The Irrationality of the Typical Jewish View of Antisemitism as a “Mysterious and Completely Irrational Hatred”

For instance, no country on Earth was better to the Jews than the USSR.

Israelis are actually some of the more honest Jews out there. Of course they lie all the time too (but then so does the NATO West and the US in particular), but they have a “correction device” in the Arab World that watches every word they say and calls them out on their bullshit real fast. We have no such correction device in the West, hence the NATO West gets to lie like a psychopath and everyone falls for it every time.

Anyway, Yitzhak Shamir, Israeli leader, famously said

The USSR was not an antisemitic country. It was an “anti-antisemitic” country.

the only one that existed in the world at that time. You see, that is remarkably honest for a Jew and particularly for a Western Jew, as most Western Jews went with the West in the Cold War, which by the way was a reason for Stalin’s late anti-Jewish campaigns. Anyway, I don’t think those were really anti-Jewish campaigns.

There is a famous quote from around that time:

Stalin’s colleague: Why are we going after the Jews now? That doesn’t seem right at all. The USSR going after the Jews? How does that make sense?

Stalin: You do not understand! They are all Zionists!

A lot of Soviet Jews followed their Western brethren after WW2.

After a brief flirtation with the Eastern bloc, Israel tossed a coin and decided to ally with the West very quickly. I think the Palestinians may have already been getting Czechoslovakian weapons as early as 1949. As soon as Israel allied with the West in the Cold War, the Soviet Union turned on the Jewish State. It’s hard to make a case that the USSR was antisemitic because of this.

After the Cold War took off, suddenly the Western Jews decided that the most Jew-friendly country on Earth suddenly became one of the most Jew-hating countries on Earth…why? For absolutely no reason whatsoever! For all their brains, Jews have remarkably poor self-insight.They were the most Jew-friendly country on Earth and suddenly the go antisemite just because the Jews make a state? Get outa here.

It was all down to  geopolitics.

So much so-called antisemitism is really just geopolitics. As is philosemitism for that matter.

But Jews can’t see it. First it’s “they love us” because there’s no other possible opinion to have of them. But do the Jews acknowledge that any Gentiles are philosemites? Sometimes I wonder. They’re so hung up on victim addiction and paranoia that I wonder if they acknowledge that anyone likes them.

If you don’t love them then you hate them, always for absolutely no reason whatsoever or for some Nazi-like lousy and irrational reasons.

No one ever hates Jews for a good reason! Apparently that’s not possible.

But why is that? Lots of ethnic groups hate other ethnic groups all across space and time for some excellent reasons. Of course this lets the Jews off the hook because if the only possible reaction to them is love, and all hatred of them is by its nature irrational, then, guess what? The Jews never have to examine their behavior to see why they might be pissing people off! So they get to act however the Hell they want, good, bad or indifferent, none of it matters because no one can ever have a good reason to dislike them no matter how they act. Jewish behavior is Psychology 100.

Jews see all opposition to them as “hatred for no reason.” They insist that the Palestinians are just Arab Nazis trying to exterminate the Jews for the same bad reasons Hitler tried to.

I’ve been reading a lot of hardline Palestinian material lately, and it’s almost free of antisemitism. Palestinians literally do not give two shits about Jews. Instead, the damn Jews killed them and stole their land, a process which is ongoing to this day. That’s the whole reason for the hatred right there. It’s an anti-colonial rebellion. Did the Indians fight us out of some irrational Nazi-like hatred of Whites? Did the Algerians fight the French out of some irrational, Nazi-like hatred of French people? Of course not.

I like the Soviet Jews. I even like Ilya Ehrenberg. Sure, he went overboard but his heart was in the right place. The Germans were exterminating his people. Was he supposed to be calm and collected about that?

Hence the Jews started hating the USSR and Russia too, as the latter was conflated with the former. And then the Jews dredged up all of the difficulties they had had with Russians (and Ukrainians, and Belorussians, and Poles, and Germans, and Croats, and Hungarians, and Lithuanians, and Latvians, and Estonians – except none of those count because they were all NATO allies of the Jews!), the pogroms in the Pale, etc., the traditional antisemitism of Russians (and all of the other folks above), which, by the way, the USSR went to great lengths to eliminate, something the Jews give them no credit for.

