Delphi Murders Update September 21, 2022: Presence of Two Killers and Kegan Kline Non-involvement in the Murders Confirmed

Warning, long, 17 pages.

Our private Delphi sleuthing group is the best on the Internet by far and has been since it was founded five years ago in 2017.

Unlike any other sleuths, we have determined the main suspects in the case, have a good idea of what happened during the crime and what the crime scene looked like, and have recently figured out the motive.

Best of all, much of our information is via solid sources such as search party members, official case documents, and LE sources close to the investigation who leak to us. No other group has come close to uncovering the amount and quality of information we have.

Why not join the 250+ members who have already signed up for the best Delphi sleuthing team of all? There is a small fee of 20 dollars minimum (you can always give more) to join, which includes lifetime membership. The $20 fee was demanded by our members in order to safeguard the privacy of their conversations and it has worked very well.

Join the best Delphi sleuthing group of all!

First of all, let’s go through the tiresome process of discounting false statements made about my writing. Sigh.

One persistent false statement is that I wrote the letter K had been carved on the stomach of one of the girls. I do not think I wrote that. My main theory at that time was that the letter K was found on a tree near the kill site. The source for that was one of our members who got it from law enforcement. It turns out that we were right.

The letter K was indeed found on a tree near the kill site, but investigators felt that it had been carved on the tree at some point before the crime, that is, it was an old carving. Hence it had no relevance to the case. I don’t think I ever wrote that the letter K was carved on a girl’s stomach and at any rate, that was not my main theory.

I don’t know why I waste my time with these Delphi groups at all. Almost all if not all of the Facebook Delphi groups are a complete waste of time as far as I can tell. Mostly run by belligerent egomaniacs insistent that only their view is correct and out to ban anyone who disagrees. Suffice to say that all of the leaders of these groups are flat out wrong.

The Reddit groups are just horrendous. They’re awful. They’re simply incapable of doing criminology, detective work, or sleuthing in the most basic way. That’s to be expected of amateurs, but why should we listen to them? You want advice for heart surgery, do you go ask the construction guys next door? That’s what the Reddit groups are: a gang of construction workers claiming to be experts in heart surgery.

I like the owner of the LibbyandAbby group, but her posters are incompetents, not that that’s her fault. It’s fine to be incompetent. Hell, I’m incompetent in a million things. But I don’t claim to know what I’m talking about in any of those things.

I’ve noted that to her credit, ATrueLady has not jumped on either the Kline or Logan fad trains. She’s a good sleuth but like Grey Pubes, she’s a bit too cautious. Yet anything from ATrueLady is almost certain to be good information because she’s so damned discerning. Once again, like Pubes. Pubes is horrible but if he validates some rumor, you can bet money on it. I’ve never mentioned it before but ATrueLady is a source for some of my statements. I don’t label them because I don’t want people to beat her up but she is a source. That’s how much faith I place in her judgement.

I thought Delphi Knot was a good group, but a quick trip to their server showed me how wrong they are. Completely incompetent. They don’t have the faintest idea what they are doing. It’s all either “the Klines did it” or “Ron Logan did it,” two of the most unoriginal theses out there. By the way, our police sources have affirmed to us that neither Kegan Kline nor Ron Logan had anything to do with this crime.

I thought ToborRN was good but I’m afraid not. They’re far too skeptical and gullible, both at the same time. I will add though that many good sleuths, including retired detectives, have this quality. It’s a bad combination. Being excessively skeptical is good in theory, and it demands good work the same way peer review does for the journals I publish in. But even that goes too far. And then to combine it with gullibility and climbing on fad bandwagons, I don’t know what to say. It’s like the worst of two worlds.

Delphi Docs is the biggest waste of time of all. For some insane reason, they have piled up a large number of professionals with impressive credentials on their site. Why are these people with letters after their names wasting their time there? Who knows? Nothing will ever be accomplished or learned on that site. All you will learn is the basic background of the case, which is admittedly of some value. Anything else you will learn is whatever the police and media have already released about the case. Which is just about nothing.

