The Latest Mass Murder False Flag in Ukraine with Notes on General Fake War Crimes Allegations against Russia in This War

There is much confusion about these false flags. None of us are saying that these people are not dead or that they were not killed in the war. They’re quite obviously dead and they were certainly killed in the war. The main question is who killed them, why, and how.

The Fake Russian Mass Grave War Crime in Izyum

In the latest false flag massacre in Izyum, there is a ready explanation for the 400+ mass graves that the Ukrainians found. The Nazis and the lying West are claiming that all of these people were killed by Russia. The problem is that we have photos and documentation of these bodies being buried. 100 days ago, Nazi forces were forced out of Izyum by Russian troops. There were many dead in the city, civilians and Ukrainian soldiers.

Most if not all were buried but they had not received proper burials. There are stories, including articles with photographs, showing the bodies of soldiers and civilians killed under Ukrainian rule being reburied in proper graves. The graveyard shown in these stories is the precise graveyard that is being dug up and desecrated now and is the source of the fake about Russian war crimes, mass murders, and mass graves.

The Ukrainian soldiers were killed in battle. In fact,  one of the graves of the “Russian mas murders” bears the inscription “17 Ukrainian soldiers.” The Nazis say that the people in this grave were civilians murdered by Russia. If so, why does the grave say “17 Ukrainian soldiers?”

Most if not all of the Izyum civilians in the graves were killed by getting caught in crossfire during the fighting for the city. The Nazis refused to let Izyum residents leave via humanitarian corridors so many of them died in crossfire. At one point, a humanitarian corridor was opened up but the Nazis neglected to tell residents about it, so only a few got out.

Clearly, the Nazis regarded Izyum residents as pro-Russian hostiles and they were perfectly happy to use these residents as human shields. When the Nazis left Izyum, they shelled the areas that they had just left although there was no one there but civilians. Typically, when the Nazis retreated in Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Lugansk, they shelled the civilian areas that they just left even though there were no Russian forces there yet.  They are doing this to punish and try to kill civilians who they regard as hostile.

It appears that none of these 443 bodies in these mass graves were killed by Russia. Instead they are just Ukrainian soldiers killed in battle and Izyum civilians caught in crossfire. All were buried by Russian troops with the help of locals.

In addition, during the entire 100-day period that Russia occupied this part of Kharkiv region, we did not hear a single report about Russians murdering civilians for any reason whatsoever. There is not even one report of an extrajudicial murder. If the Russians had been killing civilians all this time under their occupation, stories about this would have been leaking out this whole time. Instead, there has not been a single report of such a killing.

Instead, as soon as Russians leave an area, all of these strange dead bodies seem to show up out of nowhere uncovered by the Nazis and blamed on Russia. Why do these only show up right after Russia leaves. In a number of cases, the reports say that the civilians were killed just as the Russians were departing. That’s what they said in Bucha too, remember?

That shows that it’s fake right there. If the Russians were such civilian murdering maniacs in this region, why did 9

The lying Western news is writing all about the heroic Ukrainian recapture of Izyum. Reports say that residents were ecstatic that the Nazis took it back over and that life under Russians was horrible. Zelensky, the Nazi Jew leader of Ukraine, has appeared in photo ops with triumphant Nazi soldiers.

In one photo, a Ukrainian soldier directly in back of Zelensky has a literal Nazi patch on his uniform of the pro-Nazi Ukrainian nationalist Galician Battalion on his uniform. Zelensky’s own troops standing next to him in photo ops have literal Nazi patches on their uniforms. Literal Nazi patches!

The truth in Izyum is the opposite – the people were not ecstatic to be liberated by Nazis at all. At least 93 schoolteachers have been taken away in Izyum. Thousands of people have been taken away by the Nazis at gunpoint with bags over their heads. They have all been accused of collaboration.

If you taught in the schools, worked in the hospitals, helped with humanitarian aid, took humanitarian aid, or worked for the government in any capacity, the Nazis can label you collaborator and taken away at gunpoint. Of the thousands taken away so far, reports are that many are going to be shot by the Nazis.

People in Izyum who tried to pay for food with rubles were shot on sight by the Nazis, and others were warned that this is what would happen to them if they tried. The Nazis told people in the village that every single person who stayed in the city under Russian rule is considered a collaborator. Nazis are going house to house and hauling people away at gunpoint. One man reported that Nazis shot two men point blank on either side of his house and left them  there. So they are not all being taken away. Some are just being shot on sight.

