The Road to True Liberation for Jewish People

Polar Bear: Kanye got called out for anti-Semitism recently. Someone on a racial forum said they’ll really silence him because unlike Mel Gibson, he’s Black. It’s possible, and I see Black influence as rather illusory. I think they could even take Oprah out if she had her book club read The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.

I saw that LOL. I guess Jews have not been treating him well lately. He says the entertainment industry is run by Jews, and he’s had some bad run-in’s with them. And maybe they are trying to cancel him too.

He seemed to be a man fighting back. Hey, you hit a man enough times, he might just start hitting back. For some reason, Jews never seem to figure this out. They attack people for lousy reasons and make enemies out of them, then they’re shocked when the people fight back. And when the people fight back, they call them Jew-haters.

It’s like some Black guy picks on you and attacks you, then one day you fight back and hit him back, and he blames you for fighting and tries to get you arrested for a racist hate crime. That’s the insane modus operandi of the Jews all down through the ages. Can’t Jews see how stupid and pathological this behavior is? If you don’t want to get in fights, don’t go around starting them! For God’s sake, for the smartest people on Earth, Jews sure act stupid sometimes.

I’m not saying they all act like this, but most Israelis, super-Jews, hardcore Jewish nationalists, and religious Jews often behave just like this.

The more assimilated the Jew is, the better he acts. My Jewish girlfriend of 5 1/2 years was an assimilated Jew. She agreed with everything I ever said about Jews LOL. Well, not Henry Ford. I told her I liked Henry Ford and she didn’t like that one bit! She came from Detroit so they knew him up close.

During the Lebanon War of 2008, I was rooting for Hezbollah and she was rooting for Israel. I asked her why and she said, “I’m supporting my people!” You know what, Jews? I respect that! I respect anyone who supports their people! I’d say, “Death to Israel!” and she’d laugh and say, “Oh, shut up.”

It was a pretty cool relationship. I think a lot of Jews hate each other. Her father was a Conservative rabbi, but I think she was raised reform. She hated Ultra-Orthodox Jews! Just despised them! And she didn’t like Jewish men at all. Thought they were assholes. She pretty much only dated Gentile men.

My parents’ friends were pretty much assimilated Jews. With one couple, I knew them for 30 years before I even learned that they were Jewish!

Really that’s how Jews should act! Your Jewishness is not that important! What is? Other identities! Whiteness, liberal politics, urban dweller, yuppie, university grad, intellectual, gender, sexual orientation. All of those are more important than your Jewishness, which is probably more likely to annoy people than not. Keep it in the background, Jews! It’s not that important! Get into being a human being and think of how much, as a human, you have in common with other humans. To me that’s the true liberation of the Jewish person. Jewish Identity Politics leads nowhere and just makes people not like them.

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5 thoughts on “The Road to True Liberation for Jewish People”

  1. So I’ m sure people saw the recent publicity stunt with Kanye and Candace Owens walking into some gathering or other wearing “White Lives Matter” shirts. Is this really news, or is it time to stop paying attention to television, print, online clickbait non-stories etc.? A whole bunch of nothing?

    1. Nazis and pride parades! Low wages and ISIS!

      Pretty much Globohomo in a nutshell right there. At best it’s the worst of the Left combined with the worst of the Right, and at worst, it’s the worst of the Right combined with the worst of the Right.

      You follow, comrade?

  2. Yeah, I don’t take it that seriously. Kanye’s always getting attention one way or another.

    Every now and then a media slave might actually turn on their oppressor. I support that.

  3. I don’t hate any group. I favor straight White non-Jews because when all the stars align, I prefer what they produce.

    Often the stars don’t align though, and many Whites really disgust me. My Mom will say, “He’s gay,” in disgust. I’ll respond, “I don’t care if he’s gay, but he’s pro-homo, and I don’t like that.”

    My mom doesn’t like gays. I care more about the agenda. I feel the same way about Blacks and Jews.

    1. You don’t like Gay Identity Politics! You also don’t like Black Identity Politics! I feel pretty much the same way. There are plenty of fine folks in both groups, but once they go IP, I really don’t like them too much anymore. They’ve “gone idiot” or “turned into fucktards.”

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