The New Polish Government Looks Something Like Fascism


Comparisons with Hitler. I’m not sure about Hitler and Kaczyński being asexual, bisexual, or gay. I don’t know much Kaczyński though. I’d like to point out that almost none of the below is true about Putin though. People probably think number 9 and 10 are true, but it’s actually not. Putin doesn’t even talk much about the opposition.

What opposition? The pro-Western opposition got 5% in the last election, and everyone was free to vote for them. It’s just that they have no support and almost everyone calls them traitors, which is pretty much what they are.

However, some of the anti-Putin crowd (17% of the population) have rallied strongly against this war as they think the West is out to destroy Russia, which is in fact true. A Russian on Twitter, a feminist socialist and strong supporter of the war, said that her friend who calls Putin a corrupt chauvinist pig is almost a fanatical supporter of the war. Unbelievably, quite a few Russian gays are supporting the war because though they don’t like persecution, they think (correctly) that the West is trying to destroy Russia. It’s like a famous Iraqi Arab nationalist, follower of Michel Aflaq, Christian founder of the Baath Party, said:

“Outside of the homeland, there is nothing.”

Exactly. Other than the homeland, what else is there? Nothing at all, that’s what! Your country comes first for a lot of people.

The following includes many quotes found about the new Polish government on the Net.

  1. Both received regular vicious beatings from their fathers during childhood.
  2. Both were very big mummy’s boys.
  3. Both were likely bullied during their military service – Hitler likely due to rumors about his sexuality and Kaczyński due to his height.
  4. Both failed to qualify for their dream career – Kaczyński failed to qualify as a judge, and Hitler was rejected by an art academy.
  5. Both of them also grew to hate those who did qualify – Hitler persecuted artists he considered “degenerate,” and Kaczyński persecutes judges he considers to be representatives of the old system.
  6. Both lost relatives to an early death – Hitler lost his mother and Kaczyński lost his brother. Both also blamed everyone around them for their deaths.
  7. Like Hitler, Kaczyński is noted for an unhealthy bond with animals.
  8. Like Hitler, Kaczyński is very likely either asexual, bisexual or homosexual and is suppressing it by attacking LGBT+ persons.
  9. Like Hitler, Kaczyński wields absolute power over his party, is deeply loved by his followers, and has a zero tolerance policy for dissent.
  10. Like Hitler, Kaczyński creates an “us vs them” narrative and divides the population into worthy citizens and unworthy citizens.
  11. Like Hitler, Kaczyński is obsessed with dismantling what he sees as an external and internal deep state conspiracy against himself and calls for a “national awakening” against those he feels are conspiring.
  12. Like Hitler, Kaczyński hurls dehumanizing epithets at his opponents such as “communists”, “thieves” and “the worst sort of Poles”.

This sounds like a fascist society. Look at the list of people they hate, the extreme sexism, and the deep feelings of inferiority and being cheated by History. Note that most of the hatreds are historical grievances rooted in inferiority. Russians don’t seem to have this hatred for all sorts of nationalities like the Poles do. There are hardly any Black or Brown people in Russia, so it’s hard to say how Russians feel towards them.

But I’m quite sure that Poles are much more anti-Black than Russians. The scenes at the Ukrainian-Polish border made that clear. Russians don’t really hate Muslims. That’s a myth. And they don’t hate the non-Orthodox either. There are Buddhists in the Far East, and no Russian cares about that. In fact, 40% of Russians are out and out atheists. The Russian military has official imams for its Muslim troops and the Chechen battalions have their own religious leaders. The Buryat battalions have official Buddhist priests for their battalions.

The Russian Empire had a long history of Muslims and Orthodox working together, and the top officials of Russian Islam are strongly pro-Putin and have an excellent relationship with the leaders of the Orthodox Church. Amazingly, the same can be said for the heads of the Jewish religion in Russia, who have an excellent relationship with Putin.

The whole history of the Russian Empire was juggling the interests of all of these religious, ethnic, and even racial groups and the ideology of the average ethnic Russian might be called “Russian Empire nationalism.” That’s automatically a multilingual, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious nationalism, which is the opposite of fascism. People argue that empires suck, but look what happened when the USSR broke up. Ethnic warfare raged across the land from the Black Seat to the Chinese border. It was the Soviet Empire that kept all those hatreds in check. The new states broke away and engaged in ethnic nationalist nation-building projects.

