Who the Definition of Rape Has Gone from Sane to Insane in the Last 40 Years

Thanks a lot, feminists!

Polar Bear: I recall your mom told you not to rape.

Yes! She hammered it into our heads, or at least mine. It was more than that. She laid down the rules on what exactly was and was  not rape. Very helpful! Just saying, “Don’t rape” doesn’t cut it because no one knows the definition of the word.

Her rule was, “No use of force or the threat of force. Anything other than that, and it’s not rape.”

That’s pretty much true and I always remembered that. I don’t think I’ve ever raped a woman by my Mom’s definition. Coerced them psychologically? Sure. But I gave that up after a few minutes. Argued them into it? Sure. I don’t like nonconsensual sex. If she’s acting like she doesn’t want to be having sex with me, it’s no fun.

That’s still the only definition except if you drug her surreptitiously, impersonate another person, or if she’s so drunk that she’s passing in and out of consciousness (otherwise she can be as drunk as she wants to be).

Lots of guys have sex with young women after they’ve passed out from alcohol, especially around college age. I know a woman who had that done to her at age 19. That’s the charge in the Brock Turner case, which was really blown out of proportion.

Also note that if you use my Mom’s definition today, you get a torrent of abuse, and you get called rapist, predator, abuser, etc. That’s because the daffynition of rape has been exploded beyond recognition by feminist hysertics with uterine tumors.

That’s why I talk about this stuff!

My Mom’s advice from the 1970’s and 80’s was the sane view. What we have nowadays is mass hysteria and a moral panic around the sexuality of heterosexual men, rape, sexual assault, harassment, the whole nine yards. And it’s the Femiservatives who are pushing it. Society has gone bat shit insane on these issues. I’m just advocating for a return to a society of my youth when people were sane about this stuff. That’s not really an extreme position, but nowadays it’ll get a lynch mob to your door in ten minutes if you say it.

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