So what’s the point of a site where nothing can be learned or discerned? I think it’s virtue signaling. Delphi Docs exists to act like they’re better than everyone else. We only deal in info the police and press have released! Whoop tee doo! What do you expect to learn from that? Nothing!

It’s a place for special snowflakes to parade their deliberate ignorance as moral and professional superiority over those who dare to think a bit outside of the boundaries of state-imposed discourse. I fail to see the purpose of such a site other than narcissism. The psychopathology of the leader Xanaxarita is much in evidence: she clearly has Borderline Personality Disorder.

Podcasters? Don’t get me started. Almost all of the podcasters are wrong. I am not aware of any podcaster with the exception of one who is anywhere near the right trail of this case. They’re almost all atrocious detectives and sleuths.

I do like Sleuth Intuition. He has his emotions in check, and he’s photogenic to boot. At least he’s rational; I’ll give him that much.

Most are gloryhounds and narcissists in love with the sound of their own voices, often asking for money and providing next to nothing in return for it. By all means, make all the money you want to off of this case. Last time I checked, those two poor girls are dead. How is it that one shames and besmears these poor victims, who are dead dead dead dead, by making any amount of money at all off of the case? Those girls don’t care whether or how much money anyone makes off this case.

Oh noes! What about the families? Waaaaaaa! What about them? There are always families of victims in every true crime case. Everyone who makes money off any true crime case somehow “disrespects the families.” Who cares! In particular, as far as these two families go, I could care less about their feelings. They don’t deserve my respect, and they certainly haven’t earned it.

People profit off of true crime journalism all the time. Good for them! I’m not some sanctimonious moral freak who goes around accusing everyone of being bad people. If that’s how you feel, go join a church! Go ahead, cast the first stone!

The world isn’t divided into the good people and the bad people. The world is divided into the everyone and the all of us. We’re all good and we’re all bad, and none it can be proven by science. Go ahead, ride your high horse off into the distance. One day you too shall fall. Momento mori!

Police Say Kegan Kline Not Involved in the Murders –  “He’s Just a Decoy”

Murder Sheets is one of the worst of all so far. They are insistent that two men named “the Klines” are guilty, these men being Kegan and Tony Kline. Problem is that neither man can be placed at the crime scene on the day of the murders or at any other day for that matter. There is no evidence that either man even knows where that bridge was or has ever been there.

Kegan Kline had apparently only been to Delphi once in the past five years to go to a football game. Kegan can’t even drive a car, yet somehow he drove over to kill those two girls. There’s no evidence that Tony Kline had ever been to that bridge one time, ever, yet somehow he still managed to kill those girls, apparently by proxy, and via a remote viewer at that. It’s science fiction or weird fiction, except it’s neither: it’s legitimate criminological theory!

Kegan Kline is 6’0, 200-250 pounds. His health condition is so precarious that he can’t even drive a car, much less walk on a dangerous bridge that he’s never been to one time. Yes, Kegan Kline is a (fairly) bad person.

He convinced some teenage girls to take their clothes off, masturbate and take pictures and movies of themselves enjoying themselves. This doesn’t sound like much of a crime to me, but it’s definitely illegal. It’s more stupid than anything else. I’m sure a lot of men might like to talk some high school girls into doing something like that, but we have enough sense not to try it because it’s such a bust. Surely no one got harmed. He also had some bad child pornography, and that’s a crime. But once again, it’s a real reach how anyone got harmed when he collected that illegal porn, not that it should be legal.

In other words, this guy’s not dangerous at all. In fact, he is a completely non-dangerous person. He collected some dirty pictures, some real bad ones at that. But he didn’t hurt a soul, and I doubt if he ever would. He simply doesn’t have it in him. He’s too passive.

I realize that your average person is psychodynamically illiterate. Hell, so is your average Psychiatric Intern for that matter. But you would think some folks would have enough psychological literacy, certainly after decades in the muddy trench wars of life, to understand the nature of men of inaction (the watchers) and men of action (the doers). You don’t even need to read a psychology book. Just pick up Hemingway. It’s basic human wisdom, which always goes out the window when everyone is busy shoving square pegs into round holes, which has been the story of the Delphi Murders from Day One.

