Asiatic Mixture in Russians

RL: Russians have

Siberian Cat: Where did you get this number?

Great Russians (Velikorossy) have almost no Asian genetic component. They are comprised of two genetic clusters. One – Central and Southern European Russia – is closest to Poles (closer to that than to Ukrainians, who have quite a bit of Steppe genes) The Northern cluster has significant Finnic admixture. Lots of blond, blue-eyed people up there.

The Mongol invasion left practically no trace in the Russian gene pool.

Now if you look at some minorities, most notably Kazan Tatars, they do have a significant Mongoloid admixture, but just like Uyghurs, they have people who look completely European, and people that look Asiatic. A popular Tatar movie star Marat Bashirov looks as European as they come: Same with Chulpan Khamatova. On average, people on the streets of Kazan look very different from Muscovites.

The distant neighbors of the Tatars, the Bashkirs, look fully Mongoloid.

I don’t know, man. I can’t count how many Russians I’ve seen who have that slight Asiatic eye look about them though. It’s like…everywhere! And in Eastern Ukraine, I saw it in a lot of the women. A lot! Even around Kiev among Ukrainian regime supporters, I saw a fair amount of it. Look at the Soviet leaders. More than a few of them had those eyes. Even Stalin did a bit.

I thought the

Kazan Tatars may be up to 5

Actually, Buryats, Tuvans, etc. have some White admixture. I think 1

If you go around the Altai region with the Khakas, the Altai, the Chulym, the Shor, etc., you get ~5

The Mongol invasion left practically no trace in the Russian gene pool.

Sure, but that’s not true of the Turkic groups.

I believe the racist Ukrainians have a point. Russians do have some Asiatic and Uralic admixture.

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