The Cultural Left Is Now Just a Project of Woke Capitalism, Woke Imperialism, and Globohomo In General

Rambo: So I’m sure people saw the recent publicity stunt with Kanye and Candace Owens walking into some gathering or other wearing “White Lives Matter” shirts. Is this really news, or is it time to stop paying attention to television, print, online clickbait non-stories etc.? A whole bunch of nothing?

Worse than that. See how the Left is trying to get White workers to hate and fight Black workers? They’re dividing the working class!

This really is Cultural Marxism although the word is something of a misnomer. The entire Cultural Left is Cultural Marxist in essence. Cultural Marxism is a newly created movement that felt that the real Left revolution was in Identity Politics whereby the workers were divided into ruling classes or oppressors and proletarians or the oppressed. Of course there are many in the oppressor category who are quite oppressed in various ways, especially economically, and there are plenty in the oppressed groups who are living quite high off the hook despite being of some oppressed race or gender.

An argument is that after the fall of the Communist bloc in 1989 and especially the fall of the USSR, the Western Left faced a crisis. It seemed that Marxist economics had failed. I would agree that it had failed to keep up with social democratic socialism in Europe, but this was just one group of socialists outperforming the other. Anyway the idea was the hang up economic Leftism and focus on something else. So they turned to culture, the only area the Left could make a difference (and a revolution), as economics was closed off. I do think there is something to this, although it’s radically oversimplified.

One good way to show that the Cultural Left is not even Left at all is to notice to what extent the rich, the corporations, the ruling classes in general, the military, the state,  even the intelligence services are with the shitlibs (a Western imperialist formation) are supporting this divisive Cultural Left crap. Of course they’re going to support it. It doesn’t support their bottom line one bit, plus they get to play at being hip and revolutionary without losing a nickel.

It’s like some wealthy corporation paying workers in the Third World 20 cents an hour to make t shirts with “Revolution” written on them, and making millions in super-profits to boot. Also, in this way, they distract everyone from the Economic Left, which is the true enemy of all of these forces.

Don’t look over there. Look over here instead!

And they get to divide the working class and get all the workers to hate each other, so they won’t unite against the ruling class.

It’s basically a ruling class and imperialist scam. Have you seen the latest “woke” ads for the CIA and the Pentagon? That’s all you need to know. I guess we could call the modern Western imperialism “woke imperialism.” Capitalism in the imperial core is some sort of “woke capitalism.” They both suck as much as if they were not woke or maybe worse because they distract people and get them to think that the ruling classes are hip and on the side of the workers. “Woke capitalism” and “woke imperialism” are both part of Western imperialist Globohomo.

After the coup that installed the Nazi Russiaphobic Ukrainian nationalist state in Ukraine, one of the first thing the new government did was stage the first Gay Pride parade that Ukraine had ever had. Everyone hated it but no matter. This is Globohomo in a nutshell. Nazis and pride parades! Low wages and ISIS! It seems counterintuitive until you think about it and realize that this is really what is going on.

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