Considering that everyone in the city is considered a collaborator who can be shot at any time, do you really think that people in these areas are overjoyed to see the Nazi Army? Get out of here. Indeed there are reports of Ukrainian civilians hugging Nazi soldiers after they took back their villages. They were probably doing this to keep from getting shot!

Keep in mind that up to 9

We also have reports that very large numbers of the 9

The Jew Killers of the Ukrainian Nationalist Galicia Battalion

If you read above, you can see that the Jewish Nazi Zelensky was photographed in the company of a Ukrainian soldier with a literal Nazi patch on his uniform. I’m not talking something uncertain. I’m talking about a patch that anyone would agree is an out and out Nazi patch. This is the patch of the Ukrainian Nationalist Galician Battalion.

Go read up on the Galician Battalion. They murdered 200,000 Jews and 100,000 Poles during World War 2. They were so bad that even some of the German Nazi army was appalled at their behavior.

Keep in mind that many German soldiers were just soldiers. Many were not even particularly antisemitic, and quite a few were appalled at the barbaric murder of Jews that they saw. Early in the war, the murder of Jews was assigned to ordinary German units, but after they did it, they wrote postcards about how it had sickened them to do this and how disgusting it was. Others only witnessed it and were appalled. I’m not sure if they were outraged by the murder of the Jews or about the way it was carried out. In the case I am familiar with, 20 Jews were murdered with knives and the German troops there were sickened by this act.

Units increasingly rebelled against orders to murder Jews and PTSD, battle fatigue, and psychiatric casualties piled up. It was clear that ordinary German soldiers could not be relied on to murder or especially mass murder Jews. Sure, some of them were probably more than happy to do it, but most didn’t have it in them.

It was for this reason that the special SS “Jew-killing outfits” such as the Einsatzgruppen in Russia were formed. Nevertheless, at the end of the war, there were still many reports of cruelties including murder and mass murder inflicted upon Jews by ordinary German soldiers.

In Ukraine, German troops were so appalled by the Jewish murders of the Ukrainian nationalists that they took over a camp where Jewish civilians were being housed to prevent them from being massacred by Ukrainians. I’m not sure what eventually happened to this group, but they were definitely protected by the German Army for a time.

The Jews reported that the average German soldier didn’t’ seem to care much about Jews one way or the other and that the Ukrainians were much crueler than ordinary German soldiers. Many Jews in this area much preferred to be captured by German troops than by Ukrainian nationalists.

Bucha Again

As far as the Bucha dead go, there is no evidence at all that even one of those people was killed by Russia. Instead, many were terror battalions who fought Russia when Russia attacked their city. About 80 were killed this way. Autopsies found that most of the rest were killed by artillery. Flechettes were found in their bodies. All of these people were killed by Ukrainian artillery because Russia doesn’t use flechettes.

The British shitlib paper The Guardian did the study and found that the people were killed by artillery flechettes, but they used this to conclude that they were killed by Russian artillery although Russian doesn’t even use such weapons. So you can see how dishonest the British Labor crowd are being about this.

A number of the bodies were shot in the head and were wearing white armbands. Others were reportedly brought in from local mortuaries and staged along the road in precise locations. Note that there is video of Nazis staging these bodies along a road in Bucha. There is also video of Nazis capturing locals and asking if they can kill everyone wearing a white armband. The other Nazi says, yes, go ahead.

Then we hear a man screaming for mercy, a gunshot, and a dog barking. So the murder of “collaborators” in Bucha is also documented on video. Most of these people were reportedly executed by the Nazis for receiving humanitarian aid from the Russians. The bodies tied up in the Bucha basement are  all wearing white armbands. They have been lined against the wall and shot in the head. All of these were locals executed for taking humanitarian aid.

Fake Russian War Crimes in Irpin

There are reports of many dead by artillery in Iripin. Everyone killed by artillery in Irpin was killed by Nazi artillery because Russia occupied the city the whole time. In addition, all of this killed in Bucha by artillery were killed by Nazi artillery for the same reason. There is a scene on a bridge connecting Irpin to the adjoining city occupied by Ukraine. The bridge was hit by artillery, and many were killed in their cars. We still don’t know what happened here but they were probably killed by Ukrainian shelling because there’s no way that Russia would attack a civilian bridge with many cars on it just to kill people.

