Feminism Doesn’t Make Sense Because Women Don’t Make Sense, and Feminism is Just Female Thinking Politicized

Polar Bear: Though now the Cultural Left are leading in prudishness and ageism. Back in the day they had Children of God level openness. Gay Black Jewish trannies can be Uke Nazis today. So it’s a total clusterfuck now.

Feminists won’t even let me have a sex drive. I can’t be sexual in any way or support anything sexual. If I do, it’s creepy!

I’m a total sexual liberationist from the Sexual Revolution in the 1960’s. I’m a radical libertine or social libertarian. I support basic sexual freedom for all sexual persons age 13-up. Everyone has a right to sex. I’d love to see horny grannies going at it. Good for them! At least they’re still getting laid!

Globohomo has been contaminated with feminism, and feminism is all about extreme hatred of male heterosexual sexuality.

Women basically feel this revulsion deep down inside by their nature, but in a proper patriarchal culture we brainwash them into shutting it down and being ashamed of it. That’s one great thing about patriarchy. It keeps the insane prudishness of women in check. You get rid of patriarchy, and the prudish psycho women take over your country and make half of sexual life illegal.

Women are of course totally weird about this because at rock bottom women are half deranged prudes and half bestial sluts (not that being a slut is a bad thing). This is the basis for the good girl-bad girl dilemma still at the heart of women’s psyches. Feminism is the good girl part turned into a fascist cop ready to throw you in prison for looking at a female the wrong way.

Women love cops, jails, prisons, judges, laws, etc. In part women love carceral culture because they are justifiably fearful creatures,  but in another sense they love it because they want to put half of us men behind bars for being normal heterosexual men. The reason they love the carceral state is because it put lots of men behind bars, which according to women, is exactly where a lot of us belong.

This is another reason you can’t let women take over your country. You get a bunch of crazy laws and rules about sex, all seriously handicapping men, real fast. In feminism, the deranged prude has taken over. In real women (patriarchal women) the bestial slut is championed and allowed to run loose.

Feminists don’t actually support sluts at all because the world they want is so sexually deracinated that you end up with a country full of justifiably frightened and cowardly men who are too afraid to approach women or display any obvious sex drive in public for fear of being called a creep. Of course, even feminist potential sluts hate this because like all women, deep down inside, they want a dominant male bastard to consensually rape them, boss them around, bark orders at them, and tell them what to do. Then feminists make it illegal for any man to display this behavior.

Of course it’s crazy! But women are nuts and their thought processes about many things don’t make sense because they’re based on emotion instead of reason.

Women do emotion.

They don’t do logic.

That’s a male thing and women find it frustrating, boring, and ultimately exasperatingly unjust. Women believe deep down inside that logic is a male plot to keep women down. That’s why they resent it so much.

Look this is just the way that women are and I wouldn’t care except I want women kept out of the sexual and moral arena as far as making the laws, rules, and mores of sexual culture because all they do is ruin everything. Women can have all the rest of society to run hog wild, make money, have fun, get laid, develop their creative potential, fall in love, make babies and raise families, explore the world, or seek their spiritual essence. Women are great at all of that. Women to me represent many of the great things in this whole meager and measly universe. I just don’t want them running things, that’s all.

Just don’t let them run countries because that’s one thing they can’t do. The main reason is that as soon as they get in power, the first thing they do is install feminism.

I’d add that there are other areas that women need to butt out of. The whole debate of sex discrimination has been ruined by feminists. Divorce and custody has been ruined by these creatures. Women need to be kept out of any positions where they can make rules and the male/female nexus because they will always just privilege women and handicap if not cripple men. But there are whole vast areas of governance and the workplace where women can do just fine.

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