How Many Women Are Bisexual?

I found it interesting you dated a woman close to your own age and she wanted to bring a younger woman in. I was told by a Californian that women are all bisexual where he’s from. I bet San Francisco takes gayness to the most flaming level.

My girlfriend now is 65 years old and does not define herself as bisexual. Nevertheless she was in a 3 way menace a trois with this Alpha stud of about 55 years old, and she had sex with the other woman on a regular basis as part of this arrangement. She wasn’t particularly into it, but she was mostly just doing it to please him. You’d be surprised how many young women have sex with other women just to turn on guys. That’s what is behind a lot of this.

I’ve dated a few women lately who told me that they were completely heterosexual. I guess they hear it a lot because two of them told me, “No I will not have sex with another woman for you!” LOL I never even asked. I guess they just wanted to pre-empt me before I asked the inevitable question.

I talk to women all the time on porn blogs. The vast majority of them tell me they’re bisexual. But these are pretty hypersexual women. They even have their own porn blogs! Definitely a lot of women in my generation identify as straight, but it’s not unusual for them to have had sex with women a few times. I had a 50-55 year old girlfriend recently who told me she had sex with a woman once as part of a threesome as a teenager. Another friend of mine in her 60’s did it once as part of a threesome with her husband. And I had a 51 year old girlfriend who had had a two week affair with a lesbian woman. Most of them say something like, “I tried it with a woman and I realized I was straight/realized I was not into women/realized I liked dick/realized I wasn’t into women, etc. All of those women identified as straight. I met a woman in her early 40’s a while back who had regular affairs of flings as she called them with women. However, she identified as straight and not bisexual because she said relationships with women were completely insane, like on another level insane, with chaos and drama. The Female Principle is an unstable element but it calms down a lot if it is paired with a stable Male Principle element. On the other hand, in a lesbian relationship between two women, you have two unstable elements paired together, each one prone to chaos and drama. And the result may be exponential, so instead of 1 + 1 equaling +1, you might have +1 + +1 equals +5, or one unstable element plus one unstable element equaling +5 unstable element

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8 thoughts on “How Many Women Are Bisexual?”

  1. I’ve met a few girls who sexually experimented with other girls when they were younger (one in sixth grade) and others having lesbian experiences in college. Some are just figuring themselves out, while others just want the experience to see what it was like.

    1. I thought it was so hot when I first saw two girls kissing and eat eachother out. I still remember their pink tongues and daisy dukes. Not so much anymore. A mermaid is beautiful but is limited sexually, lesbian sex just lacks depth beyond fantasy.

      1. It still gets me off bigtime. Mostly because it’s nasty! You know a basically straight woman who would do something as crazy as eat another woman’s pussy must be a total whore! If I think they’re both lesbians, then it doesn’t do much for me. I only like it if I think she fucks guys too. In general, I like it better if they prefer men or are 50-50. If they prefer women, I’m not sure how into it I would be.

        1. A bisexual girl that I met through a mutual friend in college back in the 90’s, who was pretty open about things, told me that she didn’t orgasm with guys. As she put it, “I’ll have fun but I don’t cum.” She then told me that when she’s with a girl, [she’ll] “cum like a fucking machine gun”. She couldn’t tell me if she like women better or not.

          1. I know some lesbians who can’t hold down a relationship. I’m guessing many are like this because deep down they need a man.

            If I see an image of a two very hot nude women embracing, it’s great in its own right, but it would be so much better with a man.

            The banana is the foundation of a banana split; ie., relationship, as it keeps all the rest of the banana split together. The banana is straight from Nature too. Typically everything else on a banana split has artificial additives.

          2. A lot of women can make fine distinctions about sexual orientation like that. Female sexuality is so complex. Women are unintelligible on a good day, but female sexuality is even weirder than women themselves. It must be like the Kabbalist Jews’ definition of God as:

            That which cannot be known; in fact, that which is so incomprehensible that one cannot even entertain the thought of it in one’s mind.

          3. One woman told me women are more fluid sexually. I also heard them say that men hold women back sexually.

            So women are naturally freaks with extreme range. Then they try to suppress all that.

            Men are more sexually stabilizing.

    2. Yes, this is quite common actually. I’ve met quite a few who started doing it in high school or college. Quite a few just did it once, decided they liked cock better and never did it again. Some keep on doing it. The number of basically straight women who will do it just to turn on a guy is quite large.

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