Lies of the NATO West about the Ukraine War, September 25, 2022

More fake war crimes. The mass grave in Izyum consists of recent graves dug by the Russians. All graves have names on them. Would Russians be so stupid as to mass murder people and then put them in named graves? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. We just recently from a soldier who had been stationed there. When the Russians conquered Izyum, there were over 200 dead Ukrainian soldiers that the Ukrainians refused to take.

The Russians asked them to come take their dead but the Nazis refused. So the Russians buried the 200 dead Nazis themselves. The other 200+ casualties are of civilians who died while Russia controlled the city. The Nazis shelled the city relentlessly with cluster bombs when Russia was in control. At least 200 Izyum residents were killed by the Nazi bombardments.

So all of the dead in these graves are either Nazi soldiers killed in battle or Izyum civilians killed by murderous Nazi artillery barrages on the city.

Everyone in the city was very happy with Russian rule and the Nazis who have taken over the city to the cheers of the Western liberal-Left have told everyone in the city that they are a collaborator and can be taken away and killed at any time. Over 2,000 “collaborators” have been taken away so far. Nazis have executed Izyum residents who tried to buy products with rubles. Problem is that the people have only rubles but the Nazis are allowing only sales in hyrvinas. Keep in mind that 90

The Nazis are claiming that some of the bodies showed signs of torture. But the Nazis lie as much as they breathe. There’s no reasons for the Russians to have tortured any of those civilians who died there. After all, the population overwhelmingly support Russia. Why would Russia torture and murder their own supporters?

The “fake” referenda in Ukraine. Referenda in Ukraine are taking place in the Russian-occupied zones of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye. Recent surveys showed that 83

So either support for joining Russia has gone up a lot in a short period of time or the people who oppose joining Russia are simply not going to vote. The latter appears to be more likely. As repeated polls show that the vast majority of residents of these areas want to join Russia and plan to vote yes on the referenda, there is nothing fraudulent about this vote. Further, a completely non-fraudulent vote counting would obviously show massive vote for joining Russia, so there’s no need for any fraud in counting the votes.

Russia’s retreat in Kharkiv. Ukraine invaded with 9,000 men. Russia opposed them with 1,000 men, mostly LDR militia and Russian National Guard. So the Russians were outnumbered 10-1 on the battlefield. Nevertheless, Russia only lost 200-300 men and the Nazis lost 2,500 men! Obviously, Russia does not have enough troops to hold this 1,000 sq. kilometer front line. Also the 200,000 Russian troops are outnumbered by a 500,000 man Nazi army. That line remains seriously understaffed and the Russians there are still outnumbered ~10-1. It’s a serious situation up there.

Liman situation. Things are not good around Liman where the Ukrainians are advancing. The Nazis appear to outnumber the Russians in that area too. The Kuban Volunteer Battalions are holding the line there. The Nazis took Bilohirkva and Spirne near Siversk. Wagner was brought in the stabilize the line in Spirne. The Nazis are advancing to the west and northwest of Liman, where the Russians keep falling back.

The situation here is quite serious. The Nazis have suffered very high casualties on this front, possibly 3,000 dead. Part of the problem in this war is that Nazis seem to be willing to countenance almost any number of dead and wounded in order to advance their military interests, whereas Russia is quite casualty-shy.

Wagner continues to slowly advance in Bakhmut, especially south and southeast of the city, where the Ukrainians are steadily losing ground. Wagner is also advancing in the city of Bakhmut. The situation in Soledar is static.

The line is steady in Adviikva, Pisky, and Marinka. Ukraine wages continuous offensives here, sometimes 10 a day, but they are all beaten back. The Russian line here is very well-reinforced and there are plenty of troops. On the other hand, the Russians are not advancing here. Nazi casualties here are very high.

The line is fairly steady around Ugledar. There are rumors of a Ukrainian offensive here.

The line is also stable in Zaporozhye, Nikolaiv, and Kherson where the vast Ukrainian counteroffensive has stalled out after taking up to 7-8,000 KIA. Neither side is moving much here. There are rumors of an offensive in the Zaporozhye region, but Russians troops here are well-supplied with airpower, artillery, and now many reinforcements. There are enough troops here to hold the line.

Support for the war in Russia. Support for the war remains very high. Of those with an opinion, 80

Shitlibs in the US also support fascism all over the world in addition to full-fledged support for ISIS and Al Qaeda and the Wars for the Jews. However, shitlibs in the US are now split on Israel, with half supporting Israel and half supporting the Palestinians. Nevertheless, US shitlibs continue to support US and Israeli wars against Syria, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and Iraq. They also support US theft of Syria’s oil. The US is currently stealing 91

Shitlibs also support the war against the Houthis which has put 40

Shitlibs and even Leftists in India are terrible. Many of them are supporting the US and the Nazis in Ukraine and oppose Russia!

