The Sexuality of Teenage Girls May Be Pure, Primal, or Uncorrupted True Female Sexuality

Jailbaits are often flirty trouble

Of course they’re trouble! Teenage girls are dangerous! They’re horny as Hell and a lot of them love men!

One was sucking a popsicle provocatively.

See? See how seductive they are?

These girls have very active sexual lives, if only in fantasy and masturbation. And most are watching porn nowadays too. I’d wager that 7

A 19 year old girl I got involved with recently told me she started watching porn at age 13, and at that age, she was watching it “all day and all night.” She told me her favorite fantasy was BBC or big Black cocks. She even fantasies of two or three Black men at once and  gangbangs. She was also masturbating to orgasm every day with a vibrator.

She also often wore no panties when she wore dresses because she liked to touch herself on and off throughout the day. I met a 24 year old woman who also watched porn all the time. She told me that wearing no panties with dresses so you can touch yourself all the time is known in female circles as “easy access.” I can’t believe women have names for all these sexual things!

A 15 year old girl I met recently online told me she was practicing deep-throating cocks using bananas! I didn’t do anything illegal with her; I just talked to her.

Our girl cousins lived with us off and on when we were young. That’s one reason I’m so close to females. I grew up with them! Those girl cousins were like my male best friends! That’s how close we were.

One thing I noticed but never made sense of until just recently was that the electric toothbrush was always missing. Then I would catch them stealing it. They would be in the bathroom and their eyes would light up as soon as they saw that damned thing. They would reach out and grab it faster than lightning, immediately stuff it in their pocket like stolen loot, and then dart out the door.

First one would steal it, then it would mysteriously return, then I would catch another one stealing it. I never could figure it out until it finally occurred to me at age 55 that they must have been using that damned thing to masturbate with. And they were pretty young when they lived with us!

I recently met a 27 year old woman. We were sexting over text once, and she got out this electric toothbrush, turned the damn thing on, and had an orgasm right in the middle of the session. So females definitely use those things.

A hole wants a pole!

One problem is that girls that age often don’t have access to a vibrator. 20 years ago, I talked to a 16 year old girl online, and she told me she used to steal her Mom’s vibrator. She also told me she used to suck on it, and she asked me if it was weird to do that. I told her of course not, it was fine.

I hear about them stealing their Moms’ vibrators all the time. There was a famous Facebook post of a mother posting to her teenage daughter demanding that the daughter give her back her vibrator that she stole! You have to be 18 to buy sex toys, and it’s hard for those girls to get into those stores. And I doubt if their parents are going to buy them a dildo.

I talked to a 14 year old girl online recently who told me that she really wanted a vibrator but there was no way for her to purchase one. She had an insane older man fetish. She preferred men over 50! WTF. She had befriended an older divorced man age 50 (!) and was hanging out with him. I have no idea what they were doing to pass the time. She said he also gave her little jobs to do and paid her for them. They were having a strictly no-sex friendship, and I commend them for that. I told her to ask the guy to buy her a vibrator. She asked him and he told her he would buy her one.

I see nothing wrong with any man of any age having a platonic friendship like this with a teenage girl. The young must learn from the old!

One problem with a friendship like this is that there are going to be sexual feelings involved. I heard about a junior high male teacher recently who had befriended one of his 13 year old girl students. He was taking her to the movies, etc. That’s perfectly fine in my opinion. Everything was kosher for a while, but I think at some point it escalated and got sexual and he got in trouble. Thing is if the man is normal, he’s going to start wanting to have sex with that girl. And of course you know that girl is dying to fuck that man. So there’s going to be a ton of sexual tension going on.

That’s going to be hard to keep a lid on, especially if you start talking about sexual matters, which is a perfectly natural and normal thing to do with a teenage girl. But in a relationship like that, you start talking about sexual stuff even in a clinical way (which is the only way the two should talk about it), and she’ll get wet as Lake Michigan on a dime. Guaranteed! Now you’ve got a problem. I don’t think I would want to be tempted like that all the time. It seems like playing with fire.

