How Do Iranians Feel about the Hijab?

According to a survey by the Iranian government, 70% of Iranians want to get rid of the mandatory hijab. Nevertheless, 88% of Iranian say that women ought to wear hijab out in public and that they themselves prefer to wear one.

Keep in mind that there are two hijabs. There is the religious hijab with the full covering and the secular hijab, which is much more modern, shows a lot more skin and often doesn’t cover much hair because it is pulled back so far. ~35% of women prefer the religious hijab and ~55% prefer the secular hijab. Only ~12% of women prefer to wear no hijab at all. So these rioters only represent 12% of Iranian women!

There was a fascinating survey done lately that showed that only ~45% of Iranians identify as Muslims. Of these, only 30% are Shia, 5% are Sunni, and 4% describe themselves as Sufi, which is not really a form of Islam like Shiism or Sunnism.

Up to ~45-50% are basically nonreligious, which takes the form of no religion (~20%), atheists (~12%), agnostics (~4%), spiritual (~7%), and humanist (~5%). 10% claim other religions such as Zoroastrianism (7%), Christian (2%), Bahai (1.5%), and Jewish (1%). Nevertheless, half of this non-religious group believe in God, as 78% of Iranians are monotheists. So the actual number of nonreligious may be 22%, as half of the “non-religious” believe in God! A lot of the young say that they were raised in Islam but they left their religion.

In addition, 78% of Iranians support the religious government or Velayet al-Fiqh. So at least half of the nonreligious nevertheless support the rule of the mullahs! These people in the streets calling for the overthrow of the mullahs represent at most 22% of the population and since only 15% of the population supported the riots in 2019, the true figure of support for the riots is 15%. The rioters have no support! Those who wish to overthrow and government and rule of the mullahs have no support!

Based on the fact that 70% of Iranians want to get rid of the mandatory hijab and only 12% of women wish to go hijabless in public, the main fear of the regime, that getting rid of mandatory hijab would lead to serious decline in sexual morals, would seem to be very much overblown.

The survey added five different directions that the government could take to deal with the hijab issue. Two of those choices were some sort of removal of the mandatory hijab law. I support removal of the mandatory hijab law. However, I also support the rule of the mullahs because it seems that this is what the majority of Iranians want. If the Left is for anything, it should be for “give the people what they want” as long as what they want isn’t too abhorrent.

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