Kegan’s just a creepy guy who collects creepy porn. His entire approach to life is passive and voyeuristic. Sexually, he’s mostly a masturbator and a voyeur. He’s not a man of action. He’s the opposite. He’s the ultimate man of inaction. A coward, if you will.

But according to the Lords of Sleuthdom, Kegan Kline killed those girls because he’s a bad person. A bad person killed those girls. Kegan is a bad person. Therefore, Kegan killed the girls! It’s logic!

Let’s listen to Kegan Kline:

Cop: Did you ever meet any of these girls?

Kegan: Meet? Meet? That’s not something I do. I don’t meet people.

Right. He’s a fat boy who sits at home and looks at dirty pictures and movies and masturbates. Furthermore, he had nothing to do with these crimes. More on that in a bit.

No Evidence at all That Tony Kline Is Involved in the Murders

Tony Kline is 6’5, 310 pounds. He’s in bad health, a diabetic. He’s missing a foot. Yes, that’s right, he has a prosthetic foot. Yet somehow this crippled gimp with a prosthetic foot managed to hopscotch across that bridge in record time to kill those girls at a bridge that he’s never been to one time! Yes, Tony Kline is a bad person. He’s more of a man of action than Kegan, but he’s more of a bully than anything.

He’s never attacked a woman. Granted, he’s stalked a few and maybe creeped on some windows, imitating his creepy voyeur son. But we don’t even know that. He’s mean. He’s done some mean things, beat some people up, abused them. In other words, he’s every other man within 25 miles of Delphi, Indiana.

But get this: because Tony Kline is a bad person, and a violent bad person at that, that means he killed those girls! Why? Because a bad person, a violent and mean bad person at that, killed those girls. And Tony Kline is…natch…a violent and mean bad person!  That means he killed those girls! It’s logic!

Let’s try this, since being 8 inches too tall and 135 pounds too heavy to be BG didn’t dissuade anyone:

Weight and height. 6’5, 310 pounds Tony Kline, makes no sense! BG is 5’8, 170.

Genetics. No match with partial genetic profile. I’m not sure this is true, but this is what we have heard.

Big fat gut. Tony Kline has a flabby gut. BG has a slender waist and is thinner at the hip. Not to mention that Tony is 135 pounds too heavy to be BG!

Wrong thighs. Tony Kline has huge thighs. BG has weak legs swimming in Dad jeans.

Under jacket. Under Tony Kline’s jacket, a huge belly and not much else, not that there’s room for anything else. With BG, there are all sorts of things under his jacket, a bag of tricks bigger than Felix’s.

Big fat head. Tony Kline has a gigantic fat face. BG’s face is far more defined, and he doesn’t have a bloated beach ball head.

IQ: Tony Kline is not very smart at all. BG may not be a rocket scientist, but he seems to be a rather crafty fellow at least. I’d give him a 140+ on the Getting Away with Evil Crimes IQ scale. In fact, I regard BG as a criminal mastermind or evil genius.

Voice: Tony Kline’s stepson said the voice is not Tony. BG’s voice is not Tony’s voice. Period.

So what about Tony Kline? Well our police sources have never mentioned him. I think if he was involved, we would have heard about it. Further, there’s no evidence that Tony Kline has ever been a suspect in this case or that he has ever been interviewed or given a lie detector test even one time. And if the police say Kegan’s not involved, then of course Tony’s not involved either. But I’m sure he’s the killer anyway! Because logic!

No One Knows What Is Going on with the Searches in the Wabash River

We get accused of all sorts of things, mostly being fast and loose with facts, being inaccurate, and trafficking in rumors. Our understanding of this crime has evolved over the years, and 85

For instance, everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off over this search in the Wabash River in Peru, Indiana. It’s rumored to involve this case, but we have no idea if that is true or not. We keep getting asked what is going on there. Guess what? We have no idea! Now, everyone else involved in this crime, when they have no idea what is going on, insists that they somehow have it all figured out! As you can see over in the Reddit groups, this search in the river obviously means that Kegan and Tony Kline murdered those girls! Except…it means nothing of the sort.