Fake War Crimes Accusations against the Russian Military Examined

I have found only one case of the deliberate killing of a civilian by a Russian soldier. He was convicted of murder in a Ukrainian court, so he may well be guilty. That leaves one war crime murder by Russia in this entire war.

There has not been one single case of the murder or even abuse of a Ukrainian POW by Russian forces. All of them have been treated very well. However, Azov troops housed in the DNR were beaten, possibly tortured and maltreated by the soldiers of the DNR. The DNR is a separate country and Russia can’t tell them what to do. If Russia ordered the DNR to maltreat these POW’s, why didn’t Russia mistreat its own POW’s? None of this makes sense.

A number of Ukrainian saboteurs and guerrillas in civilian clothes operating in the Kherson region have been detailed by the Russian GRU intelligence agency. There are reports that these people were taken to Russia, beaten, threatened with execution, etc. I’m inclined to believe that these reports are true because they were taken by the intelligence agency and not the military. Also these were Nazi civilians acting as guerrillas, so, not being in uniform, perhaps Russia feels that they are not protected by the Geneva Conventions.

I am not aware of one single deliberate attack on civilians or civilian buildings or infrastructure by Russia. All Russian attacks have been exclusively on military targets.

In fact, many Russian artillery and bombing attacks have to be called off because there are too many civilians in the vicinity. All civilian structures attacked by Russia were housing Ukrainian military, terror battalions, mercenaries, or military equipment. Factories that manufacture military equipment were attacked, as were repair shops that repaired equipment. Some civilian structures were attacked that were being used to store military vehicles.

In general, few to no civilians were in the area at the time. Some Russian attacks have damaged buildings directly adjacent to targets. Some have hit civilians who were walking in the area next to a target. In one case, a hospital next to an area where top Nazi officers were meeting caught on fire by flying debris. All of this is referred to as collateral damage.

I am not aware of any good evidence of looting by Russian soldiers. There are serious penalties in the Russian military for looting. I am aware of one report in Bucha where some Russians looted a store. It had already been smashed into and looted by Ukrainian locals. They took some food for themselves. Russian troops reported that most of the looting in their areas was done by gangs of locals.

There have also been many reports of Ukrainian soldiers looting. In particular, they loot areas they occupy that have what they regard as enemy civilians. In other places, they loot areas controlled by Russians after the Russians leave. The Nazis regard everyone who stays behind and lives under Russian occupation as traitors and collaborators.

This is why they loot these places bare after they take them back over from the Russians. Bucha and surrounding areas were looted bare by the Nazi army after the Russians left. Nazi forces are now in the process of looting Izyum bare as they see everyone who stayed behind as a collaborator and traitor. In one town abandoned by Russians in the north, Nazi soldiers learned that Russia had given everyone in town a new washing machine. So they went around and stole all of the new washing machines from everyone in town.

The looting of washing machines lie. There is a meme going around the Russian troops loot toilets, toilet seats, and washing machines. I don’t know where the first two reports came from, but in the famous photo of the soldiers looting the washing machine, those are Ukrainian soldiers who are hauling that thing out of the front door of that house. They’re wearing Ukrainian uniforms. So the photo of which this meme is based on is not even true. The photo of “the Russian soldier looting the washing machine” actually shows a Ukrainian soldier!

There have been many reports of rapes, mass rapes, etc. of infants, boys, girls, men, and women by Russian troops. To the best of my knowledge, none of them were true. All were just made up. A woman who did PR for the Ukrainian government was fired after it came out that she was making up these stories. She argued in her defense that she thought that lying about Russians raping Ukrainians would help the Nazis win the war. The Nazi government itself said that there were only 5-10 rapes in the entire Kiev region in the first several months of the war and all of the suspects were local Ukrainians.

There is no good evidence that Russian soldiers have tortured a single soul in this war. The video of the “Russian soldier castrating the Ukrainian soldier” actually shows Nazis wearing Nazi uniforms and clothes with Nazi gloves castrating the soldier, who is apparently a Russian. The “Buryat” who has been accused of it somewhat resembles on the torturers in the video. However, the necklace and the hat are a bad match. The Ukrainians seem to have a problem with the Buryats. They also accused a Buryat battalion of the murders in Bucha that never even happened.

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