More on the Nate Larson Case

Polar Bear: Nate believes the father owns the daughter as a slave.

Jesus Christ, man! What a loon. That’s why Male Sexualism turned toxic. It was full of crazies like that for some weird reason.

I think the subject is so taboo that like White nationalism, only the craziest, most disturbed and antisocial people get into it. All the Normies think it’s a toxic cause and won’t touch it for that reason.

Polar Bear: The father has a right to kill him, even though it likely consensual.

I don’t know about that part. Why is it always the father and never the mother? I dated a lot of JB’s back in the day when I was quite young. You have any idea how much they hate their fathers trying to regulate their sex drives!

I remember I brought a 15 year old girl home at 12 or 1 AM and her father was waiting up for her. I didn’t mind because I already had sex with her after the movie!

Meanwhile, Mom asks the daughter if she is sexually active (not caring if she is as Mom was a ragingly horny teenage girl once herself). Daughter says yes, and Mom gets her a prescription for birth control pills. Keep it a secret from Dad, ok? Daughter agrees.

I knew lots of JB’s back in the day who were getting The Pill from their Moms!

You know how many mothers with teenage daughters I met later on who had put their daughters on The Pill? Quite a few! I dated some women who were doing that. I talked to a woman just recently who had three teenage daughters. All were active and she had put all three of them on The Pill.

See the difference? Mom says, “You touch my daughter one time and I will put her The Pill!” The girl loves her Mom for saying that, and they’re keeping it secret from Daddy.

Dad says, “You touch my daughter one time and I will murder you!” And the girl hates him for saying that.

The father’s acting like the daughter is his property and he is protecting his property.

The Mom could care less. She just doesn’t want to see her knocked up.

The Mom is protective, not possessive. Dads possess their daughters. Women protect them. Interesting.

I don’t like this possessive attitude of the fathers, but I suspect it may have some evolutionary basis. After all, a father passes on his wealth and he hardly wants it to go to some thug dating his hottie JB daughter. Moms don’t pass on property, so they don’t care. A woman’s worst fear is getting accidentally knocked up. Believe me, I’ve dated enough single women to know that.

I’m always amazed at how smart women are on the subject of pregnancy. They sound like physicians when they talk about. I told my Mom about that, and she said, “Of course! It’s one of the most important worries in a woman’s mind!” And I’m talking about even women who are not very smart, maybe 75 IQ like one of my old girlfriends. She was hot, but she wasn’t very smart. Basically a dumb blond bimbo. I used to tease her about it.

Me: “God-damn you’re dumb, Debbie!”

Debbie: “I know,” in a somewhat shy and shameful voice with a bit of a smile.

It’s cool that I could talk to her like that. Nowadays that would be considered “abuse.” She was also one of the most ravenously horny women I’ve ever met. 18 year old girl! But they’re little children!

Polar Bear: You can’t just run away with a 12 yo.

Sure, but what’s the crime? He sure as Hell didn’t “kidnap” her. Get out of here! Contributing to Delinquency? There’s some sort of crime called Interfering with a Parent’s Right to Custody. They threaten men with this if they are banging 16 or 17 year old girls even if they are legal.

Mainly they will get him on a federal Mann Act violation of Attempting to Transport a Minor across State Lines for Immoral Purposes. This 1911 law has racist roots. It was put in as “White slavery” law to bust mostly-Black pimps for taking White prostitutes across state lines.I believe it was also used to bust Black men for banging White girls, assuming they took them across state lines. Most of those girls were legal, too. It was a racist Jim Crow act used to put Black men in prison for screwing perfectly legal White chicks. And now progressives and feminists are championing this crap racist law.

It’s basically a complete crap law that’s widely abused by Fed pigs. That’s the law that they used to nail R. Kelly. It was also used against Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. It was misused in all of those cases, but I think it would be appropriate to use it against Nate Larson here. It’s the only serious crime they could nail him on.

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