This insane bullshit that these girls aren’t sexual and instead are nonsexual “little children” has got to go! A teenage girl is as horny as a woman! And that’s pretty damn horny.

I’ve had girls stunned by me and can’t stop staring. They like or want me.

It’s a look of awe. They’re awestuck by us men.

Yes, they even do the same with me to this very day. But only some of them.

I was in a coffee shop recently, and I spilled some change on the floor. I bent down to pick it up, and there were four or five teenage girls from the high school in line. Maybe sophomores or juniors? I can’t tell anymore. They were all giving me that exact same stunned look you described. As if someone hit them over the head with a dummy hammer and there were stars circling over their heads like in the cartoons. Totally frozen too. Looking at me like I was a God or a Greek statue. That dead robot frozen stare. I didn’t say anything to them, but I did notice it.

I think a teenage girl is simply a very primal woman. A very, very young and immature woman that often has not been socialized very much.

By young adulthood, most young women have been socialized into finding men my age gross and unattractive. But a lot of teenage girls probably have not. I’m still supposedly pretty hot and even sexy according to some women I meet (and even underage girls!), and not being socialized to find me ugly, these girls are just reacting in a primal way to a sexy man.

To a primitive female mind, the age of the man probably matters little. All that matters is he is sexy.

Check out primitive tribes. Teenage girls often marry adult and even quite old men on a regular basis. You really think teenage girl and young woman cavewomen gave two shits about how old some Alpha caveman who beat up all intruders was? Get out of here.

I heard that one of the longest lived men was in Somalia, and he was ~115 years old. He had recently gotten married again and his new wife was a 15 year old girl! Supposedly he had more goats than any other man in the village, so he was the best of the best men (the ultimate Alpha) there. I don’t know how he was satisfying her sexually, but you don’t need an erect penis to satisfy a woman  sexually.

That damned Somali dude is the stud of the century. You’re 115 years old and you somehow got a 15 year old hottie? Damn, dude! You’re my hero!

Teenage girls, women, what’s the difference? They’re all just women to me, and I don’t really differentiate much between them. There’s little girls (under 13) and women (13+). That’s my division of females.

Teenage girls are just “young women, junior women, little women,” something like that. Granted, their brains are different from a woman’s brain, but it looks a Hell of a lot more like a woman’s brain than it does like a little girl’s brain. The vast majority of human brain development from childhood to adulthood occurs from 10-15. Which does a 15 year old girl resemble more? A 10 year old little girl or a 20 year old woman. The woman of course.

Many girls mention spanking.

That might be primal or primitive basic female sexuality. I think if you want to see what true female sexuality looks like pre-socialization, look at the sexuality of teenage girls because it’s less likely to be corrupted by socialization.

By the same note, if you want to know what pure, primal masculine or male behavior is like, look at teenage boys. Look at what maniacs they are. This is what the male is like deep down inside before we socialize the maniac out of him. Men are basically born killers, and they have to be socialized out of that for society to function.

So taking pleasure in being spanked may be pure, true female sexuality.

When I was younger I got more sex offers like “Lets go in the bushes.”

Sure. Teenage girls are always having sex in bushes, in cars, on rooftops. They’re often having sex in public because they can’t do it at home.

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12 thoughts on “The Sexuality of Teenage Girls May Be Pure, Primal, or Uncorrupted True Female Sexuality”

  1. Ironic you should mention this subject Rob because the guy that got Jeffrey Dahmer caught (he was the lucky one that escaped from Dahmer’s murderous clutches) was on the run from Mississippi because of having sex with a 12-13 year old girl. That’s why he was in Milwaukee in the first place. That story just came back up again because of a Dahmer documentary recently, but it was never reported what the outcome of that case was. I think his name was Tracy Edwards.

