The Problem with Podcasters in the Delphi Murders Case and Probably in General

I ran into a lot of this same stuff when I was involved in Bigfoot. And by the way, I still believe that Sasquatches absolutely exist. They’re not apes. They’re primitive men, relict hominids like Neandertals. We’ve already sequenced their entire genome and that proved that they’re relict hominids. Furthermore, that genetic study has now been replicated three separate times. Two of the teams have refused to publish because they say it would end their careers. Hell, I have a Sasquatch hair right here in my front door if anyone wants to sequence it.

Of course, Science (with a capital S) doesn’t believe in them. Why not? Because they don’t want to. The genetic data was published and it’s up on the Internet for everyone to see. The scientists never even bothered to look at it. They just laughed it off as soon as they read the title.

Think about it. Sure, it’s nuts that a giant ape is running around the forest. However, is it really all that weird that a relict hominid like, a Neandertal-type man, survived our genocidal wars against our fellow hominids? I don’t think that’s such a weird idea.

Anyway, enough of that. I got beat up to Hell and back over “Bigfoot.” Now I’m busy with a new project. Getting beaten to Hell and back over the Delphi Murders!

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

What’s wrong with the Delphi podcasters? You mean besides everything? Well, other than everything, they’re just extroverted loudmouths.

Extroverts are horrible liars anyway but these are the worst of the extroverts, at the extreme end of the scale. Anyway, these podcasters are everything we don’t like about extroverts times 10. A lot of them are also quite shady and seem to be quite willing to break the law, lie, cheat, and steal. But extroverts are notorious for moral laxity.

They’re narcissists and gloryhounds/famewhores. Most of them are out for the glory. A shocking number of them want to win the reward money for the crime. We run into this with Sasquatch too. Everyone wanted to be the one to formally discover the damn thing. Then they could make their boat and sail away to fame and fortune everlasting. It didn’t work out for them either.

That type of person is not usually the most honest. They are performers, and performers and thesbians are liars by their very nature. Witness the actor/president in Ukraine. Everything is a performance with him. As all performance is a lie, it doesn’t matter to him what the truth is. In fact, truth as an actual stable entity probably doesn’t even exist for him as it doesn’t exist for any actor or performer.

Performance is at best an exaggeration of reality; at worst an out and out lie. If performance was honest and mirrored reality, nobody would patronize it. We can get that narrative just living our everyday lives.

The same thing is going on with these characters. It’s all just a movie or show for them, so the truth is doesn’t matter because in the performance arts, as noted above, there is no truth. Everything is fake. With these podcasters, you add in the lust for money/fame/glory which makes many a man lie, and you have a recipe of truth distortion on an industrial scale.

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