A Test for Whether a Behavior Is Normal or Not: What If Everyone Did It?

One way whether we can determine if something is abnormal is to ask ourselves, “What if everyone did it?” By that metric, trannies, gays, and lesbians are absolutely abnormal, no doubt about it. No matter if many of them quite naturally get wired up that way in the womb. Lots of people quite naturally get wired up in all sorts of terrible ways. That’s why we have genetic and developmental disorders. Our Capricious God is a man of chance  who likes to roll the dice! Perhaps He is even a gambling addict with a casino in the sky, who knows?

Murder, rape, and stealing are abnormal though ubiquitous, though amongst the Yanonamo all men have committed at least one homicide by age 40, and the tribe soldiers on nonetheless. So a society of homicidal men where all of the middle aged men are murderers is quite normal. I wouldn’t want to live there, but it functions.

And murder in this societies functions as quite “normal” behavior in enhancing the competition for resources, particularly women. Almost all Yanonamo homicides are fights over women or girls.

Yanonamo men grab a girl at age 12 and sequester her away from the other men if they hope to get a wife at all. Then other men keep coming around with spears trying to steal her from you, from whom you must defend yourself. But though girls are betrothed at 12, the marriages may not be consummated until later, up to age 15 which makes more sense from an obstetric point of view. As you can see, under the What if everyone did it? rubric, marrying off girls at puberty and even having sex with them is quite normal because in societies where every man does just that, things keep chugging right along.

What if everyone had blue or green eyes or blond or red hair? All of those things are normal because societies were everyone was like that would work just fine.

Is dwarfism normal? I don’t think so. A society where everyone 4’9 might not work very well, but how tall are Pygmies? The problem with Pygmies is Pygmies are abnormal! For one thing, Pygmies die at age 23. You think a world where everyone died at age 23 would be functional? Granted, we are probably heading that way due to Global Warming, but that also might be the end of civilization.

In normal societies, people are only very short like this when there is something genetically amiss. Furthermore a tribe of manlets and petite women would be quite easily conquered by other tribes. And Pygmies do get attacked, enslaved, and even eaten by African Blacks. Yep, they cook Pygmies and eat them. Apparently they are quite tasty in the same way that young cows and sheep in the form of veal and lamb are tender and delicious.

A Napoleon Syndrome would not save those manlets. All of the other tribes would be Titans- Goliaths and Amazons. They’d be in a war against physics.

Being abnormally thin or fat are abnormal. Most mental disorders, including the personality disorders, are abnormal. A society of psychopaths or narcissists would unravel pretty quickly. We are probably witnessing the latter here in the Tik Tok West.

In some of these cases, society might chug along nevertheless, but it would have all sorts of problems. That counts too. Something is normal if, assuming everyone did it or had it, society would function quite well nevertheless.

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