    1. I think I’m onto something. Why do those girls react stronger to me (and you) than grown women? They haven’t yet been socialized into thinking we are gross and disgusting. Hell, teenage girls haven’t been socialized into much of anything sexual, so whatever you see in them sexually may be pretty primal, base female sexuality.

    1. Too bad. I don’t believe in taboos. Teenage girls are sexual beings and it’s about time we acknowledged that. We are having a moral panic and a mass hysteria over this issue right now.

      Frankly, I don’t even think about this subject much. I don’t look at those girls much. I’m not even that much into them. I just think society is insane about it and I’m going to keep writing until we can talk about this like sensible humans. I grew up in the 1970’s and everyone talked about this subject exactly the way I do. It was just common wisdom. We weren’t have sex panic or a moral panic or a mass hysteria over it. I hate all moral panics.

      I’ve already told people men should not have sex with girls below the age of consent.

      Our society says a 17 year old girl is the same as a 7 year old girl. You believe that shit?

      Why are you so uncomfortable with this subject? What I say is pure science. Why does pure science about this subject upset you so much? You should not get upset by scientific facts.

      I’m not “obsessed” with it. I’m interested but I’m interested in a million things. Day to day I’m usually thinking about stuff other than this. This isn’t a subject that takes up much of my time, and I’m no more interested in those girls than any other man.

      There is a woman on Twitter who talks just like this, and she talks about it 50 times more than I do. When she was 15 she had 23 year old boyfriend. She thinks society has gone insane on this subject, and this is why she is going on about it. Society should not be insane about this or that subject. It’s ridiculous. If it is, I have a duty to blow the whistle on society until it gets its shit together.

        1. Yeah that’s not true at all. I can go down the line here and look at my articles and show you that’s not true at all. It’s way less than that. Out of the last 20 articles, one has been on this subject. Another was too, but it was as much about women as it was about girls. So let’s give that one a 1/2. So out of the last 20 articles, 7% were about this subject. That’s not very frequent.

          I do that on purpose. I deliberately try to write about this subject on an infrequent basis for the very reason you brought up.

          Anyway, I’m not even into teenage girls. All of my sexual fantasies are about women. Most of the females I look at online and around town are women. When I see girls, of course they’re hot, but mostly they just look too young. Girls aren’t my thing. They’re all illegal anyway, so why look at them or think about them? What’s the point? Why get all aroused about something you can’t have? It doesn’t make sense.

          Also, I am banning you.


          1. Ok but not sure why you’re banning me as that goes against what I glean is your stance on this site. Free speech and free debate.
            Unless I misunderstood and it was sarcasm.

          2. I’ll unban you if you agree to quit complaining about this. I just don’t tolerate sex fascists here.

  2. There’s scientific reasons for the attraction to young girls. Same as our attraction to leggy and petite East Slavs and neoteny in Asians. It’s a red pill that men are attracted to youthful features.

    I was on a sex doll forum. I was interested in a doll as a grappling dummy. Well, some posters were extremely against dolls looking too young. The truth is a lot of fully-legal chicks look very young. Someone mentioned Asian pornstar Amai Liu would be illegal. The men against young sex dolls went quiet when Amai Liu was mentioned as if they all wanted her as a sex doll.

    Robert likes mother-daughter fantasy. So he’s including the older mother and has some range. Bumface probably only cares about the daughter.

    One thing nice about this forum is you don’t need to wear your respectability face. A person’s image really means nothing. Gacy was very well respected in his community but was evil behind closed doors.

    I like fit MILFs and young-looking women now. When I was younger I was more MILF-centric. You can be a porn MILF at 18 mind you.

    I’ll add that women at their core love Nazis. Many neo-Nazis are now prudish but the original Nazis could appreciate a young nude Aryan.

    I see creative benefits to celibacy, even if it’s not for me. Sex is a lower shakra. Men are often driven by sex and think about it constantly. It can be all-consuming. Many men, myself included, would do well to spend less time on it.

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