We’ve inquired all around, and we can’t find any good sources for what is going on over in that river. We don’t know what they are searching for. We don’t know why Kegan Kline was released to ISP custody. We don’t know if the search has anything to do with the Klines. In fact, we don’t know what the Klines’ involvement in this crime is at all, except that they’re not involved!

We don’t understand what the Anthony Shots profile and Kegan Kline is all about. We don’t understand Kegan Kline’s relationship  to this case, except that he’s not involved in these murders. We don’t understand what his catfishing has to do with anything, except that the girls seem to have been lured to the bridge that day, apparently by a catfish. We don’t know who lured them. We don’t know the nature of Kegan Kline’s conversations with Libby. We don’t know who controlled that Anthony Shots profile or what it has to do with the case.

The only thing we have heard is that Kegan Kline is not involved in the case.

We got this directly from our police sources. And by the way, we are the only Delphi group who has actual sources in the police who leak to us regularly. No one else has anything close to that. We’ve had these good sources for a year and a half now, and we haven’t burned or revealed them yet. Nor have they been uncovered by the police either, although our best source was very worried a while back about getting caught leaking to us. She acted like she would be in a lot of trouble if she were caught doing that.

From our police sources:

Kegan Kline is a scumbag, yes. But he’s not involved in the murders. He’s just a decoy. What I mean by this is that Kegan’s CP crimes were blown up larger than life in order to extrapolate information via the computer and Internet data to hopefully reel in the actual killer.

At first we didn’t know what “he’s just a decoy” meant, but I just learned the last sentence today. But even that doesn’t quite make sense. But there you have it. That’s the whole basis for the Kegan Kline drama.

Police Say Ron Logan Not Involved in Delphi Murders

Of course, over and over, we hear the endless refrain that Ron Logan killed those girls. Never mind that he was cleared a couple of years into the investigation at the very latest by the admission of the police themselves.

We did ask our police sources about whether Ron is thought to have killed the girls. Here is what they told us:

Hey, look! They’re not looking for a 75 year old man!

This was said with a lot of sarcasm and a “Why is that even a question?” tone. So the police say flat out that Ron Logan’s not involved. But we all knew that.

Police Confirm That LE Believes That There Were Two Killers in the Delphi Murders

Let’s listen to our police sources again. We expressed concern that with this case going on such a long time, the police might try to frame some other scumbag for the crime because the pressure on police to solve the case (unfairly IMHO) is extreme. Police:

Yes, the danger of long-unsolved crimes is that police start to get desperate, and they can round up some other scumbag and frame him for the crime. However, I’m not worried about that in this case, as the police are close to making an arrest. It all hinges on one final piece of evidence. We are just waiting…

The truth is that the police have known who did this crime all along, and it’s the same person that we all suspect of doing this crime: Mr. X. The police also know for a fact that Mr. X had an accomplice and was also very close to people in the community. Mr. X is very transparent and he also suspected of being involved in the Evansdale Murders after the first suspects panned out.

Here we have some fairly shocking new evidence. We have reported for some time that the police had an ongoing theory that there was more than one killer, but they did not want to publicize it because people were already afraid enough with one killer, and the cops thought the idea of two killers would cause panic. The police also told us that Mr. X’s possible accomplice was quite a bit younger than Mr. X, and there was fear that he might run.

However, now for the very first time, we can confirm that the police absolutely believe that there were two killers involved in the Delphi Murders, Mr. X and an unknown accomplice, possibly a much younger man. This is amazing news!

The police say that Mr. X is close to a lot of people in the community, and this is what our investigation revealed. They also say that he is “transparent,” but we don’t know what that means. And the source reiterated what she had told us previously that Mr. X was a suspect in the Evansdale Murders too. In other words, police think that Mr. X, the suspected Delphi Killer or BG, may be a serial killer.

Motel Where Mr. X Stayed in Evansdale in 2012 Discovered!

