The Utter Uselessness of the Western Left and the “Rightwing Nature” of the Cultural Left

When I say rightwing nature, I mean that the Cultural Left was easily co-opted by the capitalists, the corporations, the rich, and the ruling classes, the military, the state, and Western imperialism in general. If all these forces were able to co-opt it, how was it ever Left in the first place?

Rambo: So I’m sure people saw the recent publicity stunt with Kanye and Candace Owens walking into some gathering or other wearing “White Lives Matter” shirts. Is this really news, or is it time to stop paying attention to television, print, online clickbait non-stories etc.? A whole bunch of nothing?

Of course this is a whole lot of nothing. Mostly because the ruling class imperialists want us to focus on this divisive BS that divides the working class instead of focusing on the things that are really important. And the Idiot Left is going along with this BS that divides the working class and is unscientific (or antiscientific!) and false.

If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers.

– Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

This has always been the project of the Right in the West – simple distraction.

The Left in the West has always been an Idiot Left. They’re wrong on just about everything. I don’t know if this is the inevitable case of the Left in the imperial core where they don’t have much to talk about otherwise or if it just something peculiar to the West. Another big problem here is the influence of “they’re all capitalists” Trotskyism where they go neutral or even side with imperialism in fights where they need to pick the right side. This trend also suffers from the “not good enough” problem. All Left regimes that are or were in existence are to be condemned for some reason, usually because they’re really capitalists or it’s not real socialism or something.

The Maoists, who are always ultras anyway, suffer from this same problem. For instance, right now, the Western Left is siding with the imperialist CIA-led riots in Iran instead of taking the proper anti-imperialist view that the Iranian regime is good because it’s against Western imperialism.

In fact, the Iranian regime is very anti-imperialist, allied with the Global South, including the Left forces there, and is in fact, quite leftwing itself in their own peculiar way. If you study Iran, you will see that there is an Islamist Left and an Islamist Right. They’re both Islamists and social conservatives, but what were the Communist governments of the 20th Century if not social conservatives? Since when is social conservatism automatically rightwing? The Alt Left would say it isn’t.

The proper anti-imperialist stance on the Russia-Ukraine war is to support Russia against murderous fascists and Nazis. This is the Spanish Civil War all over again. If we on the Left are not against fascists and Nazis, what good are we? Also, Russia, China, and most of the Global South are objectively anti-Western imperialism and they want a multipolar world instead of a unipolar imperialist one. Neither Russia nor China engage in exploitative imperialism. Instead, the foreign policy of both nations is based on solidarity.

For instance, the Chinese do not care what sort of government a country has in the Global South. The Chinese think this is a matter of local sovereignty and as long as the state is not hostile, they will work with them. Chinese investments in foreign lands (the basis of their foreign policy) indeed make a profit. The Chinese are not going to work for free!

On the other hand, the general policy is one of solidarity and win-win instead of the Western imperialist we win-you lose policy whereby Western neocolonialism exploits and threatens its vassal states and keeps them in a state of dependence. This is the basis for Dependency Theory that originated in South America. They were right, but the South American Left is right about most everything same as the Western Left is wrong about just about everything.

The Western Left all hate Hamas because they’re fundamentalist Muslims and therefore “reactionary.” They also hate the PFLP on the basis of the “not good enough” theory and the notion that they ally with fundamentalists.

The proper anti-imperialist stance is that Hamas should be supported as an anti-imperialist group that is fighting Jewish Western settler-colonialism and imperialism. When has the Jewish state ever not been in bed with Western imperialism? Like, never.

Hajji Soleimani had the right position on this. He did not care what the ideology of the group was. All he cared about was whether they were willing to fight Israel. Hence he supported Sunni fundamentalists in Hamas and the atheist Communists in the PFLP. In fact, these groups now have a very strong alliance. Atheist Commies and fundamentalist Muslims!

Stalin himself said if we are going to fight the imperialists, we sometimes have to ally with reactionaries fighting wars of liberation and anti-colonial wars.

The rule is simple. Whatever the imperialists are for, we are against.

– Chairman Mao

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