Alt Left: The (((Russian Mafia)))

During the Yeltsin years, the Russian Mafia ran the country. The Russian Mafia was only Russian in name. It was really the (((Russian))) Mafia. 1/3 of the (((Russian Mafia))) was Jewish. Jews were very prominent amongst the worst oligarchs who robbed Russia blind in the Yeltsin years. I think at one point, seven out of the top 10 oligarchs were Jews. Most of them were huge criminals too, white collar crooks on steroids. What else is new?

They got together with bankers in Germany, Jewish bankers in Israel, and heavily Jewish bankers in New York. These groups worked in tandem with the Russian Jewish oligarchs to basically strip-mine Russia of its money and assets. I always felt that there was an air of vengeance about that.

However, not all oligarchs were Jewish, and the non-Jews and Jews worked very closely together. By the 2000’s and 2010’s, the Russian oligarchy was much more mixed. There were still quite a few Jewish members, but there were also many non-Jewish oligarchs and lesser millionaires. Both Jewish and non-Jewish oligarchs worked very closely with each other. The rich have neither class, nor race, nor religion. The only ties that bind them are fiduciary.

10-15 years ago, Putin purged many of the Jewish oligarchs. Most of them were pro-Western traitors. They were almost all white collar criminals, and he simply looked for whatever multiple crimes they committed and decided to charge them with a few of them.

The charge of discriminatory prosecution though is correct. If you are on Putin’s good side, he may well overlook your white collar criminal activities. However, if you are against him, he will look at your white collar crimes and decide to bring charges against you. It’s not so much that these Jewish crooks weren’t criminals. That they were typical Jewish white collar crooks is beyond dispute. But the charge of discriminatory prosecution is a correct one.

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