The Cultural Left Is Fighting a Doomed War against Human Nature and Normalcy

The Cultural Left is fighting a war against Nature.The Cultural Left hates, hates, hates, hates older men who go after perfectly legal teenage girls or even young women. They’ve revived some sort of “age gap” nonsense whereby if any relationship has a significant age gap, especially if it an older man and a younger woman, that relationship is sick, abnormal, wrong, evil, exploitative, predatory,  misogynistic, and pedophilic.

Yep, if there are too many years between you and your woman, you’re a pedophile! I don’t know about price inflation but word definition inflation is definitely out of control. I can’t think of any cure except the SJW’s thankfully helping us all out by dying off.

Obviously this is all coming from toxic and insane feminism. As I noted before, feminism is just the worst parts of the Female Spirit, Psyche, Worldview, or Prerogative (pick your noun) weaponized. Most women resent men going for younger women deep down inside because a lot of older women get hurt by this. So feminism pathologizes it and calls the men who do this names like rapist and pedophile to try to get them to stop. But they’re feminism if fighting a war against nature or a War against Male Nature to be precise.

In a proper patriarchal society (patriarchal because that is all that works as matriarchy results in chaos and dysfunction everywhere in time and space), female nature gets overlain with a strong dose of patriarchal culture and values. Hence the women end up burying the deeply held views of their basic nature which would destroy society if implemented. Instead, the women adopt in a modified form many of the saner values of the patriarchy.

Such as that older men’s preference for younger women is a natural and normal thing even if it is somewhat lamentable from the view of women. Women in patriarchal societies come to accept the world as it is, not as their crazy minds tell them it should be.

On the other hand, patriarchies should be basically benevolent towards women in that they should not be the sort of vicious patriarchies we see today. A mild, kind but firm patriarchy that weighs the values of all against all and makes the scales all balance out at the end is what works. I would add that friendly, helpful women can always help men rule any patriarchy.

I was talking to my mother about older men liking young women, and she said with a shrug of her shoulders as if she was saying the sky is blue:

Well, men like young women. The Romans said, “A man can still have a child when there is snow on the roof (when his hair is white), but a woman’s time is short.”

In other words, my Mom believes in “the wisdom of ages.”  My Mom was raised in a patriarchy. As much as she sputters that she is a feminist (and she has grown into much worse of one in old age – someone explain that please), many of her values are of the normal, natural, patriarchal wisdom of the ages.

Everyone calls me evil, degenerate, misogynist, homophobe, racist, transphobe, bigot, reactionary, Republican, fascist, Nazi, on and on, but all have ever been advocating is a return to “the wisdom of ages,” or “what we all know but are too scared to admit.” Otherwise known as “your grandmother was right,” which is one of the mottos of the Alternative Left.

This means an end to the insane and doomed Cultural Left War against Nature, which can also be called a War against Human Nature. The Cultural Left wants to create “new men” like the communists did, but the communists weren’t nearly as nuts.

Notice we only need new men? Women are always just fine, exploding diagnoses of Borderline Personality Disorder be damned. It’s always men who have to change and women who are just fine how they are. Ever noticed that?

Other than the fact that this Culture War ends up declaring war against anyone who dares to act normal, it’s also doomed. They’ll never create this new society of homosexuals, cucks, eunuchs, girlymen, and male feminists, and even if they do, no women will want those men anyway! They want hypermasculine Alphas. Even feminists do deep down inside!

But that won’t happen. All it will do is create a reactionary and even fascist backlash, as we are seeing before our very eyes. Thank you Cultural Left for reviving fascism!

But the Romans could have told you all these things, which is why my “wisdom of the ages” Mom likes to quote them.

The problem with the Cultural Left is they don’t read the Romans. They don’t care about them. Even if they did read them, they’d end up throwing the book against the wall. They’re all racist, sexist, bla bla after all. We at least they weren’t homophobic! Well, maybe not too much.

Romans pretty much fucked anything that moved. However, even the Romans thought that sex with prepubertal children was seriously messed up and wrong. This was regarded as seriously abnormal behavior. Further, most primitive cultures have drawn the line at child molestation. I think this shows me that adults molesting children under age 13 goes against Natural Law. Sure, there are pedophiles who get wired up that way, but they’re absolutely abnormal.

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