In the West, Everything Is Subverted to the Political

Polar Bear: RL: The West lacks that sort of basic wisdom and common sense.”

This is really the root problem.

Exactly! Westerners lack all common sense! Common sense and wisdom went out the window decades ago. I blame Identity Politics and resulting irrational mass hysterias and moral panics. In addition, Westerners have been so propagandized by a completely controlled mass media that they can’t think independently anymore.

The West is brainwashed beyond cure. Most Westerners are hopeless. They’re all brainwashed into this or that political “party line” type of thinking. You confront them with the obvious irrationality of their politics, and you get a brick wall.

  1. Derision. Yeah right! We would never do that! You’re a conspiracy theorist!
  2. We didn’t do it! We’re the good guys. We don’t do bad things. Only bad people like US-designated enemies do bad things!
  3. Ok, I admit it. So we did it. But so what! It was the right thing to do LOL. So it was immoral, so what? We’re fighting an immoral enemy so we have a right to be as immoral as we want (the theory behind the fire- and area-bombings of German and Japanese cities and the dropping of the atomic bomb).

I meet a lot more independent thinkers in the Global South than I do in the West. There are not so many “party lines” because politics there is too chaotic for that. There’s a great tolerance for diversity of opinion because things are frankly not very polarized or politicized on most questions.

Certain questions are politicized but it’s more the case that most people believe a certain way, say, opposition to Israel in the Arab World, rather than actual polarization. The only polarization is around religious issues. India is similar. The polarization is religious.

African politics are chaotic. They’re only polarized in that the supporters of this or that politician typically hate each other.

Things are not very polarized at all in Russia. Putin gets 80

There doesn’t seem to be much politicized polarization in Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan. Everyone pretty much agrees on most things.

The only place on Earth where politics is politicized between Right and Left the same way the US is is Latin America. But down there, the Right has no support. The people are with the Left. But even down there the Right and even Left are fairly heterodox. You can be a Chavista and disagree on all sorts of things. Believe it or not the same thing is true in Cuba. I read Cuban papers regularly and debates range about all sorts of things.

But this retarded polarization and subversion of all of life to the political where if you are on the left or right (it’s much less true on the right actually), you have to agree with a set or 100 or 1,000 questions, and if you don’t check one box, you are with the enemy, seems only to be found in the US.

Americans are incredibly naive politically. They literally go in the voting booth and vote on “Who’s more handsome?” or “Would you have a beer with this guy?” Seriously. Polls have shown that a good percentage of idiot American women literally vote for the best looking man! And we know that many idiot American men vote on “Would you have a beer with this guy?” I remember watching Presidential debates on TV at home in 1980 when I was in college. I turned to my Mom and said,

Reagan doesn’t seem so bad.

I was a Leftist (though a poorly thought-out one) even back then. My Mom said she thought,

That does it. The election’s over. If even Bob likes Reagan, Carter’s history.

See? The fooled me. He was a con artist or a psychopath in a sense, like all actors and actresses. You like them because of the  charm not because of what they are really like as a person.

The guy literally won on his movie-star personality. Same with Trump. Same with Schwarzenegger. Americans are so politically stupid that they literally vote for whichever candidate is the better cinema actor! Issues be damned!

The West has subverted everything to the political. Everything the West says or does is subverted to some sort of bullshit politics. Westerners are so dumb or brainwashed that they can’t figure out that their whole lives have been downgraded to political tricks and scams. It’s as if life is a TV show and they’re watching it and thinking it’s real life. The Truman Show. Or, Hell, The Wizard of Oz.

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