Why Ukraine Is a Fascist Country

If you want to know why I support Russia, here you go. Banderism is the stated philosophy of the Ukrainian state since 2014. There have always been Nazis after 1990, but they were not in power. The difference was that after 2014, they were actually in power via a coup by the CIA.

Interestingly, the coup was spearheaded by a Jewish neoconservative monster named Victoria Nuland. She is married to another Jewish neoconservative maniac named Donald Kagan. The Kagan monsters run the Institute for the Study of War, a neocon stink tank that lies in almost every line it writes.

So as you can see, a Jew was the point figure for setting up a vicious Nazi regime in Ukraine. The first president, Yatsenik, was also a crooked Jew. He was seen saying Slava Ukraini!, a fascist Banderite slogan along the lines of Heil Hitler. One of the first things this monster did was ban the largest opposition party and begin murdering the politicians of that party. Soon most of them had fled the country.

After him another crooked Jew named Poroshenko was elected president. As you can see below, this Jewish monster named streets, postage stamps, etc. after Nazi collaborators.

After him came another Jew, the monster named Zelensky, and we know what he’s done. His hands are drenched with blood.

So you can see that in Ukraine, oddly enough, most of the Jews are literally Nazis! Nazism in this form and this part of the world takes the form of genocidal hatred of Russians instead of genocidal hatred of Jews. It is this Russophobic form of Nazism that is popular in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, and Finland.

It is also popular with the opposition in Belarus and some of the opposition in Bulgaria. The Ukrainian Jews do their best to redirect Nazi hatred away from Jews and towards Russians. They have made a deal with the Nazis. The Nazis are the thug muscle that keeps the Jewish crooks in power. The Jews run the state and protect the Nazis and keep them in power. So they use each other.

Nevertheless it’s awful sleazy for any Jew to support any Nazi.

The US Blew Up the Nordstream Pipeline

Nuland was also involved in the setting of biological weapons laboratories all over Ukraine. She was also apparently involved in the US plot to blow up the Nordstream pipelines. Yes, the US blew up those pipelines. I don’t think there’s any sane person that doesn’t believe that.

As with every dirty deed we or our Nazi pals did in this war, of courser the first thing we did after we blew it up was to blame the Russians for doing it. As a matter of fact, all of the West has blamed Russia for blowing up their own pipeline. Westerners are so stupid that they all fell for it. Yep, the Russians blew up their own pipeline that they spent years and countless dollars building! Poland, Denmark, and Sweden were also involved. US ships and helicopters were seen in the vicinity before it blew up.

From the comments:

Robespierre: West Ukraine is the historical epicenter of Ukrainian ultranationalism and fascism. The post-2014 (US installed) Kiev regime cemented this West Ukrainian fascist virus as overall state policy, when then-President Poroshenko lionized and formally rehabilitated the WW2 Ukrainian fascist and ultra-nationalist leader Stephan Bandera as a ‘national hero’.

This reversed all post-1945 Ukrainian history, politically rehabilitating this 1940’s fascist leader, to embrace his legacy in state-funded postage stamps, statues and school curricula.

It must be understood Bandera was a fascist who sought to ethnically cleanse and aggressively expand Ukrainian territory. This meant a campaign of murdering ethnic Poles, Hungarians, Russians, and Jews. Even at the end of the war, the Ukrainian Banderists’ priority was targeting Poles in northeast Wolyn Province and mass murdering them.

Their tactics were to surround hamlets and villages, bearing in mind that by 1943-44 all the local fighting-age men were largely absent, then the Banderists would murder all the inhabitants, mostly the elderly and women.

Their signature tool of political violence was using knives and axes for the reason they wanted it to look like random uprisings and murders, not the sustained campaign of ethnically targeted mass murder it really was.

After 1945 MANY Banderists escaped to Western countries – Canada, USA, Australia etc. The western states did not repatriate the wanted mass murderers, and fascist functionaries to communist-controlled USSR.

In contrast, the Western states considered these Ukrainian fascists as useful anti-communist intelligence assets (same as with WW2 Croatian Ustashe fascists who escaped Yugoslav justice by fleeing to the west). Thus we see the Western states have a decades-long history of collaboration with the Ukrainian ultranationalist and fascist diaspora.

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4 thoughts on “Why Ukraine Is a Fascist Country”

    1. Western lectures on Russia are often anti-Russian on some level. Poles, Ukrainians, and anyone West of Russia really aren’t to be trusted when it comes to Russia.

    2. They’re not that bad. They can be horrific bitches, but they’re also very nurturing and loving, and believe it or not, “stand by your man” types! At least that’s been my experience with the Jewish women I’ve dated and had relationships with.

      Jewish men are much more sociopathic than Jewish women. Jewish women are just women! I wonder if that’s true of most ethnic groups. The real bad ones are the men in any ethnic group. And across ethnic groups, women are probably just women, neither good nor bad. Women just don’t go in for evil, sociopathic behavior that much. It’s against their nature. In humans, the male of the species is the sociopath. It’s true to some extent in mammals in general. Even male mountain lions are more evil than the females!

      1. Jewish women have positives. Higher intelligence make them a bit more dangerous than your average woman. I know you damn near married one, but you’ve spotted this monster with a muff. So we can’t say it’s just Jewish men.

        Women often buy a bunch of crap. Men make big practical buys like a car. Women care about little irrelevant things like hair color. The blonde and brunette rivalry is fierce with many of them. Men, the more logical sex, care about bigger and more real things that matter. Men often care about the future of their nation, descendants, world, etc. The result is more men are good and more are evil.


        Women are often just trying to look pretty in a dress or have an interesting hair color while donning rainbows. At best women are maternal, at worst they are just trenders. Most young women seem brainwashed but honestly, older women are probably just brainwashed by men I agree with. You’re right, women are just women generally.

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