What About a Dating Site Like Tinder for Teenage Minors?

I’m ok with dating sites for teenagers aged 13-17. That’s just fine. Problem is how do you make any money? Teenagers don’t have any money at all. How are they going to pay to get on the sites?

Also, states could allow dating sites for 13-17 year old teenagers and also whatever age range the Romeo and Juliet law would allow.

For instance, if the Romeo and Juliet law allowed adults up 20 years old sexual access to some of those minors, I would allow a site for 13-20 year olds. 13-14 year olds would be illegal for all adults. 15 year olds would be legal for 18 year old adults. 16 year olds would be legal for 18-19 year old adults. And 17 year olds would be legal for 18-20 year old adults. I don’t see why this would be a huge problem. You could allow the users to police the group and screenshot adults hitting on or even flirting with illegal girls. The minors could turn in adults who were bothering them in if they want to.

In Colorado, I would allow a dating site for 13-23 year olds. You would have to show some ID to join or perhaps get permission from parents for 13-15 year olds. Everyone else would have a driver’s license or could get an ID card easily. Obviously it would only be legal for some of those adults to have sex with some of those girls.

For instance, in Colorado, 13 year olds would be illegal for all adults, 13-14 year olds would be illegal for adults 21+, 13-15 year olds would be illegal for adults 22+, and 13-16 year olds would be illegal for the 23 year olds. With enough safeguards in place, I doubt if a site like this would cause a lot of problems. Young adults aged 18-23 generally often have a pretty fair amount of spending money, certainly enough to join a dating site, so this site could be quite profitable with the young adults alone.

The adults would have to police themselves to avoid the really young minors, but I doubt if it would be a big problem. They could have policies saying no hitting on or even flirting with minors who are illegal for you. The minors could turn any illegal adults trying to hit on or flirt with them. That adult would then be banned from the site.

There would be a huge fuss about evil older men joining these sites to prey on poor innocent teenage girls to rape and murder them, but if you made it so you needed a driver’s license or state ID to get on the site, in most states, the only adults allowed on there would be 18-20 year olds. 18-20 year old adults hardly pose any more risk of rape and murder to minor girls than the boys their age. It wouldn’t be a problem. Those girls would be legal for them in society anyway, so why would this site serve as some hunting ground for maniacs? Doesn’t make sense.

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