Russia/Ukraine War Updates September 19, 2022

There is no good evidence that Russian soldiers have tortured a single soul in this war. The video of the “Russian soldier castrating the Ukrainian soldier” actually shows Nazis wearing Nazi uniforms and clothes with Nazi gloves castrating the soldier, who is apparently a Russian. The “Buryat” who has been accused of it somewhat resembles on the torturers in the video. However, the necklace and the hat are a bad match. The Nazis seem to have a problem with the Buryats. They also accused a Buryat battalion of the murders in Bucha that never even happened.

As you can see, here we are back to Ukrainian Nazi racism again. Notice that the Nazis have a tendency to ascribe the worst racism to the Asiatic type of Russians. The Buryats are the Russians that the Nazis hate most of all because the Nazis say that Russians are Asiatic Mongols and Huns. Buryats are very Asiatic-looking.

I saw a recent meme by a Ukrainian poster showing “European” faces which looked White, blond, blue, etc. Very Germanic looking. Then there were Russian faces which looked substantially Asiatic – clearly non-European. The meme was accompanied by actual World War 2 Nazi imagery showing actual Nazi soldiers.

In another recent post, a Ukrainian called Russians “Mokshas.” Mokshas are a Finno-Ugric group speaking a Uralic language that live in Russia near the Urals. It is a continuous Nazi meme that Russians are not pure White Europeans because they are “contaminated” with Finno-Ugric Uralic genes, which are at least somewhat Asiatic.

Views like this are shockingly common in Nazi Ukraine, even among the older generations. They are quite normal among young Nazis  who have been raised on nothing but Ukrainian nationalist Nazism since 1991.

More on the fake Russian mass graves war crime in Izyum. The lying Western media is going berserk over this. All of the dates on those crosses date from the period when Ukraine controlled the city. This includes 17 bodies of Nazi soldiers who the Nazis refused to come and pick up, hence they had to be buried by the Russians.

Every single one of those crosses has a date on it, and many of them have the names of the person or persons buried under the cross. In addition, the burial ground itself is an addition to a main cemetary. Locals say that after the Nazis were driven out of the city, there were many bodies of people who had been killed during Nazi rule that had not been properly buried. All of these people were reburied in the new cemetary where they were given proper burials.

Think about this for a second. If Russia was going to mass murder over 400 civilians in Izyum, do you really think they would put each one in a separate grave with a name, date, and cross on it? The Russians may be fools but they’re not idiots! How dumb would you have to be to do something that stupid. Obviously if Russians were going mass murder civilians and bury them in mass graves, they would try to hide them as much as possible. You know, like people everywhere always do with mass graves?

There is no evidence that any of the bodies had their hands tied behind their backs. The journalist who reported that admitted that he saw a body with its hands behind its back so he said the body had its hands tied behind its back. He wasn’t able to tell if the hands were actually tied or not. He just made up that part. Other than that, we have only the word of Nazis that one or more bodies had their hands tied behind their backs. There is also a Nazi claim that one body had a rope around its neck.

However, keep in mind that each grave is dated during the period when the Nazis were in control of the city. So if anyone was killed with their hands tied behind his back or with a rope around their neck, they would have been killed in this way by the Nazis themselves since all of the deaths date to the period of Nazi rule.

I think most if not all of the civilian deaths were due to being caught in the crossfire of the shelling. After all, the Nazis would not let civilians leave for most of the time they were in control of the city. Humanitarian corridors were opened up, but the Nazis never notified the residents, whom they regarded as hostile. Hence many residents were unable to escape and could have been killed in crossfire.

Note that most of the buildings in Izyum are destroyed. The lying Western media is making much of this now and claiming that Russia destroyed the city. It’s not true. Almost all of this destruction took place during Russian rule of the city when the Ukrainian shelled the living Hell out of the place. Usually they did not even aim and just fired at the city willy-nilly. They do this because they consider the residents of any city the Russians occupy to be traitors because any patriots would leave as soon as the Russians took over. Anyone who stays under Russian rule is a de facto traitor.

