The Fake Riots in Iran

I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for these rioters in Iran. This is obviously another color revolution cooked up by the CIA, Mossad, George Soros, the NED, the Pentagon, the State Department, Elon Musk, and the whole NATO regime change crowd. I will never be on the same side as these idiots with regarding to any foreign policy objective, ever! When it comes to Western imperialism, a pretty good rule of thumb is to oppose just about every project they promote because of they’re promoting it, it can’t be any good. I leave out environmental and other matters here because they are fairly outside the sordid foreign policy apparatus of the US.

The entire basis for these fake riots, the arrest, beating and torture of a 22 year old Iranian woman named Mahsa Amini, by the Morality Police for not wearing a hijab.

This never happened!

Indeed, she was arrested by the morality police for this crime. I don’t have footage of that. I have footage of her arriving at the police station. She’s not resisting arrest and she’s not even handcuffed! Poor girl! She must have been brutally assaulted to not even be handcuffed at the police station! How many Americans are taken to the police station unhandcuffed after they’re been arrested? How about zero?

From there, the footage follows her inside the police station of courthouse. Actually, it looks like a courthouse. The camera follows her into a room where perhaps ~50 other people are waiting in rows. Most of them appear to be women. She walks around a bit, talking to people, and appears to keel over on the floor. People come over and try to revive her and then she is rushed to the hospital.

Turns out she had a stroke, a fatal one at that. She had had operations on her brain at age eight. Apparently there was something wrong with her brain that set her up for a fatal stroke. She appeared unharmed at the courthouse, walked easily, and got up and socialized with other women. Not the behavior of someone who just got their ass beat.

It turns out that this courthouse is some sort of an arraignment for this crime, hence why the courthouse was full of women. Had she lived, she would have been made to take a 1-2 hour corrective education course that very day. This is similar to Driver’s Education courses for traffic tickets. After she passed the course, she would have been released. It’s not even a slap on the wrist. It’s nothing at all!

The CIA, NED, and MEK anti-government groups took this fake crisis and turned it into a huge riot. I also see the hand of NATO here. Notice that this happened right after Iran sold Russia a bunch of very effective drones that Russia is now using to devastate Ukrainian forces? Notice that it happened right after Iran joined the multipolar SCO organization?

Notice it happened right after Ukraine cut off relations with Iran due to sales of drones to Russia? These things are not coincidences. It’s another damned color revolution brought to you by the CIA, the NED, NATO, and the rest of the ghouls. I will never support any CIA-sponsored color revolution anywhere ever for any reason. If the CIA’s behind it, you know it’s a crap idea.

They’re rampaging all over the whole country, burning posters of Khameini, Soleimani, and even Hussayn, one of the most revered figures in Shia Islam. So these rioters are anti-religious and anti-Islam. They are almost all very young people, young men under 30 including a lot of teenagers, with a lot of girls and women the same age cheering them on. A lot of the women are running around without hijabs with their hair down. I imagine that’s the least of the police’s problems right now.

They are burning ambulances, police cars, and fire engines. They’ve attacked police, firemen, and ambulance drivers. They chant, “Down with the dictator!” and “Down with the mullahs!” It’s clear that they do not like the religious government. Most of them are pro-US and especially pro-Israel. The Jews are working very hard to promote this movement as a way to regime-change the Iranian government, which the Jews see as their enemy.

The rioters also despise the Resistance and oppose Iranian support of the Houthis, Hezbollah, Syria, the PMU units of the Iraqi Army, and the Palestinians.

Their hatred of Soleimani is particularly galling as he saved the Shia from the US-Israeli-NATO Al Qaeda and especially ISIS armies and their extreminationist attitude towards the Shia. Indeed, were it not for Iran and Soleimani, ISIS would have conquered Iraq! The rioters all also support the Nazis in Ukraine, so they are nothing but CIA pawns.

Surveys from the much-worse riots in 2019 show that a majority of Iranians, ranging from 57-7

In addition, these same surveys showed that 8

Only 1

Support for the mandatory hijab has not been polled recently, but several years ago, a poll showed that only 1

They are only wearing the most bare minimum of a hijab which ends up showing off quite a bit of their hair. I saw a recent photo of Iranian women graduating from university and they were wearing their caps as hijabs. Nonetheless, quite a few had uncovered heads and many others had their caps shoved so far back that they might as well have not even been wearing one.

As noted above, I am not sure how Iranians feel about a mandatory hijab as I’m not aware that the issue has ever been polled. I can assure you that many Iranians, including many Iranian women

It looks like there is a strong ~1

The entire reason for the riots is fraudulent. The victim in question was not beaten and tortured by police. She received a ridiculously light slap on the wrist for her crime. She collapsed in a courthouse of a stroke of apparently endogenous origin, considering her history of brain surgeries.

My support lies with the majority of the Iranian people. As far as mandatory hijab goes, obviously I could care less about it, but that’s a matter for the Iranians them to decide, not the Globohomo – Nazi/fascist – ISIS/Al Qaeda – NATO/CIA crowd. I don’t support them on anything. And as far as Globohomo goes, I assure you that the vast majority of Iranians want no part of this depraved and degenerate behavior.

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