People Are Food: The Three Great Races

Interesting comment by Polar Bear from the comments. Not sure if I agree but it’s always nice to get interesting comments like this. And I think he’s onto something.

LOL Blacks are like fried chicken! Oh man, the SJW’s are going to eat him alive for that remark! Calling Asians rice too. They won’t like that either.

Polar Bear: You are what you eat.

Blacks are fried chicken. The bad Blacks are the fried skin with the decent Blacks beneath the surface. Of course, the bad crispy dark ones are what draw most people away from the bucket/ghetto. At the same time the crispy skins are also the stars of the show.

Whites are vegetables. The Whitest people seem to love veggies most. Biggest complaint about Whites, like vegetables, is that they are bland. I disagree, as Whites have many cultures, from spinach in a Greek’s pastry to an Irishman’s potato covered in Kerry butter. Whites can range from hard pipe-hitting wiggers to hard book- hitting eggs, just like there are many ways to prepare vegetables, from deep fried to raw.

Asians are rice. They take their rice very serious. Intentionally simple, natural, and perfect. Sort of like a Japanese garden.

This sums up the three great races.

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4 thoughts on “People Are Food: The Three Great Races”

  1. Comedian Dick Gregory at a restaurant in the South: Waiter: “We don’t serve Negroes.” Gregory: ” Good. I don’t eat Negroes. Bring me a half a roasted chicken.”

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