Viewing World Politics from a Right-Left Spectrum Hardly Makes Sense Anymore

Polar Bear: I believe elite Jews are smarter than all these groups.

Sure, but it’s not just a bunch of Jews using Nazis, fascists, Islamic fundamentalists, etc. Sure, the Jews are using all of these groups, mostly Islamic fundamentalists against their secular Arab nationalist and Shia Resistance enemies and lately Nazis against Russia that they hate so much for very poor reasons.

But the entire West has doing that since 1946 as part of the Cold War that we kept going after it ended. This is the mindset of all conservatives and all liberals for a very long time now.

Recently some conservatives have gone isolationist or multipolar. It’s pretty bizarre that the loudest voices against Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Nazis are a bunch of hardcore conservatives! And it’s the shitlibs who support all these groups to the hilt!

Politics has gotten so bizarre nowadays and hardly anything makes sense anymore. Right and Left certainly hardly make sense because we are seeing so many weird hybrids and “irrational” pairings of Right and Left. And we have countries like Russia that are supporting both the Hard Right and the Hard Left.

What I think is that increasingly the Hard Left and the Hard Right are starting to meet on a number of issues. That’s clearly fraught with danger but if I have to ally with the Hard Right against Nazis, I’ll do it! Hell, I’ll ally with anyone against Nazis!

What’s weird is the furthest Right Trumpers, who are objectively fascists, are the loudest voices against the Nazis in Ukraine! Fascists against fascists!

And almost all of the “antifascist” shitlib Left in the US is supporting the Ukrainian Nazis and opposing the Russian Antifascist Army! The antifa blue-haired anarchists and supporting the Nazis! Antifascists with fascists!

And a number of the Far Right or quasi-fascist governments in Europe support the objectively antifascist government in Russia! Fascists with antifascists!

And on the other hand, other states right next door like Poland, just as fascist, as virulently anti-Russia.

I swear nothing makes sense anymore unless we see the world as a place where everything is subverted to the political. In that way it makes sense. The alliances we are seeing seem irrational on the surface but really all they are is “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” type of thing.

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One thought on “Viewing World Politics from a Right-Left Spectrum Hardly Makes Sense Anymore”

  1. The minute you realize that Left is an extinct species in America and to a lesser extent in the whole American-influenced West, and that the “Left” label is a misnomer really meaning Radical (Right), things make sense again. Would you have spoken of a left wing in 1940 Germany within the Nazi Party? Do you see a left wing in the concert of Saudi Politics? The American Eagle has two wings only: the party of the stupid and the party of the perverts. The Left still exists but it is no longer part of the Western cultural paradigm.

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