I’m starting to think that shitlibs are just crap everywhere on Earth. They’re no good. All they want is Globohomo, Nazism, fascism, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Saudis. Shitlibs are clearly a cancer.

Lies about the mobilization. Yes, Russia has mobilized. And it’s about time! There is overwhelming support for the mobilization in Russia and a wild wave of patriotic fever is sweeping the land. Keep in mind that the mobilization only involves 300,000 men and all of these men were active members of the military reserves. And this is only ~1

Keep in mind that members of the Reserves in any country can be called up at any time. Calling up reserves is not considered a draft. The Russian reserves consist of all of those who have served at least two years in the Russian military. There is a draft in Russia and all Russian men must serve at least two years in the military. They typically train for two years and then they can re-up if they wish. However, current draftees are not being used in this conflict.

Remember that 20

The first mobilized men will appear on the lines around New Years or in about three months. Although all of these men are in the Reserves, they will still need to be retrained. When the men are all on the lines, Russia will field 500,000 men against Ukraine’s 500,000 men. But still an attacking force typically needs a 3-1 advantage if they are the attacker.

Putin is “desperate.” Lie. Well, it’s just not so. As a matter of fact, the West is panicking about this mobilization, hence all of the wild, hysterical lying. Anyone, who is ever desperate in a war. Name one army in any war that has ever been desperate at any time in any war. This desperate crap is just war propaganda. Have you ever noticed that any war that the US gets involved in, the enemy is always “desperate?” You ever think maybe all that “desperate” talk is a bunch of crap maybe?

Putin is losing support. Lie. Well, not really. He’s at 83

The mobilization is unpopular. Lie. If you only watched the Western NATO news, sure, that’s what you would think. But I read Ukrainian and Russian Telegram channels by people right there on the ground and trust me, a wild wave of patriotic fervor is sweeping Russia right now. The West screwed up. They woke up the sleeping bear and now they are poking at it. Idiots.

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4 thoughts on “Lies of the NATO West about the Ukraine War, September 25, 2022”

  1. It’s informative to explain the position that Russia isn’t 100% evil and Ukraine isn’t 100% the good guy in all cases.

    But if you step back and look at the big picture, isn’t Russia a comparatively authoritarian regime? There are many videos of protesters being detained, and others say they say they aren’t free to discuss their political opinion on camera. The same government has been in power for decades. These facts point to a less free society for citizens.

    Therefore, in a dispute where France, Netherlands, Spain, etc. are on one side of the fence, and Russia on the other, isn’t it better to support the west?

    1. The entire West is pretty much against Russia. Ever major brand in the West like Adidas, Nike, Apple, McDonalds, ect. is cutting Russia off. I’d say Putin is very moderate. I’d feel safer rebelling in Russia than in Nazi Ukraine. I like Ukrainian women but I wouldn’t want to be in Ukraine after 2014. They maybe would idealize me racially but they became insane to the brain at a fever pitch. Also Ukraine militants are controlled by the bad guys. Globohomo Nazis. As Robert said, the worst of the Left and Right. The West isn’t what it was, it had a streak of independence but is now just a puppet. Western countries have no fear opposing Russia. They are slaves to shit groups like NATO. Russia is no slave or savage.

    2. No, I don’t automatically support the democracies over the authoritarian or dictatorship regimes. To me, being a democracy is not necessarily superior to being a dictatorship. It all depends on what the people want.

      The Russian elections have all been 100% free and fair as far as being absent of fraud. Putin is simply extremely popular. This is a regime that wants to stay in power. They compulsively poll the population all the time. Russia is a “give the people what they want” government. I can’t think of a more democratic government than that. The fact that a majority of the people keep electing the same party doesn’t imply less freedom. It simply shows that that party is giving the people what they want.

      20% of the population is opposed to this war.

      A famous singer recently came out against the war and got 4.3 million signatures of Russians agreeing with her. There was a recent segment on TV where the interviewer went on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg and asked their opinions on the war. Nothing happened to her or anyone who signed the petition. A good number of the young people said they were against the war. Nothing happened to any of them. 8,000 Russian academics signed a petition against the war at the start of the war. Nothing happened to any of them.

      Also, Ukraine is far more authoritarian than any Putin government and has been this way since 2014. Try being an antiwar protestor in any area under the control of the Ukrainian government. I dare ya. These people have gotten murdered, openly murdered but an unrepentant government that all but confessed their involvement.

    3. If the democracies are supporting out and out Nazis and fascists, and the authoritarian regime is antifascist and anti-Nazi, you’re damn right, I’m going to support the authoritarians. It’s like supporting the USSR in WW2.

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