Hebephilia Is Not a Mental Disorder, but It’s Definitely Abnormal

Assface is our resident hebephile. As long as his condition doesn’t cause him to break the law, I could care less about his sexual orientation. I don’t think he can help it. Research seems to show that true preferential hebephilia is a developmental disorder caused by conditions in the womb before birth. In other words, hebephiles can’t help their condition any more than most gay men and lesbians can.

RL: Studies have shown the women reach their peak attractiveness for all normal men between the ages of 18-24

assface: LOL this is the PC crap that gets taught in sexology courses. The true age girls peak in attractiveness is closer to 12.

No, it is true that most men are maximally aroused by 18-24 year old women and a lot less aroused by 12-14 year old girls (Lolitas). I’ve done a ton of research on this lately and waded through every paper I could find.

When I say hebephilia is abnormal, I mean preferential hebephilia, men who are extremely aroused by Lolitas and show lesser, little, or no arousal to grown women.

No, this is not true at all, and research studies show it. In fact, though 84% or the vast majority of men react to 12-14 year old girls (Lolitas), they only react to them at 54% of maximum (reaction to females 18+). So while it is extremely normal for men to be sexually aroused by Lolitas (in fact, it is no normal that it is almost banal), it is only extremely normal to about half as aroused by them as by grown women.

Although 26% of men are extremely aroused by Lolitas, this does not make them hebephiles because 80% of them are also extremely aroused by grown women. The maximum arousal to grown women is a prosocial desire that allows such men the option of functioning well in society, whereas their maximum arousal to Lolitas is in a lot of places what I would call an antisocial desire because you may well go to jail if you get caught.

Many people, especially men, have competing social and antisocial desires. If the prosocial desire can be substituted for the antisocial desire, then most men will suppress or repress the antisocial desire and focus on the prosocial desire. This is a good idea as it helps them to stay out of jail!

On the other hand, I think it is less normal to be among the 26% group, though it is not pathological.

There is a question about actual hebephiles, men who are more turned on by Lolitas than by grown women. Up to 5% of men may be hebephiles. The American Psychiatric Association has stated that Hebephilia as a way of thinking is not a mental disorder, and in fact, it is not even abnormal!

We can put out What If Everyone Did It? test to hebephiles. What if all men were hebephiles, that is, they were extremely aroused by grown women and had little or no reaction to grown women? A society of men who regard 16 year old girls as grandmas will be one in which a lot of 12-15 year old girls are going to be getting fucked by men all the time, and most men are going to be screwing Lolitas or at least trying to. That doesn’t sound like a society that’s going to function well at all. In fact, it may well collapse.

So I disagree with the APA that hebephilia is not abnormal. I agree it’s not a mental disorder, but it’s definitely not normal.

As far as men who act on these hebephilic urges, the APA states that in much of the world, this is criminal behavior, and such men are best described as criminals as opposed to mentally ill.

I agree with this statement. Most crime is in fact “normal” in that it is not indicative of a mental disorder. Most criminals aren’t nuts. Criminal behavior is illegal and often morally wrong, hence it violates our laws and morals, and this is problem. In other words, criminals are a problem because they break the law and act bad, not because they’re nuts, because they aren’t.

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5 thoughts on “Hebephilia Is Not a Mental Disorder, but It’s Definitely Abnormal”

  1. What evidence is there that men find 18-24yr olds the most attractive? Is it self-report surveys and willy tests in the lab?

    1. A recent study on dating sites found that the most popular age for women was 18, i.e. the lowest age allowed.


      What would the graph look like if girls under 18 were allowed on the sites? Like this?


      Or like this?


      Obviously what the market really wants is girls under 18. Blindingly obvious to anyone with a bit of common sense. Most sexologists don’t look at real-world data like this. Most of their data comes from self-report surveys in which men are obviously lying or those willy tests were they put an elastic band on a man’s knob and show him pictures. Real precise science, yeah. There’s lots more real-world data showing that women peak in attractiveness before 18 not the early 20s, which is what biology predicts we would see.

      You mention the Yanomamo tribe quite a lot on this site. Do you think the men in this tribe find women in their early 20s the most attractive? LOL. Chagnon reported that when the girls got to about 12 and grew some perky boobies all the men noticed and they would have to be closely guarded to stop the getting raped or abducted by raiders. By the time they’d got to their late teens or 20 and started having babies the men would say they were past their prime and “growing old”. The men would lose a lot of interest in them and they would no longer have to be closely guarded.

      We see the same pattern in our society. Girls are most likely to be victims of sex crime between about 12 and 17. What’s happening is that the males in our species are focussing on the females just prior the beginning of their reproductive lifespan when their long-term reproductive potentialis at its highest.


      In one of his papers Blanchard actually mentions that in primitive foragaing societies the pubescent girls are often closely guarded and claims this is evidence that the men aren’t attracted to them.

      LOL WUT?

      If they DIDN’T have to be guarded and could freely go about with no danger of being raped or abducted that would show that the men atren’t interested in them. The fact they have to be closely guarded just goes to show how much they’re sought after by the men.

      The man just isn’t that bright, and that’s the norm for sexologists. The whole field of sexology is filled with third-rate intellects who went into it because that weren’t smart enough to become proper scientists.

        1. You make a good point, Curious. Having a baby at 12-14 seems like a terrible idea for any ethnic group. I doubt if the Pygmies are immune to that. The laws of Nature tend to be pretty resolute.

    2. It is from the lab and has been replicated many times. I was surprised. I thought men reacted to 15-17 year old girls as much as to grown women, but apparently not! Turns out that 100% (All!) men are aroused by 15-17 year old girls at a very high level, however they are not aroused by them as much as they are by 18-24 year old women, which is apparently peak. Men react to 15-17 year old girls at 80% of their arousal to 18-24.

      Men get very turned on by teenage girls but not quite as much as they do to young grown women is the takeaway point.

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