have gotten tired of fighting Israel.

Mostly they just want access to (((money))) and (((military weaponry))), both of which the Jews have in abundance. If the Jews didn’t act like such assholes, I think an alliance of Arabs and Jews would be great. Think of if those Jews over there were cool people instead of fascist brownshirt pogromist ultranationalist psychos. Think if they were dedicated to living in peace with the Arabs.

They could share their considerable brains and innovate powers in research, medicine, business, technology, on and on, with the Arabs. The scholars, of which the Jews have many fine ones, could even collaborate. Jewish writers, of which there are also many fine ones, could collaborate with Arab writers, of whom there are a surprising number. Further, the Arabs could share Jewish military technology, which is among the best in the world.

For the Jews, there may be some benefits too. Think about it. Jews could go anywhere in the region. They could go to Baghdad, Damascus, and Cairo and be part of scenery and sit in cafes and debate religion and politics with the Arabs just like they used to.

Baghdad in the 1930’s was just like that. Jews had 2

Things got a lot worse in 1947, but most Iraqi Jews took off when Jewish Zionist agents from Palestine went to Baghdad and started throwing grenades and cafes full of Jews. They then began a propaganda campaign to blame Arabs. 500,000 Jews panicked and left the country.

The Farhud was in 1947, but about as many Arabs tried to save their Jewish neighbors as tried to kill them. This happened in all Arab countries. In every country, Arab neighbors intervened in the pogromist mobs to risk their lives to give shelter to their Jewish neighbors being attacked. There was good and bad on the Arab side.

Also in Poland. Sure, Poles were antisemites and many, many Poles turned Jews in. They spotted them on the streets and buses and turned them in to the Nazis. But Poland has the largest number of Gentiles given Heroes Among Nations by Israel for risking their lives to save Jews.

They could go to Beirut and Algiers. The Israeli Jews have adopted Arab cuisine, architecture, music, on and on. They’ve become a Middle Eastern people and the only way to do that is to Arabize. As long as they’ve moved in and adopted the customs, they may as well make peace with the neighborhood and become part of the community physically as well as culturally.

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