Alt Left: Lies about the Russia/Ukraine War September 15, 2022

Russia is isolated on the world stage. Lie. Only the fascist/Nazi West is trying to isolate Russia. The rest of the world is not going along with it. 18% of the world is sanctioning Russia. 82% of the world is not. Where’s the isolation? The entire Global South is refusing to go along with the anti-Russian sanctions and is continuing to trade with Russia.

Russia is on the brink of defeat in Ukraine. Lie. This is just not true. Russia is not going to be defeated in Ukraine. The main problem is that Russia doesn’t have enough troops to hold a 9,000 kilometer line. They only have 200,000 troops, and I would say that they need 200,000 more.

The Wagner Group are mercenaries. Lie. They are Russian contract soldiers. Also, they are from Russia. It’s not possible to have mercenaries from your own country. If they’re from your own country, they’re not mercenaries or soldiers of fortune. They’re simply volunteers.

Russia is facing a series of dramatic setbacks in Ukraine. Lie. This is not true. They did withdraw from the Kharkiv region, but they were not defeated. They simply abandoned the area that they occupied because they were outnumbered and they wanted to preserve their troops. Ukraine put up to 50,000 soldiers against at most 10,000 soldiers in the Kharkiv region. The Russians were completely outnumbered, so they simply abandoned their positions and withdrew. The Nazis stay and fight to the death for every town, but if Russia feels their forces are outnumbered or about to be overrun, they simply withdraw.

Russia took massive casualties in Ukraine’s Kharkiv Offensive. Lie. They may have lost as few as 200-300 men. Ukrainian losses were 10X that. There were ambulance convoys all the way to Kiev. The hospitals in Kharkiv were overflowing with wounded Nazis. An incinerator in Kharkiv has suddenly started working overtime. The Nazis already had one huge graveyard there for their soldiers, and now they are making a second one.

Russia took massive casualties in the Kherson, Nikolaev and Zaporozhye counteroffensive. Lie. Russia did lose some men. They may have lost up to 1,000 men. But Ukraine lost at least 5X as much or 5,000 men. In the south, the Nazis are losing 5 troops for every Russian soldier. There were ambulance convoys stretching all the way to Nikolaev and Odessa. The hospitals in both cities were overflowing with wounded Nazis.

Russia has punisher battalions in the rear that shoot any Russian soldier who tries to retreat. Lie. There is no evidence that these punisher battalions exist. However, the USSR had them in the Great Patriotic War. On the other hand, Ukraine definitely has punisher battalions. Some troops who abandoned their positions were shot by these Nazi battalions. A number were killed and recently we got a report about two soldiers who were shot in the legs by the Nazi punishers and thrown in a hole for leaving the battlefield. They were rescued by Russian troops.

Russia took massive casualties in a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Siversk area. Lie. Russia may have lost 250 men in this area. But Ukraine lost 10X as much or 2,500 men. In the north, the Nazis are losing 10 men for every one Russian. Lie.

The people of Kharkiv are ecstatic that they are liberated by Ukraine. Lie. In fact, a vast number of people fled the region. Numbers are hard to come by, but I would assume that up to 70% of the population fled the Ukrainian advance. In fact, the Nazis have now set up a brutal occupation of these regions. They are going around looking for collaborators, and a number of people have already been shot dead on the spot.

So there is a Nazi reign of terror unfolding in the Kharkiv Region. As what happened in Bucha, after the Nazis murder a large number of their own people for “collaboration,” they plan to say that all of these people were killed by Russians.

The Russian occupation of Kharkiv was vicious and brutal. Lie. We have not received any evidence that there were any human rights violations whatsoever while Russia controlled this region.

1,000’s of people were killed during the Russian occupation of Izyum. Lie. As we noted, there was not a single human rights violation the whole time that Russia recently controlled Kharkiv. Things were very peaceful.

However, the fact that Ukraine says that 1,000’s were killed in Izyum alone while the truth is that zero were means that the Nazis are obviously going to murder thousands of people for collaboration and then blame the Russians for all the murders as they did in Bucha. The Nazis are already making the beginnings of these charges, and the entire US media, including the “liberal” and “progressive” media is already going along with the Nazi lies.