That smells like fascism:

Too many Polish people have fascist tendencies.

They don’t like Russians, Germans, British, French, Black people, Brown people, Muslims, gays, Chinese, and non-Catholics.

Too many Poles have a disregard for the environment and display incredibly ignorant ideas towards the rest of the planet.

They claim to be anti LGBT, but their priesthood have been involved in sexual practices that are far more perverse than any LGBT person.

They also have a huge disrespect for the female sex.

You’d think they would show more respect to other nations, but Poland seems far too self involved for that. There isn’t much to be proud of, however a lot of people act like Nationalists. Maybe it stems from a deep internal feeling of inferiority.

He’s an extreme, even-fanatical anti-Communist. That’s a necessity for any fascist. As you can see, that doesn’t apply to Putin.

There are some antecedents.

Pidulski (1926-1935) was a fascist for sure. He’s revered by this new government. The man who followed him, Sanacja (1935–39), also seems like a fascist. In the early 1920’s, Poland had a huge ultra-nationalist element. They declared war on Russia to try to steal some Russian land. They were beaten. The president during this period, Gabriel Narutowicz, was assassinated by an ultranationalist fascist.

However, none of these governments were Nazi in my opinion. Poles were anti-Semites, but they were not Nazis. Nevertheless, so many of them turned in Jews to the Nazis! Nazis killed 10 million Poles. It seems weird to call Poles Nazis. Anyway, Poles have always been antisemites since forever. Yitzhak Shamir, leader of Israel, said “Poles learn antisemitism at their mother’s breast.”

Poles claim that Russia has been attacking and trying to destroy Poland for 1,000 years! I don’t know much about the history of the two countries, but that seems to be a weird idea. During WW2, Germany killed 10 million Poles. Russia killed 330,000 Poles. Russia killed 3% as many Poles as the Germans did, or the Germans killed over 30X as many Poles as the Russians did. Guess who the Poles hate? Russia! Guess who they never mention one word about? Nazi Germany! Why is that? Because too many Poles collaborated!

The Polish government recently passed a law making it illegal to discuss the role of Poland in the Holocaust. That’s a pretty Nazi law right there. If you’ve ever met or talked to even one Pole, you will learn that the two things they hate more than anything else are Communism and Russia. And both are often associated with Jews! In other words, “Communism is Jewish. Jews brought Communism to Poland. Jews did the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and created a Communist country. Hence, the USSR was essentially a Jewish country. But Polish hatred for Russia goes way back, before WW2, and that Russophobia doesn’t have much to do with antisemitism.

Kaczyński has underfunded medicine, education, and infrastructure and investment in the economy, reverted the education curriculum back to the 1960’s for unknown reasons, shut down the opposition press and most opposition NGO’s, persecuted businesses who support the opposition with fake tax charges, created a nepotistic environment in the state and economy that has caused massive corruption, ended meritocracy in government and replaced it with party loyalty, purged opposition supporters from government at all levels down to city and town jurisdictions, replaced opposition judges in the judiciary with his own people, and purged the military, intelligence, and diplomatic services of opposition supporters. Unable to obtain a Parliamentary majority necessary to rewrite the Constitution, Kaczyński created a permanent state of emergency, ruled by decree, and created a new de facto constitution via presidential dictates.

However, Kaczyński has introduced a lot of socialist-inspired social programs with an emphasis on aid to the poor, so this part does not fit with fascism at all. What is it? National socialism? Is that even a thing? Third Positionism? Maybe more like that.

  1. Introduce child benefit
  2. Free medicine for the elder (75+ years)
  3. Lower retirement age to 65 for men and 60 for women.
  4. Keep the high 23% rate of VAT.
  5. Build and rent state-owned apartments
  6. Introduce extra taxes for supermarkets
  7. Introduce extra taxes for banks
  8. Raise minimal wage
  9. Raise income tax allowance
  10. Lower corporate income tax for small companies
  11. Strong military
  12. Oppose same-sex civil partnerships and marriage equality
  13. Strict abortion laws
  14. Support the Church
  15. Control over public media (TVP)
  16. Government control of the Prosecutors Office
  17. Reform of the Constitutional Tribunal (they keep passing new unconstitutional laws to weaken the Tribunal, but the Tribunal and Supreme Court don’t follow them)
  18. Oppose refugee quotas imposed by EU
  19. Smaller integration with EU, reduce dependence on EU

Perhaps the best description of Kaczyński would be “national conservative,” whatever the Hell that is. But isn’t that sort of Putinism too?

