Some Reasons People Don’t Like Jews Too Much

Polar Bear: I have my ear to all types. I have positive and negative views on Jews. I don’t doubt their potential and often superiority.

And so when the flock of birds headed south for the winter, one small but proud bird said, ‘I will fly straight to the sun!’ She flew higher and higher, but very soon she burned her wings and fell to the very bottom of a deep gorge. So let us drink to this: let not a single one of us ever break away from the collective, no matter how high he flies!

This bird trying to fly to the sun reminds me of Jews. “I’m so sorry for the bird,” seems like all the (((scorched bird))) wants to hear before her death. However, I am more concerned with the flock.

It’s all about them. The rest of us? Who are we?

Jews are all about them.

It’s all about us. Everyone else? Who are they? Oh, they’re not important.

I’m not going to harm anyone who acts like that and I don’t think anyone else should either. The worst they are doing is being a bit assholish, and there are billions of assholes among humanity. Hell, at this point in my life, assholes are the majority!

On the other hand, I don’t really like self-centered people who are all about their own group and don’t care much for others. I think a lot of other people don’t like them a whole lot either. An attitude like that is really going to put people off.

They also think they’re special and they’re always demanding special treatment that everyone else doesn’t get. Then if you don’t give them the special treatment they demand as the special people they are, they scream and call you antisemite and say you hate them! Demanding special treatment is textbook narcissism. Jews as a group seem to be quite narcissistic.

This is markedly true among the men, especially the young men. Their arrogance and sense of superiority is really off the charts. The women, not so much. Jewish women are just women. Those men can be really insufferable though. If you walk around acting like you’re better than everyone else all the time, a lot of people are not going to like you.

There is also a sense that their loyalty is primarily to their own group and not to the land they inhabit in the Diaspora. I remember that Ukrainian Jew I was talking to. I didn’t know his ethnicity and I asked if he were Ukrainian. After all, he was born and lived there.

“No!” he said. “I’m Jew!”

In other words, a Ukrainian Jew, even after his people have lived in Ukraine for hundreds of years, still insists that he’s not a Ukrainian! He’s a Jew, and Jews aren’t Ukrainians. Anyone who acts like that just strikes me as a complete traitor to his homeland. When that Jew said that to me, I wanted to punch him in the face! How dare he be so treasonous to his homeland for no good reason!

And then of course, as soon as this war, which was started by their own people by the way – the Ukrainian Jews under the Jewish Nazi Zelensky – the vast majority of Ukrainian Jews took off for Israel as soon as they heard about the draft. Zelensky the Nazi Jew made a big deal about making sure they were not subject to the draft. He  expended a lot of state resources to hustle them to Israel as soon as possible. As soon as they were there, they set about cheering for the Ukrainian Army. But they wouldn’t fight for Ukraine!

However, a few Ukrainian Jews have fought for Ukraine, and the army even makes special accommodations for their religion.

Why flee to Israel? Because according to them, Ukraine’s not their country. Israel is. There’s this feeling that wherever Jews live in the world other than Israel, their country isn’t their homeland. Israel is, and it’s the only country they have loyalty too. A lot of people don’t take real kindly to traitors, especially in wartime. This sense of dual loyalty has been present and remarked on in the Jews for centuries, and it really makes people not like them!

Once again, I wouldn’t do anything to a disgusting traitor like that except want to punch him in the face, but I wouldn’t do it. I’m too nice. But it’s a pretty sickening mindset.

So what are some basic and sadly reasonable reasons why a lot of people are not real keen about Jews?

First, a sense that they only care about their own kind and don’t care anything about anybody else. In other words, a completely self-centered attitude.

Second, a sense of specialness or superiority and a concurrent demand for special treatment, often accompanied by prideful arrogance in spades.

Third, a tendency towards dual loyalty, treason, and not being loyal to the homeland of wherever in the Diaspora they are residing.

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