Which brings us to one other great new break in the case. As I noted recently, we have confirmed via a source in Delphi that Mr. X was indeed staying in Evansdale, Iowa on transfer with Tyson Foods during the period of the Evansdale Murders. However, one of our sleuths has just informed me that he has been to Evansdale and found the motel where Mr. X and the Tyson Foods employees were put up!

Here is his report:

I saw the article some time back in the Indiana Star where they gave the name of the motel in Evansdale where Mr. X stayed in 2012.

I went to Evansdale and checked it out. It was a seedy, one-level old schoolhouse refurbished into a motel on a back road with empty old warehouses and small factories. It was still up and running. It looked like people lived in it long-term. It had a crackhouse look about it.

I recall Mr. X’s roommate fingered him and told the police several times that BG was Mr. X and to look no further.

So one of our team members found the motel where Mr. X stayed at the time of the Evansdale Murders! Now we need to send one of our sleuths over there to find an exact name and address and hopefully to get photographs. Stay tuned!

Beware the Desperate Detective

I’m quite worried that the police will try to frame Kegan or Tony Kline for this crime. Everyone is so certain that they did it, sitting back, eating popcorn, drinking coke, and grinning in the stands. We are well aware that Kegan said that the police told him that they know his father killed the girls. The police also wrote a search warrant strongly implying that Ron Logan killed the girls. In addition, in the interrogation, the police told Kegan Kline that they know he killed those girls.

I’ve got some news for you. Lots of time when police are interrogating a suspect, they will say, “We know you committed this murder.” They say that even if they don’t think you did it or if they have no idea if you did it or not. I have no idea why they do this. To gauge your reaction? Cops have a right to lie their fool heads off in interrogations, and they do so with gusto. There was a very unfortunate Supreme Court case along those lines. The cops even get to say, “We found your DNA at the scene” even when they didn’t. They get to say all sorts of BS, and they do just that.

In addition, there is a rumor that the police nearly beat a confession out of Garrett Kirts. They hammered him so hard to get him to confess to this crime that they “all but waterboarded him,” according to my source. This is most unfortunate but it shows that if this rumor is true, then the police in this case have already tried to beat a confession out of some scumbag that they knew full well wasn’t guilty. Why? To solve the case. Natch.

History Will Absolve Us

Our group is probably the most hated Delphi sleuthing group of them all. What’s odd about that is that we are the only group that knows what happened in these murders, but everyone says we’re full of it! We are the only group with actual sources in the police who leak directly to us. We have access to case documents. We have interviewed search party ladies about the crime scene.

We have published actual crime scene photos which we believe are correct.

I have said many times on here that we will be proven correct on a lot of things if this case ever goes to trial. I’m going to double down on that one more time. We were wrong a lot in the past, but now with much better sources and the weight of five years of mistakes behind us, we have a much clearer picture of what really went down. You ignore us at your peril.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again:

You need to listen to us!

I’ll even quote one of my heroes here:

History will absolve me.

– Fidel Castro

I should change it to us really because this site would be nothing without my group members!

Or, to get a bit more oblique and literary, how about if we close with a song from the Prophet himself, Robert Zimmerman?

Shall the new day come and the grey dawn break on the ridge to the east, everything shall be revealed.

Until then, life is a waiting game.

And to all my critics: Momento mori!

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50 thoughts on “Delphi Murders Update September 21, 2022: Presence of Two Killers and Kegan Kline Non-involvement in the Murders Confirmed”

    1. In the past. Anyway, all investigations are like this. We’ve got real police sources now and interviews with search party ladies, so now we think we’re really onto it. We were crawling around blind at first. We have a retired homicide detective on our team, and he says it’s perfectly normal for investigations to be 85-90% wrong at the start, even for years. It takes time to get the real picture.

      By the way, your ass is banned.


    2. You wait and see, if any of us are still alive if and when this case ever goes to trial. You’ll be sorry you made fun of me. No wait, you won’t because you have no class.