The Ukrainian occupation of Kharkiv Region will be kind and peaceful. Lie. People have reported from Izyum, where head Nazi Jew Zelensky made a triumphant visit today, that Ukraine has said that everyone who stayed in Izyum during the Russian reign is a collaborator. We see now why the Nazis attack civilians so savagely when they take back an area after a Russian retreat. The Nazis think that everyone who stayed behind under Russian rule is a collaborator! After all, if they were not, they would have left, would they not? See how this works?

There have been huge roundups in Izyum. Many schoolteachers were taken away as teaching school during Russian rule is regarded as collaboration. The Nazis have said that anyone who took humanitarian aid is a collaborator. In addition, anyone who worked for the local government in any fashion, including police, may be regarded as a collaborator. There were a number of business enterprises who moved back into the city after the Russians took over and were operating with Russian licenses. All of these people may potentially be liable for collaboration.

The Nazis have told the people of Izyum that they must pay in hyrvinas at the local stores as rubles will not be accepted. Anyone who tries to pay with rubles will be shot. The people asked how they are supposed to get hyrvinas since all they have are rubles and the Nazis answered that all of the women, who are all collaborators anyway, should give blowjobs to Nazi troops in order to obtain hyrvinas.

People are terrified and hiding in their homes. The Nazis have gone on a wild looting spree and are looting almost every home in the city. A few people who objected to the looting and tried to stop it were shot dead on the spot. A man reported that he is waiting at home for the Nazis to come for him. He said all of the cities and towns are locked down and no one can leave. He said he was planning to sneak out of the city and go hide in the woods.

The Nazis have said that everyone who hid in a basement under Russian rule is a collaborator. The Nazi Jew Zelensky has given his imprimatur to this wave of terror. It is called filtration and Zelensky has announced that filtration will be going on in all cities and towns that were retaken. Vice President, ultra-Nazi, and ISIS supporter Arestovich has stated that all collaborators will be killed. Arestovich sees ISIS rule as the model for how the Nazis should rule their country, and the way that ISIS enforces its laws and dicta is how the Nazis  should do so.

People are not being prosecuted by the Ukrainian government for taking humanitarian aid. Lie. In fact they are. The Nazis recently passed a law mandating sentences of 15 years in prison for collaboration. One of the examples of collaboration in the law was receiving Russian humanitarian aid. So the Nazis are definitely saying that receiving Russian humanitarian aid shall be punished by 15 years in prison.

Ukraine abides by the Geneva Convention. Lie. This is simply not true. In fact, it appears that the overwhelming majority of Russian soldiers taken captive by the Nazis have been executed. A number were tortured before they were killed. There are many videos of Nazis torturing and murdering Russian POW’s.

In addition, there are many other videos of Nazi troops and battalion members admitting that they do not take prisoners and instead that they simply execute all prisoners that they take. There are persistent rumors of some Russian POW’s being returned missing limbs of digits such as toes or fingers. I saw a video of a Russian POW with his finger chopped off. In addition the rumors say that some are being returned castrated.

The DNR and LDR militias have long reported that POW’s taken by the Nazis were murdered on the spot or returned missing limbs, digits, or castrated. Reportedly, Russia has refused to publicize this because they fear that their people will be roused into a wild fury by this news and will demand extreme measures against the Nazis.

Russia tortures and executes captured Ukrainian soldiers. Lie. I’m not aware of a single case where this happened. Instead, all Ukrainian troops report that the Russians treated them well, gave them clean clothes, access to washing and bathrooms, food, water, and even cigarettes. They are also allowed to exercise outside some of the time. These POW’s had been warned by their Nazi commanders that the Russians would murder them after they were  captured.

Russian troops are so weakened that they will probably lose the war soon. Lie. This just isn’t true at all. In fact, Russia has lost only 5,300 men so far. They may have lost 15,000 wounded. The initial force was 200,000, but more have been added since then, including the O Corps of volunteers with 30,000 men. In addition, I am quite sure that a number of soldiers who did not participate at first have been rotated in at some point or another.

