My Position on Age of Consent Laws

I have to put this up there because my views get so misrepresented everywhere. The following positions are not even particularly controversial, and a number are simply scientific fact. Others are simply very moderate views. In fact, what I am advocating below was the normal view when I was growing up before the world went insane about this nonsense. A person advocating these very mild reforms is certainly not a pedophile for God’s sake!

My basic position is this:

Every man on Earth wants to fuck those (teenage minor) girls, it’s just that you’re not supposed to do it if they are underage.

I said just that to my increasingly feminist mother (Perhaps she is becoming demented; that would surely be a reason for her increasing feminism) recently. I was eating dinner with her, and I said about this topic:

Every single man on Earth wants to have sex with those (teenage minor) girls. It’s just that you’re not supposed to do it is all, and if you do, you might get in a whole Hell of a lot of trouble.

My 89 year old mother looked at me across the table and nodded her head like I had just said the sky is blue or fish swim and birds fly. All of her life from girlhood until late senescence, this has been an obvious fact that no sane person would debate.

This is my Mom! She’s 89 damned years old! And even she thinks society has gone stark raving bonkers on this subject. If my Mom said that out loud, she might have a lynch mob at her door trying to murder her for being a “pedophile.” That’s ridiculous and insane! That’s what I am arguing against!

My Mom grew up in a time when we had a real society and a real culture, both based on the wisdom of the ages, the stuff that everyone knows is true even if they might not talk about it. We don’t have that anymore. When you toss out all of the wisdom of the ages and spit on your ancestors like these modern narodniks are doing, you don’t even have a culture or a society at all. Instead of a culture, you have a shithole or a stinking sewer and instead of a society you have a clusterfuck with the lunatics ruling the asylum and everyone nodding their head and saying that the Emperor is indeed wearing clothes.

Sure, you might still have a culture and a society, but you don’t have a real culture or a real society. That’s my point. You have a stinking shithole for a culture and clusterfucked madhouse for a society. You basically end up with the sort of “culture” and “society” that Pasolini portrayed in Salo. A debased, depraved, twisted, irrational mess with totalitarian overtones.

I think we as a society should acknowledge what I said to my mother above. I would also advocate a position that there’s nothing pathological or abnormal in having these desires or even acting on them. It’s not disordered behavior. Perhaps it’s wrong, evil, or illegal, but it’s not psychopathology.

We are in the midst of a completely insane mass hysteria and moral panic and the sexuality of teenage girls, and I am dead set against it, and no, I will not stop talking about it! It’s basically the Salem Witch Trials all over again. I’m here to point out the insanity and even immorality of that point of view, which is now normal in our society. You all think it’s ok to live in a society that is just like the one in the Salem Witch Trials? Because that’s what we’ve got now in the West.

What do I want? I simply want society to have a normal view about this sort of thing like we had in the 1970’s. Society can keep its laws and guys who violate them might just go to jail. I also think the sentences for this stuff are completely out of line. But I’m not advocating that any man break those laws.

If you an adult male within a few years of those girls, I wouldn’t object to you trying to jump on them, but even then you might get caught. If you’re an adult male within two years of them, you can probably get away with it. Anymore than that, and you’re looking at trouble, and I absolutely do not advocate that any man engage in that behavior because I don’t like to see my brothers going to jail.

Guys on the Net were saying that a whole bunch of 18 year old senior guys at their high school in Arizona just got arrested for fucking 14 year old freshman girls. Come on! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Senior boys and freshman girls? That’s as old as dirt. For God’s sake, man, leave these damn kids alone!

I am absolutely advocating a Romeo and Juliet clause of at least three and better yet four years to cover young lovers.

As far as lowering the age of consent, I’m not advocating that. The states can put it wherever the Hell they want. Obviously I’d like to see it reduced to 16 or 17 all over the country, but that’s hardly a controversial idea, and I’m not here to advocate for that. But I absolutely do not want to see any US states raising their damned Age of Consent laws and I will come out strongly against that.

I also don’t think adult-JB sex is rape of any kind, molestation, pedophilia, or “child sexual abuse” (LOL!). It’s “illegal intercourse” because society finds it distasteful to infuriating, as is their right.

The girls don’t get harmed and any harm they get is their own damned fault, and I have no sympathy for those silly little twats. They need to grow the Hell up.

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