Tom Grauer, “A Radical Male Sexualist Manifesto”

Radical Male Sexualist Manifesto.pdf – Google Drive

One of the best original documents from the original Male Sexualism movement of which I was a part. The movement appears to be dead at the moment, but we can always revive it. Part of the problem with the movement was, predictably,  the considerable number of psychos, trolls, perverts, and (of course) misogynists that immediately glommed onto it, but that’s to be expected in any movement like this.

Of course the MAP guys signed on real quick, but I think Tom eventually threw them out of the movement, thank God.

The misogynists are par for the course in any anti-feminist movement. It’s so easy for anti-feminism to turn into anti-woman. I get it but I still think we should make the distinction. Anyway, a lot of women who claim to be feminists are not really bad. They’re more the “soft feminist” type though. The hard feminists are pretty much impossible for any sane man.

Nate Larson was one of the first members. This is the guy who ran for Congress and said he wanted to fuck little girls, including his own minor daughter. He later signed on to some extreme incel site, though he was hardly an incel. The goal of the site was to create a future society where they kidnapped jailbait teenage girls and turned them into sex slaves. Of course that’s never going to happen and it’s not a new theme. See Bill Barr’s father and principal of the school where Jeffrey Epstein for more. He wrote a novel along those lines.

I went to that site, and I must say it was the most evil incel site I’ve ever been to. But it was meant to be that way. I was never sure if they were just trolling. Later Larson got arrested for trying to have sex with a 12 year old girl. He isn’t really a preferential pedophile. He’s just a trysexual, fuck-anything, pervert-type guy. Way more child molesters are like this than you think. Pedophiles are actually a small minority of molesters.

I don’t really care about being amongst sleazy company as long as I don’t sleaze out myself. I was probably the most moderate of the Male Sexualists. To this day I think it’s a valid movement. The Manosphere and the Incel Movement have both been onto this for some time now, as were the PUA’s frankly. They just never politicized it.

The document runs to 45 pages. If you are a straight male concerned about the recent “Femiservative” (his coinage) war on straight male sexuality, please feel free to check it out. I’m writing up a response to it now with quotes from the piece as well as my own comments.

Tom Grauer is an Israeli Jew, but I don’t hold that against him at all, frankly. I’m pro-Palestinian, but I’m not nuts or an extremist. As far as I am concerned, all of the Jews can stay in Israel. They just have to share the land with the natives is all.

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5 thoughts on “Tom Grauer, “A Radical Male Sexualist Manifesto””

  1. Nate Larson allegedly kept raping his wife, and she killed herself. He also allegedly kidnapped a a 12 yo. That site’s probably worse than any site I’ve seen.

    The ugliest posts I’ve seen were on a PUA forum.

    I’m comfortable with race, I try to live racially. It gets a little ugly but the awful truth is I don’t mind that. I need a break from the modern Clown World. I love hearing old outdated racial views. I try not to live in the sexist swamp though, even though I believe in male dominance.

    I’m a hardline sexist but some of Nate’s views make me cringe. Hell, I think the woman and child belong to the man of the house, but they shouldn’t be abused.

    Femiservitive is accurate for many I know. Neocons agree with women way too much publicly, though I bet many don’t walk the walk.

    I was a huge White Knight, I wanted to be a chivalrous knight. Many WN girls liked me. I was very pro-White woman. I still have that in me but am sour with your average modern American woman. The woman I’m after now loves Jews more than anyone. I can understand why she’s a Judeophile. She’s also a woke hardline feminist. I’m not into that at all. Jews just lose points for being tied to all this woke SJW bullshit. By themselves they are fine and good even. I sought out the perfect woman in my youth. Now I’m more realistic. I’ll settle for sexy.

    1. That site’s probably worse than any site I’ve seen.

      Which site are you referring to? Did Nate have his own site? Are you referring to that weird incel forum he had where they were talking about making sex slaves out of the JB’s?

      1. They intercepted them at airport. I don’t know much more but the kid should be under her fathers care. Nate believes the father owns the daughter as a slave. Fine, leave another fathers property alone then. The father has a right to kill him, even though it likely consentual. You can’t just run away with a 12 yo. I recall your mom told you not to rape. A Youtuber said he had a site called Rapey, I assumed it was the jb kidnapping one

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