Jewish Control of US Foreign Policy is “Consensual Control” or Better Yet, an Alliance

Polar Bear: It’s a trope (Jews serving at a low rate in WW2) likely based on truth. I’ve seen Jewish War vets get made fun of for being such a small group. I think there was a wealthy Jewish area out East that had a low rate of service.

I do think way more crosses than Star of Davids at the veterans grave says a lot. I’m guessing family pressure to not serve was still there. Well educated Jews would likely not serve as grunts but high ranking officers or officials. Lieutenant Dan type Jewish families, where every man has served and died in battle would be rare.

Of course there’s more factors than just being Jewish. That war seemed personal to a lot of Jews and I wouldn’t doubt Jews got involved in the media, battle, etc. more than other wars. In a way it was their war. Western allies were puppets. Americans themselves were latecomers to the war.

Hi Polar Bear. Perhaps they are such a small group because there were not many of them in the US. There are few stars of David in the cemetary because the group of them was small because their population was small.

In a comment above, we see that US Jews made up 4.

Apparently this is not the case that Jews served at a disproportionately low rate. Whoever is throwing that idea out there is pushing an antisemitic canard. I’m not wild about such things, except that many truths about Jews are called “canards” by the Jews. Basically everything true about Jews that could be seen as less than complimentary is a “canard.”

On the other hand, I’m not fond of lying about Jews. A lot of antisemites are “antisemitic maniacs,” obsessive and conspiratorial antisemites. Most of what they say about Jews is not true, and their general thrust, that there is a Jewish project behind everything bad in the world, is false.

I feel there is a Jewish project behind a few of what I feel are bad things in the world, but the Jews are only behind a few bad things.

Most lousy things in the world have no Jewish cabal pushing them, and a fair number of good things in the Diaspora, especially domestic issues, are Jewish projects. Diaspora Jews are interesting creatures. They tend to be great on a lot of domestic issues but pretty horrendous on foreign policy. Still, almost all Gentiles are horrific on US foreign policy issues.

US foreign policy is out and out evil, and the overwhelming majority of Americans support this diabolical project. The Jews are no different in that regard. They do strongly push a pros-Israel project, and Jewish voices and power control US foreign policy in the Middle East, but it’s a consensual form of control.

That is, most US Gentiles go along with the Jewish project in the Middle East. American Gentiles are Jews-lovin fools! They love to fight wars for the Jews, and they can’t seem to fight enough of them. Americans wildly supported wars for the Jews in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Iran, and Afghanistan. US Gentiles love love love love love Jews! Americans are more than happy to run around the world fighting wars for the Jews and dying for the Jews they are so wildly in love with.

So saying “Jews control US Middle East foreign policy” is a misnomer. Almost all US Gentiles are strong if not fanatical Zionists. They’re as bad as the Jews on that question. We’re basically a Jewish country with 5 million Jews and 325 million Jew-loving Gentiles. So sure, there’s Jewish control, but US Gentiles are happy to be controlled. It’s probably better seen as a simple alliance of like-minded allies versus some nefarious Jewish control project. American Gentiles want to be controlled by Jews! They can’t get enough of it!

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2 thoughts on “Jewish Control of US Foreign Policy is “Consensual Control” or Better Yet, an Alliance”

  1. Perhaps. Though I didn’t post: “Jews serving at a low rate in WW2”.

    On WWII I posted: “That war seemed personal to a lot of Jews and I wouldn’t doubt Jews got involved in the media, battle, etc. more than other wars.”

    The trope I meant was serving in general. Even a Jew veteran I know has complained about Jews from a wealthy Jew area not serving. So I’m guessing it’s a somewhat widespread belief.

  2. Gentile peasants that want to be controlled are mostly unintelligent dupes. Good people but not bright.

    Elite Gentiles are more intelligent and seemingly mostly sellouts. I think they know they are wrong, they like baubles more than humanity.

    President Kennedy was saying some ballsy stuff before he was assassinated. So there are exceptions.

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