The Catastrophic Failure of the Russologists in the West

Polar Bear: Western lecturers on Russia are often anti-Russian on some level. Poles, Ukrainians, and anyone West of Russia really aren’t to be trusted when it comes to Russia.

You are correct of course. Belarussians are very pro-Russian. In fact, they see themselves as more or less Russians anyway. Serbs are pro-Russian. So are a lot of Bulgarians and Moldavians. Note that all three are Orthodox. Slovaks don’t care much about Russians anymore. Neither do Hungarians. There are a lot of pro-Russians in the eastern half of Germany. Georgians hate Russians, but Armenians are pro-Russian. They’re both Orthodox people of the Caucasus. None of it makes much sense. There are definitely a minority of Kazakhs who hate Russians.

The Transniestrians, the South Ossetians, and possibly the Abkhaz want to join Russia. In addition, the Gagauz in Moldova also wish to join Russia! Of those people, only the Transniestrians are Russians. The Ossetians are Iranic, the Gagauz are Turkic, and the Abkhaz are Northwest Caucasians

The further west you go, the less they care about Russians. Spaniards, Portuguese, and Irish could care less about Russians. The British hate Russians but that is due to their Atlanticism and the fact that they are part of the extreme Russophobic Anglosphere. The worst Russia-haters other than the East European crazies are the Altanticists like the Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Dutch, Belgians, British, and Germans. The Austrians and Swiss are neutral.

Russologists are pathetic. They spent their whole lives studying a people and a culture, not understanding a single thing about them, for the sole purpose of hating and working to destroy them! These are the Sovietologists and Russologists of the West.

Completely useless. Every single thing they say about Russia and Russians is a complete lie! Either they don’t understand Russia and they’re just wrong and pathetic or they do and they’re just liars; either way, they’ve got it all wrong. I don’t really think our experts on various countries and peoples should be up there lying their fool heads off to us about them. Is that what we trained them for? We paid their way through all those years of school and paid their salaries at all of those universities and stink tanks for them to lie to us night and day?

I wonder if our Deep State and Pentagon fake Russologist experts really believe the lies that they tell. If they do, that’s a bad thing.

One truism of human relations is to not only know thyself but especially to know your enemies. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! I really think that enemies are more important than friends. Friends are very nice and some, dating back to the Romans (check out Seneca, On Friendship), think that they are one of the most important things in life, but my experience is your friends can only help you so much, and your enemies have much more capacity to impact your life, generally in catastrophic ways. Your enemies are dangerous!

I remember one famous general who kept a portrait of the general of the opposing side on his desk facing him all day. A visitor asked if he hated the man. The general said:

Of course not. I have the utmost respect for him. He is a fine general. But I need to understand him and never forget that. I need to know what he is really like and really all about. To keep reminding myself of that, I keep his picture on my desk staring at me all day.

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