Female Sexuality: An Enigma Wrapped in a Conundrum and Packaged in a Mystery

Want to see an enigma wrapped in a conundrum and packaged in a mystery? Get to know a woman really well to where you can take a deep dive into the dangerous jungle cruise called her sexuality or her sexual nature. It’s a complete mess, often senseless, unintelligible, irrational, or counterintuitive. The woman often barely understands it herself.

Women are confounding on a good day, but female sexuality is even weirder and less intelligible than women themselves.

It must be like the Kabbalist Jews’ definition of God as:

That which cannot be known; in fact, that which is so incomprehensible that one cannot even entertain the thought of it in one’s mind.

See how the woman quoted below can’t even answer whether she likes women or men better?

Ask a woman about her sexuality, and you get a lot of these “I don’t know” answers.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, when women were a lot less orgasmic as they today (studies back then concluded that 25-30% of women had never had an orgasm), I often used to ask girls or women after sex if they had an orgasm. They seemed to be enjoying it. At the very least they wanted to do it all the time. If they didn’t like it, why were they bugging me to do it three times a day as a 28 year old girlfriend who said this did.

The response to whether they hand orgasmed was often this distant thoughtful look followed by:

I don’t know.

I remember the first time I had PIV sex, we rolled around in a bedroom in her parents’ house for hours on end. I kept asking her if she’d orgasmed yet, and she kept saying, “Pretty soon…pretty soon.” A few years later, I had sex with a 27 year old woman who kept saying, “I want to cum so bad…” during the sex. Hey, I was trying my best, baby. If I tried any harder my tongue might fall off!

Recently I had a couple of girlfriends both around 50 years old, one 48 and the other 51. They both frequently talked about being horny or even horny as Hell but when I asked them what being horny felt like, they both answered:

I don’t know.

One woman finally said:

I think you are just aware of it. You become aware of your pussy. That’s how you know you’re horny.

I recently had a 39 year old woman over at my place who told me that she had completely lost her sex drive. I asked her why, and she said:

I don’t know.

I’ve met two women who had completely lost their sex drive, a 37 year old woman at 21, the other a 33 year old who had lost it at 29. Neither could tell me why. One said that ever since then, ever since she masturbated, it caused a lot of pain and she just quit. She had no explanation for this either. I asked my woman best friend about it and she said it sounded like something physical and she should go to the doctor. But if you study women’s forums where they talk about this stuff, they describe these problems, go to the doctor, and the doctor reports no findings. Physically, they’re fine.

Onebelowall: A bisexual girl that I met through a mutual friend in college back in the 90’s, who was pretty open about things, told me that she didn’t orgasm with guys. As she put it, “I’ll have fun but I don’t cum.” She then told me that when she’s with a girl, she’ll “cum like a fucking machine gun”.

She couldn’t tell me if she like women better or not.

A lot of women can make fine distinctions about sexual orientation like that.

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4 thoughts on “Female Sexuality: An Enigma Wrapped in a Conundrum and Packaged in a Mystery”

    1. Are you gay? We talk about women and sex here. I understand if a homosexual like you finds that distasteful. Or are you just a male feminist cuckboy? We don’t allow them here. This site is for real men only, pal!



      1. Damn! Before you zapped Bored I wish you would have let it (male? female?) get in a “last cigarette” response before the blindfold was fitted and you pulled the trigger. Might have been an entertaining back and forth. Who knows?

        1. Go ahead and nail him. I’m getting tired of these idiots. Not one teenage girl was mentioned anywhere in that post! There were seven women discussed ranging in age from 27 to 51. See any “teenage girls” in there? I’m getting tired of all of these sanctimonius hysterics.

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