11-19 describe various aspects of social conservatism, autocracy,  and nationalism. From the list above, number 12 applies to Putin, 15 and 16 do not as Putin’s party doesn’t control the media or prosecutor’s office, and 18 and 19 don’t apply. None of the rest describe Putinism. Putin has lagged behind on developing the military, Russia has liberal abortion laws, the state keeps out of the church, and the judiciary is still independent. Putin is not anti-immigrant.

A core part of the Law and Justice Party platform is a disregard for rationality. So statistically, the more people are educated the more they see this Party negatively.

From the other end, one of the rallying calls of that Party is “One Nation!”. This is very attractive, most people like to belong to something warm, powerful and big. And of course anything wrong, even if exists, is “Them”. The official Party line is based on the “Us-Them” dichotomy.

That part looks very fascist, especially the emphasis on irrationality and hatred of intellectualism and the educated. Russia isn’t like that at all.

Kaczyński’s supporters say that everything wrong with Poland is due to Communism, that is, Communist holdovers and agents who have wormed their way into the government. They also say that Kaczyński’s enemies are cosmopolitans, liberals, and Leftists. That’s classic fascist-talk. Putin doesn’t talk like that. Unfortunately, Russian liberals are mostly traitors but the war has brought them around. The Left is with Putin. Nobody in Russia cares about “cosmopolitanism” and St. Petersburg is about as cosmo as it gets.

All in all, Poland looks like a huge clusterfuck. It reminds me of this quote:

Give the Poles independence and they will destroy themselves.

– Otto von Bismark.

This is very much fascist thinking.

The “Law and Justice” party gathers people who believe the Poles are so weak and stupid that everybody takes advantage of them. Bankers, especially foreign. Large business owners. All foreign governments. Other ethnic groups. Professional engineers, including the Polish ones. Actually, party supporters believe that most people in Poland who are “elite”, meaning really good in what they do, are exploiting and robbing the rest.

I don’t think that any of that applies to Putinism, which is still very meritocratic as a holdover from Communism.

US working class mindset, which is basically conservative, believes in the last sentence and hating intellectuals, the educated, the degreed, and the “experts.” Basically anyone with letters after their name has their contempt. Instead they revere those who “worked their way up to the top” especially businessmen and entrepreneurs. US working class culture has been frighteningly conservative for a long time and this is now blossoming in the fascist cancer called Trumpism.

Poland has also been having some “blood and soil” anti-immigrant and anti-liberal rallies recently, with torchlights and the whole nine yards. Scary stuff.

PIS uses nationalist, xenophobic, homophobic, antisemitic, anti-EU rhetoric to get nationalists’ support and to portrait anybody not supporting them as traitors. They falsify history and take over the media.

This also sounds very fascist, especially the falsification of history. They don’t hate the EU because it’s out to destroy their country as Russians do; instead they hate it because it’s “internationalist” and as narrow-minded parochial nationalists, they oppose all such collaborative endeavors among states.

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2 thoughts on “The New Polish Government Looks Something Like Fascism”

  1. Poland was so full of Jews for so long. A degree of anti-Semitism is understandable. You can keep the Jews was the mindset of their neighbors. Poles really do have a sad history. Also Jews were more elite than the common Pole.

  2. Hitler wasn’t gay. I’d say Hitler’s the most lied about man in History.

    Hitler put his homeland first.

    Outside of Germany racial laws were more flexible. You could be Aryan or honorary if we’re friends.

    I don’t see true Nazis backing the degenerate West. Their dated racial views would evolve, and by this time they’d side with Russia. The alt-right neo-Nazis or at least sympathizers back Russia. Nazis hated Communists first and Russia was Communist, so Russians were sub-humans. If they were allies, Russians could have been Aryan. Many racialist White men like William Luther Pierce end up with Slavic women. Slavic women are the most respectable White women right now. Russian women are the least tainted by the degenerate West.

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