We’ve already discussed the fact that there are severe penalties for war crimes, harming or killing civilians or POW’s, rape of civilians, looting of civilian property, etc. under the Russian military code of justice. And you better believe they prosecute those cases. The Russian military is a professional army. There are no conscripts. The problem with a conscript army is you get a lot more of this behavior – harming and killing civilians and POW’s, raping female civilians, looting civilian property, etc. That’s one of the reasons to have a volunteer army.

Russia is acutely aware that any errors in the commission of war that they commit (and face it, all armies commit some sort of war crimes nowadays) are going to be blasted by the lying Western media far and wide across the land. So they have to play it as clean as possible. I’m certain that as soon as Russia launched this war, the West (and of course the Nazis) decided that they were going to pin the “war crimes” lie on Russian conduct in this war. Russia fought this war in an extremely clean manner, some might say too clean. And they still got tagged with massive war crimes anyway although they fought a nearly picture-perfect clean war.

What about Wagner? Wagner absolutely does not tolerate any sexual abuse of civilians by its forces. They are very strict about that. They also have a very hard “no looting” rule that is strictly enforced. Wagner discipline is rock solid and hardcore. If they disallow rape and looting, I don’t see how they could condone harming civilians, at least in this Ukraine theater. Keep in mind that in Ukraine, Wagner are Russian contract soldiers.

They’re a bit rough with POW’s but I don’t think they torture or kill them.

Support for Russia in various parts of Ukraine:

Crimea: Support for leaving Ukraine and joining Russia – (very old poll) 87%. Opposition – 13%. As you can see, there is some opposition. It is from these opposition networks that the SBU was able to recruit insurgents to carry out attacks here.

Occupied parts of Donbass (Donetsk and Lugansk): Support for leaving Ukraine (very recent poll) – 83%. Opposition – 17%, but a lot of the opposition want a special status for the Donbass in Ukraine or in other words federalism. The support level is lower than it was when the referendum was held. Perhaps years of war wear you down.

Occupied parts of Kherson and Zaporozhye: Support for leaving Ukraine (recent poll) – 76%, support for joining Russia – 66%. Opposition – 24%. I was surprised it was so high. Of all of the parts of Novorussia, support for Russia was traditionally the lowest in this region, and it is even quite high here. As you can see though, with 24% opposition and a hard opposition at that, there is a serious insurgency in the region that has killed a lot of local officials.

There was a firefight in the middle of Kherson just last night. Insurgents attacked the Russian military with grenades and automatic weapons. They were eliminated. The insurgents are not very popular in the region and they are widely hated. However, they do have a support base or a quarter of the population which enables them to wage a potent insurgency.

Occupied parts of Kharkiv: Support for leaving Ukraine and joining Russia – 70%? (estimate). Opposition – 30%?. Keep in mind though that a lot of the opposition is in the rural areas where people have more of a “leave me alone” attitude as opposed to a pro-Ukrainian view. “Leave me alone with my chickens, ducks, and cows, and don’t bother me,” is their attitude. Also the Nazis did not persecute these people much during their reign since 2104.

However, there are reports that this Kharkiv group, 90% of whom fled the advancing Nazis, is now very angry and has decided that there is no longer any hope for remaining in Ukraine. Many of them are demanding weapons and training to go back and take back their land from the Nazis, so we may see an equivalent of the DNR and LDR militias here.

Updated allied casualties:

Russia: 6,300 KIA (counted obituaries in Russian media). WIA unknown.

DNR: 3,100 KIA. 13,000 WIA.

LDR: 3,000 KIA. Unknown WIA.

So total allied war deaths so far are 12,400. In contrast, Ukrainian war deaths are at least 120,000. So Ukraine is losing at least 10 soldiers for every 1 Russian soldier.

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