On Nate Larson and His “Kidnapping” Charge

Polar Bear: Nate Larson allegedly kept raping his wife, and she killed herself. He also allegedly kidnapped a a 12 yo.

I’ll be the first to admit that Nate Larson is a bad person who deserves to have been imprisoned.

That guy was seriously out there. He openly promoted rape, fucking little girls, all kinds of crazy shit. I guess now he’s behind bars where he belongs.

I don’t think he’s a preferential pedophile though. I think he’s just a pervert trysexual who will fuck anything. There are way more people like that than you think. I agree that he expressed an interest in molesting girls and he traveled with a little girl for the purpose of molesting her. But most molesters are not pedophiles. That guy had a ton of sex with his very adult wife in her 20’s and 30’s. They had sex all the time. No pedophile would do that. Pedophiles have no interest in sex with women as women don’t turn them on one bit.

This is NOT correct. That girl went with him completely willingly. No way on Earth is that kidnapping. I imagine it is some sort of a crime, something like meeting a child for sex, but that’s not the same as kidnapping. That girl was 100% willing to go off with him, and unbelievably, she was 100% willing to have sex with him. So the whole business was 100% consensual.

Sure, he groomed her, but big deal. That’s not much of a crime. What the Hell kind of a crime is “grooming” anyway? You know how many times I’ve been accused of “grooming” young women? Because that’s the only way I can get one you know. To “groom” her.

I don’t think “grooming” of children should be illegal. Sure, it’s weird and creepy but what sort of a crime is that? “Acting weird and creepy around kids” isn’t a known crime AFAICT. Here in California we have an insane bullshit crime called “Annoying or Molesting a Child.” Well, no one who gets arrested on this molests anyone. It’s known as the “grooming” law. So how do you know if you are breaking the grooming law? You don’t! There’s no way to know if the way you are talking to some minor is grooming or not?

Anyway, you can’t groom teenage girls, and all arrests for this stuff are just guys talking to JB’s or perving on them. That’s called a “vague law.” All vague laws are unconstitutional, but now under Feminist Rule, no one cares about vague laws anymore because all the laws women write will be vague laws.

If I convince a 17 year old girl to go in a car with me and cross state lines for sex, guess what I just did? I kidnapped her! Yep, she was completely willing to get in the car, willing to travel, willing to have sex, everything, but somehow it’s kidnapping! This shit has gone insane.

There is no such thing as consensual kidnapping. If the person is going along with going away with you it’s not kidnapping. It’s only kidnapping if you abduct them by force. This is the kind of shit I’m against. This insane word inflation where words don’t even have any meaning anymore.

Granted, taking a 17 year old girl across state lines to have sex here in California is a crime and one shouldn’t do it. But it’s hardly the worst crime on Earth if she’s willing. The feds will try to give you 30 years in prison for that! I’m against that too. These sentencing guidelines have gone insane.

The sentences the the pig system is handing out for so many crimes are outrageous excessive. But everyone’s going along with it, and if you don’t, you’re a pedophile, a rapist, a predator, a child porn collector, and you need to be turned in to the FBI!

Why? Because women think crimes should be based on feelings. Made a woman feel bad? Illegal! Made a woman feel uncomfortable? Illegal! See how crazy that is? Men, thankfully, don’t do this but most men nowadays are feminist cucks and queers, and there’s not many real men left.

All I’m saying is I’m sure this guy committed a crime when he met that girl and took her to the airport, but he sure as Hell didn’t kidnap her! No such thing as consensual kidnapping! How the Hell is it kidnapping if any human willingly gets in my car with me and goes anywhere we both want to? It’s not! Kidnapping is nonconsensual by very definition.

Of course we don’t use definitions for words anymore because women don’t believe in that stuff. Women believe the definitions of words should depend on what a woman “feels” the definition should be. Starting to see the problems of putting women in charge of laws dealing with sex and gender? You’re cooking up a nightmare of irrationality.

Yes, I wonder if I am a male sexualist. Supposedly they are pro-rape! And most of them are just fanatics. And a lot are frankly ephebephiles. That’s not disordered, but this whole idea that women go stale at 18-20 is just insane to me, sorry.

I like teenage girls but no more than any other man. I’m just honest about it and all these other cowards are lying. Truth is every man on Earth except fags, cucks, girlymen, and dead men wants to fuck those girls. It’s just that you’re not supposed to. So you control yourself. I haven’t touched one since I was 21. If I can do it others can too.

Also nowadays I mostly prefer them 17-up unless they are very developed. Even most 16 year old girls seem like kids now. But fuck yeah 17 year old girls are smokin’ hot! Before that, they look “too small.” They’re not fully grown. They’re not as tall or as filled out as they should be. The whole effect makes them seem like a kid or a girl. It’s too much of a girl for me.

My only complaint is that this Pedo Panic and Teenage Girl Sex Panic has gone completely insane. I just want to return some rational thinking to this subject and a lot of other subjects like harassment, assault, rape, on and on. SJW feminism has gone berserk on sex crimes. Most real men are criminals at this point.

I think I will call myself a pro-sex MRA. They’re supposedly more moderate and don’t advocate rape. I sure don’t advocate rape. Not real rape anyway. Feminist rape? Sure, Hell yeah I do! But that’s not even real rape. Feminist rape is another word for seduction. Plus drunk and high chicks are fair game, sorry, bitches.

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