Why I Support Russia Versus the Globohomo West

I read Russian blogs all the time now. Very interesting people!

Russians are very deeply connected to history, culture, and literature. It’s as if Tolstoy is writing today and Napoleon’s invasion was last year. History is all connected there, right up to the current day.

Want to analyze the Russian military’s way of fighting this war? Study the way the Russians fought Napoleon, in WW1, and in WW2. It’s all connected! There is a “Russian way of fighting war,” especially on their own turf.

I listen to these moronic talking heads generals on TV (all bought and paid for) and I wonder if they ever studied one word of the Russian way of war. If they did, did they learn anything. Do they know all this stuff and they’re just feigning ignorance or do they really believe their own lies? Don’t underestimate your opponent. Number One rule of war. Hubris is often an error and in war, it’s a fatal one.

I read Russian blogs all the time. They are full of all this Russian slang that doesn’t translate to English at all! Sometimes every other sentence is like that. There are so many sayings and aphorisms! And I see so many references to the great Russian literary authors. It’s amazing how cultured and educated these people are, especially with regard to the past. They’re like the Chinese in that regard.

In America, there is no real history. All of the important past happened yesterday. There’s no concept of the interconnected nature of history explaining the world of today. It’s as if we were all born in barns yesterday. In part this ahistoricity is due to being a young nation, but it’s deeper than that. Go down to Latin America sometime. Or, Hell, Mexico. Or Cuba. They’re even younger than we are, but they’re much more connected to the past.

The connection to the past in Russia is a long unbroken string, extending to today. I like it. It’s a real culture. It’s not some Globohomo fake cock-up or cultural collapse, self-immolation, and Hobbesian free for all. It’s the real thing. I support real cultures and their preservation. That’s the real battle here: between what I call real culture and this Globohomo anti-civilizational cultural suicide bombing device.

It’s the Globohomo wrecking ball of deracination, depravity, amorality, degeneration, cultural flattening, blind consumerism, and wanton greed versus:

Real people.
Real languages.
Real religions.
Real cultures.
Real history.
Real sayings and aphorisms.
Real dance.
Real music.
Real art.
Real literature.
Real traditions.
Real gender relations.

All deeply connected to history, in a long unbroken string. The melding of multiple nations, languages, religions, and cultures in a single coherent group of loving peoples. Russia has 80 different ethnicities. Many still speak their own languages and have their own separate cultures because Russia respects and allows that. And they all still love Russia. They’re loyal to Russia while preserving their local cultures. 80 peoples, languages, and cultures melded together via the glue of empire into a loving whole.

Contrast that with the West, where every little difference is elevated to an unbridgeable Grand Canyon of hate and separatism. Not only is it catastrophic for the Left – divide and rule of the workers always being the handmaiden of Reaction – but it also leads to a splattered anti-culture riven by hate instead of embraced by love as per the Russian example.

This is the battle here. Forget Left or Right. It’s nationalism and sovereignty and survival versus Globohomo, corporate rule, and civilizational collapse. Real culture versus Identity Politics Splitting and Separatism Uber Alles.

Or, I hate to say it, God versus the Devil. Putin is right. Listen to his latest speech. The West is Satanic. If we see the West as Satanic, it all starts making sense. And I don’t even believe in the Devil. But as a “marker” for a basement of human morality, the Devil makes a good stand-in, place-marker, a bookmark, a “way of seeing.”

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