  1. What concerns me is that Police were definitely leaking information to this murdersheet podcast (KK transcripts) and they were acting like they were some sort of expert sleuths, and now they are pushing the Klines harder than anyone. I hope that’s not an indication of police trying to pin this on Tony Kline

    1. Yeah, I agree. Are the cops really leaking to these clowns or are these fame hounds just lying and claiming that. They lie about lots of stuff. One guy claims he’s a lawyer but he never passed the bar.

      1. The whole story about them “accidentally” posting those transcripts online and the podcast just so happened to grab them before they realized their mistake was a joke. It definitely reinforces the KK “decoy” thing though. They wanted those transcripts out there so the public would start looking at the Klines

        1. Ah!

          So the cops are in on this fake “Klines did it” thing!

          Perfect! Good sleuthing my friend. People keep saying that people in LE are leaking to these guys, and while I wasn’t sure if it were true or not, now that you mention it, it’s starting to make sense.

          Keep up your great sleuthing!

        1. I know. I heard that. And his cellphone was with him that whole time that day, pinging all over, and it was never anywhere near the bridge. Instead it was pinging all over around his home 20 miles away. I think these guys are full of shit, but I can’t figure out what’s going on with them. We need to talk to our police sources to find out because those are pretty much the only people we follow in this case.

          1. I have to ask the question. Is there any information that indicates MR. X knows the Kline’s? I keep going back to the comments made that we will be shocked when the truth comes out. If this river search was related it creates more questions.

          2. Hi, thanks. We have no information on that at all. We don’t think these Klines had anything to do with the case. We don’t understand the river search and we don’t know what they are looking for. We don’t understand Kegan’s role in this case at all, although he didn’t kill those girls. But what’s his connection. Tony Kline has never even been a suspect to our knowledge.

            What do you mean by the “We will be shocked” statement?

            Mr. X is a regular, ordinary member of the community with deep ties there. I always assumed that that’s what it meant.

          3. My theory on the whole “just a decoy” thing has always been that police know the Klines are not involved, but there is just enough evidence linking their catfish accounts to one of the girls, so they could leak all this stuff to get the community buzzing in hopes that the real killer will feel like they have moved away from suspecting him at all.

            I believe this even more now that you say they describe Mr. X as “transparent”. They are desperately hoping he will say enough to someone to prove his involvement. They are probably spying on his every move, but he has been careful.

          4. “Transparent” means what then in this context?

            Yes, great sleuthing!

            I’ve also thought of this. If Mr. X really thinks they are going to arrest the Klines maybe he will relax and do something stupid.

            Our police source told us that the Kegan CP stuff was blown out of proportion to shed light on the computer and Internet aspects of the case.

          5. I think back to what Leigh Kerr said: “This case will never be solved.”

            I think once they realized Mr. X was the killer, they soon figured out that they didn’t have anything concrete to bring him to trial with. All they can do is hope someone will deliver evidence right into their laps or someone who knows something will get sloppy and make a mistake.

            I think the Klines angle is a big “Hail Mary” in hopes Mr. X will get cocky and “transparent.” The one good thing about cold cases is that the years can work to the investigators advantage. Allegiances change, relationships fade, and loyalty dies…years from now someone may have had a falling out with the suspects and would suddenly be willing to turn them in.

          6. You have the picture of Mr. X sitting in the room during the press conference as well as the shot of him in the background of a search group being filmed by a news crew…this man is convinced that he is the smartest person in the room. He must relish every new report that comes out about the Klines and Anthony_Shots. If he is never brought to justice, my prediction is that he will either make a deathbed confession or one of his family members will come forward years from now after he has passed. I hope he doesn’t get to have the last laugh like that.

          7. I wonder if he will kill again if they push this Kline nonsense. They can’t watch him forever. The Lewiston Killer is highly suspected of killing five women in Lewiston. He moved to the Appalachias and now a number of young women are turning up murdered on the trails there. There’s no way they are watching all of these guys all the time as they move all over the land. The Green River Killer was high up on the suspect list towards the end and they did not have him under surveillance. He kept killing for a while. It’s very hard to keep someone under permanent surveillance.

          8. You have the picture of Mr. X sitting in the room during the press conference as well as the shot of him in the background of a search group being filmed by a news crew…this man is convinced that he is the smartest person in the room.

