The “Russians Are Mongols” Mindset in Poland and Ukraine

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: I have a Polish friend who hates both Russians and Ukrainians, and he refers to the Russians as “Mongols.”

Yeah, see. West Ukrainians and Poles are about the same people. Maybe Poles are a bit more Germanic. Poles are Germanic people. They’re not really Slavic at all. I dated a Polish-American chick once. Rhonda P., 18 year old girl.

Polish chicks are stocky, blond, and blue. Sort of like German women but even more Nordic than that. Like Germanic heading towards Scandinavian, something like that. They probably look a lot like Northern Germans. They can be pretty full-bodied too. Not necessarily fat, but a lot of Polish women are not exactly thin. Nice round cheeks, very pale, dimples, big tits, nice asses, nice curves. Women like that can get fat pretty easily if they don’t watch it though.

Well, Russians have 7% Asian genes, so if that’s enough to give you a bit of an Asian eye, then I suppose they’re guilty. How that makes you any less White though is beyond me. To me most Russian Whites are “super-White.” Even the ones that are a bit Asiatic.

Of course at some point, you get so much Asian genes in a White person, and they’re just not really White anymore. I’m not sure exactly where that might be with Whites. I know that groups that are 50-50 White/Asian like the Uyghurs have a lot of folks that basically just look like Whites. And they have folks that look like Asians. And they have a lot in between.

I’ve heard it can be like that in the Stans too. I’ve seen photo collections of Kazakh women, and I was shocked at how White a lot of them looked. Lot of light brown hair, green eyes, that sort of thing.

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9 thoughts on “The “Russians Are Mongols” Mindset in Poland and Ukraine”

  1. Poland is a bridge to Scandinavia. I know German-Americans that trace their family back to what is now Poland. Main Pole I know looks fully Nordic and claims to be German despite name. I’m guessing they’re even more of a cluster in the US. I’ve heard Poles called “Germans of the East.” They are industrious and hard workers like Germans. It’s amazing how Gacy put 29 bodies in his property. I guess Germans left Detroit and Poles did not.

    Russia’s a bridge to Scandinavia too. Check out a Russian porn MILF named Victoria.

    Southern Russia has ties to exotics and great food.

    Northwest Russia has more ties to Scandinavia.

    Russia’s long been very diverse, even pre-Mongol Invasion, they would be a base blend of Byzantine, Varangian, and Slavic cultures.

      1. “The Varangians (/vəˈrændʒiənz/; Old Norse: Væringjar; Medieval Greek: Βάραγγοι, Várangoi; Old East Slavic: варяже, varyazhe or варязи, varyazi), was the name given by Eastern Romans to Vikings, conquerors, traders and settlers, mostly from Sweden. Between the 9th and 11th centuries, Varangians ruled the medieval state of Kievan Rus’, settled among many territories of modern Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.”

        1. Ok, these were the Swedes who settled the Kievan Rus, got it. You know why they called it Rus, right? Rus means red hair in Slavic. They were red-haired Swedes so they were called “Rus” or redheads. Amazingly enough, “Russian” means “redhead.” Now it’s not really true anymore but I think it is interesting in terms of the root stock of the Russians.

  2. >>Russians have 7% Asian genes
    Where did you get this number?

    Great Russians (velikorossy) have almost no Asian genetic component. They are comprised of two genetic clusters. One – central and Southern European Russia – is closest to Poles (close than to Ukrainians, who have quite a bit of Steppe genes)
    The Northern cluster has significant Finnic admixture. Lots of blond, blue-eyed people up there.

    The Mongol invasion left practically no trace in the Russian gene pool

    Now, if you look at some minorities, most notably Kazan Tatars, they do have a significant Mongoloid admixture, but just like Uyghurs, they have people who look completely European, and people that look Asiatic. A popular Tatar movie star Marat Bashirov looks as European as they come: Same with Chulpan Khamatova:

    Their neighbours Bashkirs look fully Mongoloid. On average, people on the streets of Kazan look very different from Muscovites.

      1. All men love long legs.

        I’ve seen guys freaking out and worrying that they are pedophiles because they noticed that girls start having nice legs at age 11. Well, that is about the only nice thing to look at in those girls. The parts of the body grow at different rates. As early as age 11, girls start developing long, slender, woman-like legs. They’re attractive to any man, particularly as they stand out as the only womanly part of them. They’re almost glaringly obvious.

        What man wants a woman with short legs? We all love those long, sleek, and even slightly curving legs. Awesome!

  3. Russian are European. Russian are East Slavic European. Russia is a European country based on the United Nations’ and European Union’s understanding of the term.

    The real Mongols are the Polish people. They were conquered by MONGOLS. Russians never were. Even Finnish people and Swedes have more Mongol blood because they are part Sami.

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