They dredged up this unpleasant past, combined it with the fake antisemitic present, and then remarkably claimed that the USSR was an antisemitic country from 1946-1989 when it was not at all. An anti-Zionist country, maybe. An antisemitic country, never.

People don’t understand that in the USSR, ethnicity was meaningless, and it was actually considered a bit rude to inquire about something ethnic background.

I recall that a professor said that they had 300 professors in his huge department at a state university in Russia and all but maybe four them were Jews. Nobody gave two shits about that and those professors experienced zero antisemitism.

But because the Jews lied and said that the USSR was an antisemitic country, I guess some Soviet Jews started to believe that because people can believe any crazy thing if you yell it in their ear long enough and they want to believe it’s true.

Hence there was this clamor for Soviet Jews to emigrate for a fake reason from this fake antisemitic country due to its fake antisemitism. Well, in the USSR, nobody was allowed to leave, Gentile or Jewish or whoever.

However, the narcissistic Jews (a redundant phrase) decided that they were so special that they deserved special favorable treatment that everyone else is denied (note the classic narcissism here) – the right to emigrate. Where? To Israel, natch. Where else?

Hence a very long and very stupid campaign of “let my people go” (note the Biblical reference) was set off by the Western Jews to demand that Soviet Jews emigrate to Israel. The US of course got cynically on this retarded and psychopathological bandwagon because it was just another club to beat the Soviets over the head with.

So you see the irrationality of the Jewish obsession with antisemitism. The country that loved them more than any other suddenly became one of their many haters for absolutely no reason at all! Gosh it couldn’t possibly be geopolitics, huh Jews? Gee, it couldn’t possibly be the Soviets demanding quite reasonably that Jews play by the same rules everyone else does, huh Jews?


It’s always just this insane, always irrational Jew-hatred that seems to mysteriously follow these folks everywhere they wander in time and space.

Hint: if every time your group moves to a new country, you have set up organizations to keep people from hating you, I’d say the problem isn’t the people of those countries. It’s you. If I told you that I kept moving to new cities to get away from my irrational haters, yet everywhere I went, the people in the new city all started hating me too, would you ever say that the problem was other people? Of course not. If this happens to you, the problem is you.

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2 thoughts on “The Irrationality of the Typical Jewish View of Antisemitism as a “Mysterious and Completely Irrational Hatred””

  1. I believe Germany was also a Jew-loving country right before Nazi Germany. I suspect Jews favored Germans as hosts. They favored certain White groups, and maybe they even believed in German superiority. Considering that Germans were leaders in classical music, mechanical engineering, military, exercise science, etc. at the time.

    Maybe it’s a pattern in many countries. Jews are awesome when you meet them, and motherfuckers after awhile. Very charming and seductive, like the Devil, but work in deception for evil. Anti-Semitism often goes too far, to be fair. The Western World revolves on the axis that Western Whites must cry for Jews that were Shoahed and fear “Anudda”. The dynamic of Western Whites answering to Jews needs to change. We should be more like the Arabs and work to keep Jews honest – a full-time job.

    Keeping Jews in check without killing or dehumanizing them is healthy. It doesn’t really hurt Jews, even if they scream about it.

    The Eastern Jew is often separated from the Western. The Western Jew was more elite, from what they say. Perhaps even Russian Jews look West today.

    1. Nice comment except that first sentence which is very incorrect.

      I will have more later and maybe make a post!

      I don’t think just Jews need a “correction mechanism.” Sure, they lie a lot, but so do lots of people. Like the entire NATO West for one thing! We’ve got to stop swallowing the lies that our governments and media in the West are feeding us. I think if Westerners were told the truth about the dirty deeds and goals of our Deep States, most of them would say thumbs down because the Western Deep States operate a lot like the Cosa Nostra or Mexican cartels or any other organized crime gang.

      Sure, you can get people to go along with criminal, gangster states (look at Nazi Germany), but I think most in the West see themselves as “the morally good people.” I don’t think they can stomach being the bad guys. I think a lot of ethnic groups are ok with being bad guys. “So what? The world is a jungle. We’re just taking what’s ours. If we don’t take it, someone else will.” The West has gone too soft for that type of thinking anymore.

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