            This part is brilliant psychological analysis. Thanks for this! He’s described as “narcissistic and controlling.”

        2. Yeah, and that’s why Mr. X’s cellphone was pinging the CPS building from 12-5. Coincidence? Police want to know the driver of the car parked at the CPS building from 12-5 PM. Guess who’s cellphone was pinging the CPS building from 12-5 PM that day?

          1. No, the only one pinging the CPS building was Mr. X’s. It pinged the CPS building from 12-5 PM. Remember the cops are looking for the driver of the car parked at the CPS building from 12-5 PM that day? Just so happens to coincide with Mr. X’s phone pinging at that exact same location during that exact same period.

            He says he was in another city during part of that period. I recall that he has no explanation for his phone pinging the building. Apparently that’s not enough for an arrest though, much less a conviction. Circumstantial evidence makes a poor case in court.

      2. “One guy claims he’s a lawyer but he never passed the bar”

        I’m not a fan of their podcast, but him not passing the bar isn’t correct. Indiana has a system where you can verify almost every professional license online, from plumber and manicurist to doctor and lawyers. He passed the bar in 2001, and his license to practice law has been in good standing ever sense. You can find this on Indiana state website under Roll of Attorneys. His license number is 22983.03

  2. This case is a complete mess, it is chaotic, and I am certain that it has way too much publicity – and this feature hinders the investigation.

  3. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!



      1. Yep, the local news just announced that there have been no arrests in the case. That the Internet rumors are just that and not true.

      2. I’m curious about what LE would be required to share with defense attorneys if/when they arrest TK and try to pin this on him. Would it be all the evidence they plan to use in court or would they be required to make every piece of evidence acquired since the investigation began? Seems like any defense attorney would be able to get TK off with little effort. Reasonable doubt is everywhere

        1. Yeah, I’m not even sure if they are trying to frame these guys actually. I think something a lot trickier might be going on.

  4. Yes I am in the private group. I guess I need to quit reading what some of these other groups are posting. Saturday was a complete mountain out of mole hill deal.

    1. Yeah I don’t even bother with that stuff. It’s all just “the Klines did it!” Well we have sources in the police who tell us Kegan isn’t even involved, so I don’t read that stuff at all. At this point, we have good enough sources in the police that we can afford to just accept their narrative and reject everything that goes against it.

  5. I think LE is secretly controlling the online narrative, like “Look here! Look there!” While they are actually using this tactic to make the real suspect/s feel like LE is moving in the wrong direction as to try to keep the suspect/s confident that they aren’t being looked at.

    1. Exactly! I know for a fact that they are. Theres a YouTube channel called “Unsolved No More” run by a former cold case detective, he made a couple of Delphi videos that were very interesting. The only thing is that he NEVER reads reddit or message boards or gives any credence to online rumors, he strictly sticks with police reports and/or newspaper articles from reputable sources, so he was only able to provide his general theories on the profile of the killer. He did cover the leaked Kegan Kline transcripts though. Anyway, he actually mentioned that law enforcement reached out to him after he first covered Delphi, so they are DEFINITELY watching the online communities, as is the killer (probably). It makes sense that they have only seemed to privately communicate with two content creators, one was a highly respected investigator and the other was a podcast that had a lawyer involved as a host.

        1. Yes! Really that is the best place to take all of this hardcore theorizing and sleuthing. That post was made protected for a reason.

  6. i cant understand how mr x or kk would have know where the girls were and how he located them. He seemed to come out of nowhere and moved fast. So it seems bg had some knowledge of the girls where abouts.? makes you wonder if it was an electronic device assisting.

    1. No, we lost out best source. She won’t cooperate anymore for some reason. We’re screwed as far as that goes.

      1. They probably tightened up on everything with what’s been going on. Probably just trying to stay out of potential trouble.

        1. Maybe. I’m not optimistic about getting another good source. Just because you have an LE inside source doesn’t mean they know jack about this crime. Jack said this woman must know someone inside the investigation who is providing her with information because the details of the crime are not common knowledge even to other detectives in the area.

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