How Do Iranians Feel about the Hijab?

According to a survey by the Iranian government, 7

Keep in mind that there are two hijabs. There is the religious hijab with the full covering and the secular hijab, which is much more modern, shows a lot more skin and often doesn’t cover much hair because it is pulled back so far. ~3

There was a fascinating survey done lately that showed that only ~4

Up to ~45-5

In addition, 7

Based on the fact that 7

The survey added five different directions that the government could take to deal with the hijab issue. Two of those choices were some sort of removal of the mandatory hijab law. I support removal of the mandatory hijab law. However, I also support the rule of the mullahs because it seems that this is what the majority of Iranians want. If the Left is for anything, it should be for “give the people what they want” as long as what they want isn’t too abhorrent.

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