Globohomo + Nazis + Fascists + Radical Islam = The West!

Globohomo + Nazis + Fascists + Radical Islam = The West!

Polar Bear: Though now the Cultural Left are leading in prudishness and ageism. Back in the day they had Children of God level openness. Gay Black Jewish trannies can be Uke Nazis today. So it’s a total clusterfuck now.

Exactly! It’s literally the worst of the Left combined with the worst of the Right. I swear only Westerners could come up with something this shitty. It’s literally the worst of both worlds! It’s like that saying that some certain idea is so insane only a university professor would support it.

I think in most traditional parts of the world people might say,

Hey, wait a minute. This is the worst of both sides. It can’t possibly be any good.

The West lacks that sort of basic wisdom and common sense. Everything is just subverted to the politics and propaganda. They don’t bother to think much of anything through.

The media told us me it’s good/bad, so I support/oppose it.

That’s the depth of their analysis. My Mom has an IQ of 150 and that’s literally her analysis:

The media told me this. The media told me that.

This is exactly what I am getting at. It’s the most insane mixture of the Globohomo Cultural Left and Nazis, fascists, and extreme Islamists.

Keep in mind that Globohomo is being used by Western imperialism to push its project for whatever reason. Part of it is co-opting the language of the Left to serve capitalist and imperialist interests. We see this now in NATO propaganda calling Russia “White Supremacist,” “colonialist,” etc.

They are calling for the decolonization of Russia. There was even an insane article written by some Cultural Left gay moron supporting US imperialism called Queering Drone Strikes or something. It argued that drone striking the enemies of imperialism was “queer” due to its secretive or distanced way of killing. Somehow pushing a button to kill someone is “queer” because its done in subterfuge. Or something!

The CIA is running ads openly recruiting radical minority and gender Identity Politics types. There was one starring some idiot woman who identified as nonbinary Latina or some such crap. Imperialism is totally pushing this tranny nonsense too.

As soon as the Nazi coup happened in Ukraine and the Nazis started killing people, starting with the Left of course like they always do, there was a Pride Parade! First the Nazis, then the pride parade! Recently Globohomo wanted a pride parade in Serbia. I’m not sure how Serbians feel about gays, but if they are like Russians, they prefer to keep it on the down low. The Serbian government denied the permit, and right after that, a wave of anti-Serbian articles flooded the NATO Western press.

See how this works?

Nazis/fascists -> pride parades. At least this is how its working in Eastern Europe.

Anyone read E. Michael Jones? He has written a lot on that. He quotes Foucault from the 1970’s as saying,

If you give us total sexual freedom, we give up on all of the rest of the revolutionary project.

As long as Foucalt got to get fisted in cubicles in gay bars (there is a report by a gay man that he fisted Foucalt once in one of these locations), he’d sell out everything else for the divine pleasure of taking another man’s fist up his ass!

Jones has a video with him saying,

Low wages and gay bars! Bicycles and homosexuals!

I’d add

Death squads and pride parades! Nazis and transsexual bathhouses for all ages! ISIS and puberty blockers! Al Qaeda and pansexuals! BLM and the fascist coups! Intersectionalism and the Cargyle Group! White privilege and union busting!

Basically the shitlib project in a nutshell. It’s crap!

But the whole Globohomo Cultural Left is with ISIS, Al Qaeda, Ukrainian Nazis, fascists, etc. ISIS throws gays off of rooftops but every gay in the West supports ISIS because they support the US imperial project in Syria. Most Western gays are just shitlibs anyway. Israel supports ISIS but most Western gays are with Zionist apartheid because Palestinians are mean to gays. Granted, they are mean to gays, but still.

I think Mao said something like,

Hey look, politics is easy. We just oppose everything the imperialists support, ok?

That’s a bit simplistic but I get the idea.