The Russian Army is made up of 1.1 million active duty personnel. The reserves consist of 500,000-900,000 men. The Russian army then has 1.6 million-2 million men. If losses have been 20,000, then Russia has lost 1-1.5% of its military forces in this war. This is hardly a weakened army!

The video of Nazis nailing an LDPR militia member to a cross and then setting the cross on fire is faked. Lie. I have seen this video and it is absolutely true. In fact, the mother of the soldier said it was her son in the video. She has been identified with a photograph and has been the subject of articles on the Internet.

Russian troops are experiencing devastating morale problems. Lie. The fascist-Nazi West has been saying this since the very start of the operation. I’m not aware that it’s ever been true.

Communications from Russian soldiers that have been intercepted by Ukraine indicate all sorts of terrible problems in the Russian military, including terrible morale problems. The truth is that all or almost all of these intercepted communications are Nazi fakes. Russian troops are not allowed to carry cell phones while they are participating in the war. Therefore it is not possible for the Nazis to intercept any phone communications with Russian troops because there are no conversations to be intercepted.

Most of the people in the Kharkiv region support Ukraine. Lie. I would estimate that if the referendum were held in occupied Kharkiv prior to this counteroffensive, 70% of the people in the region would have voted to leave Nazi Ukraine and join Russia. There are quite a few people in the rural areas who are agnostic and just want to be left alone.

Many of them have not yet felt the brunt of Nazi rule in their small rural villages, but that may be changing now. In addition, anywhere from 70-90% of the residents who were in these towns and cities under Russian rule fled the oncoming Nazi soldiers. So that shows that 70-90% of people in the Kharkiv region prefer Russian rule to rule by the Nazis.

Russia has taken massive losses in the Ukraine War. Lie. As noted above, Russia has lost 5,300 men KIA and possibly another 15,000 wounded, although we have no good numbers on numbers of wounded. This amounts to 1-1.5% of the Russian military force at the beginning of the invasion. In the meantime, the force has been augmented by large volunteer brigades of up to 30,000 men.

Ukraine has only lost 9,000 men in the Ukraine War. Lie. The last time I dealt with this question, I reported that Ukraine had lost 100,000 men. The Nazis themselves admit that they lost 80,000 men and that was at the beginning of July, two months ago. This boils down to 20,000 KIA a month. Hence, Nazi KIA right now would be 120,000 men by the Nazis’ own figures. However, a Nazi military figure recently stated that the Nazis have lost 200,000 men KIA. That figure seems a bit high to me. I might put it at 150,000 KIA. But if we average the lowest and highest figures together, we get 160,000 KIA for the Nazi troops. Clearly the Nazis have been taking massive casualties.

Russia was defeated in the Kharkiv Region. Lie. As noted above, Russia simply left those towns and cities in general without even a fight. That’s more of a retreat than a defeat. Russia may have lost 200-300 men total out of a 10,000 man force. They did appear to lose quite a bit of equipment. However, reserves were rushed to the area and the defensive line has stabilized at the Oskol River.

Ukraine has not been able to take Liman despite dogged efforts and now it has been reinforced. Ukraine claims that they took Syvatagorsk, but in reality, no one controls the town. Ukraine also said they took Bilohorkiva, but actually Russia was able to retain the village. The line in the Slavansk-Siversk area appears to have stabilized.

Dissent against Putin is rising in Russia. Lie. The truth is that 76% of Russian support the war. That means that 24% of the population is against the war! Wait. I thought every Russian who opposed the war is arrested, beaten, jailed or killed? You mean that’s not true?

The only dissent in Russia recently has been a chorus of voices calling for a declaration of war and a general mobilization. In other words, the Russian people want to escalate the war in Ukraine in a big way. Most of the Russian population is more radical than Putin and the majority has been complaining from the start that Russia is fighting with one hand tied behind its back.

Putin will probably be overthrown soon. Lie. This does not appear to be true at all. Far from it.

There was recently an assassination attempt on Putin. Lie. Apparently Ukraine made this up the other day. The probable reason for the lie was that the Nazi Jew Zelensky’s motorcade got into a car accident with another vehicle in Kiev. As the Nazis project about every single thing that they do, Zelensky’s motorcade getting hit was projected onto Russia as an assassination attempt on Putin.