It doesn’t really make sense but I guess in some realpolitik way it does. Capitalists have always used fascists, Nazis, and lately Islamists as their anti-Left Brownshirt thugs in the streets. They’re basically just the enforcers of capitalism and increasingly Zionism and Western imperialism. Western imperialism, Zionism, and capitalism will use anyone against its enemies. Marxism hasn’t been great at solutions, but as a form of cultural critique of capitalism, it’s immaculate. Pick up Lenin, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism and so many things clear right up. These guys were on it!

I don’t think they like Nazis much, but Nazis are the biggest Commie-haters and Russia-haters out there, so the NATO West using them against its communist and Russian enemies. Sunni Islamists have been used against the secular Arab nationalist and lately Iranian Shia resistance. I doubt if the NATO West really likes ISIS and Al Qaeda, but I think they just regard them as useful tools.

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3 thoughts on “Globohomo + Nazis + Fascists + Radical Islam = The West!”

  1. “The West lacks that sort of basic wisdom and common sense.”

    This is really the root problem.

    You’ve nailed the modern West. The Islamic extremists and more recently neo-Nazis are tools. Gays, Blacks, and more recently trannies are tools.

    I believe elite Jews are smarter than all these groups. In an odd way Jews are a combination of all the groups too.

    “My religion and race is superior. I am the fairest of them all, my people are Gods chosen Kangz. The greatest trick I ever pulled was convincing the world I didn’t have a penis.”

    Jewish mindset

    1. “The greatest trick I ever pulled was convincing the world I didn’t have a penis.”

      I don’t follow this part.

      I believe elite Jews are smarter than all these groups.

      Sure, but it’s not just a bunch of Jews using Nazis, fascists, Islamic fundamentalists, etc. We’ve been doing that since 1946 as part of the Cold War that we kept going after it ended. This is the mindset of all conservatives and all liberals for a very long time now. Recently some conservatives have gone isolationist or multipolar.

      It’s pretty bizarre that the loudest voices against Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Nazis are a bunch of hardcore conservatives. And it’s the shitlibs who support all these groups to the hilt!

      Politics has gotten so bizarre nowadays, and hardly anything makes sense anymore. Right and Left certainly hardly make sense because we are seeing so many weird hybrids and “irrational” pairings of Right and Left. And we have countries like Russia who are supporting both the Hard Right and the Hard Left.

      What I think is that increasingly the Hard Left and the Hard Right are starting to meet on a number of issues. That’s clearly fraught with danger but if I have to ally with the Hard Right against Nazis, I’ll do it! Hell, I’ll ally with anyone against Nazis!

      What’s weird is the furthest Right Trumpers, who are objectively fascists, are the loudest voices against the Nazis in Ukraine! Fascists against fascists!

      And almost all of the “antifascist” shitlib Left in the US is supporting the Ukrainian Nazis and opposing the Russian Antifascist Army! Antifascists with fascists!

      And a number of the Far Right or quasi-fascist governments in Europe support the objectively antifascist government in Russia! Fascists with antifascists!

      And on the other hand, other states right next door like Poland, just as fascist, as virulently anti-Russia.

      I swear nothing makes sense anymore unless we see the world as a place where everything is subverted to the political. In that way it makes sense. The alliances we are seeing seem irrational on the surface but really all they are is “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” type of thing.

      In an odd way Jews are a combination of all the groups too.

      1. A devilish Jewish tranny.

        The Devil, the Jew, and the tranny are all tricksters.

        Maybe trannies are just a monkey wrench though. I don’t see them improving things. Trannies are a toxic joke, the Jews maybe should’ve quit before “progressing” to them.

        It’s an odd alliance.

        I watched a show on Ireland, and in the gay neighborhood they had a poster of a giant brown- skinned guy with something like “I’m brown, beautiful, and Irish” written under it.

        Organized Jewry started much of this but Whites carry the flame.

        NAACP was started by Jews.

        Feminism is Hydra of butch Jewish faces.

        Gays seem to defend Jews harder than they have buttsex. Jews must have uncorked their assholes or something.

        Many early trannies seem to be Jewish.

        The Jew as an Octupus is true, they have tentacles everywhere. A tentacle for Nazis even. Mainstream media is just the (((Octupus))) ink to confuse the masses.

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