Ukrainian troop shelling does not target civilians. Lie. This is not the case at all.

Russian shelling targets civilians. Lie. I’m not aware of a single case of Russia deliberately targeting civilians or wholly civilian structures in this entire war. If someone can find an example of one, I would like to see it. In fact, this has been one of the cleanest and humanely fought wars in recent memory.

The Russian Army is stretched to the limit in Ukraine and is being defeated. Lie. See above how the Russian army has suffered only 1-15% of its force in casualties while the military itself has been augmented by 10’s of thousands of men. Consider also that Russia has been using only 10% of its military at any given time. So this is just complete nonsense.

Putin is running out of soldiers so he is having to resort to volunteers. Lie. See above about how Russia has only suffered 1-1.5% of its force in losses while only using 10% of its military. Putin decided to expand the military from 1 million to 1.13 million men recently but that was not because he was running out of soldiers!

Referenda in Kharkiv, Kherson, and Zaporozhye to leave Ukraine and join Russia can only succeed by massive fraud because almost everyone there hates Russia and supports Ukraine. Lie. Surveys in Kherson and Zaporozhye showed that 65% of residents wished to leave Ukraine and join Russia, while another 10% or 75% wanted to leave Ukraine but instead of joining Russia, to form their own country. I believe that a hypothetical referendum in the Kharkiv region that was occupied would have resulted in 70% in favor of leaving Ukraine and joining Russia, so support for Russia there is a bit higher than in the South.

There was massive fraud in the referenda in Crimea and the Donbass to leave Ukraine and either form their own countries or join Russia. Lie. In the referenda, the Donbass voted 90% to leave Ukraine and form their own country. In Crimea, 93% voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia. Opinion polls soon after the referenda showed that 86% of Crimeans wanted to leave Ukraine and join Russia. In the Donbass, 85% wanted to leave Ukraine and form their own countries.

As you can see, the vote percentages were a bit higher in the actual vote, but this is probably due to the some of the people who opposed the measure boycotting the polls. You can see by how close the opinion polls were to the actual vote that there could not possibly have been any fraud involved in these votes.

Most people in Kharkiv city hate Russia and support Ukraine. Lie. Most people in Kharkiv probably support Russia at this point in time. They did not at the start of the operation, but the behavior of the Nazis has been so horrible that many have gone over to Russia. In addition, a majority of people in Kharkiv think that the fake Bucha massacre was staged by the Nazis who killed collaborators and then blamed Russia for the deaths. Of course they are correct.

Ukraine is making major advances all across the battlefield near Slavansk, Bakhmut, Gorlovka, Donetsk, Pisky, the airport, Marinka, Dumbledore, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, and Kherson. Lie.

China now views Russia as a failed country and as a result, it is not going to help Russia. Lie. This just doesn’t seem right at all.

Putin is a dictator or an authoritarian leader. Lie. Opposition parties won 30% of the vote the last time around, while Putin won 70%. Russian elections are examined by international inspectors and are generally free of major fraud. At any rate, it’s clear that Putin has received a majority of votes in every election he has run in. Keep in mind that 30% of the Russian Duma or Parliament is made up of the Opposition!

What the Hell kind of a dictator has a Parliament with 30% opposition parties? What kind of a dictator has elections where the opposition wins 30% of the vote? That’s ridiculous. Any country like that cannot possibly be a dictatorship. Furthermore, opinion polls show that most Russians do not with to live under a dictatorship. When polled, most Russians state emphatically that Putin is not a dictator. For Russians, a dictator means someone like Stalin.

It is illegal to criticize the government in Russia. Lie. As you can see with the hawks raging across the Russian mediascape, many of which have been harshly criticizing Putin for attending a display of a huge Ferris wheel in Russia at the same time that Ukraine was conquering a vast amount of land in the Kharkiv region behind a Russian military that rapidly abandoned the region. Definitely the optics are pretty poor here. If you can’t criticize the government, what the Hell is going on right now? What do you call that?

You get 15 years in prison in Russia for calling the SMO a “war.” Lie. I read Russian pro-war blogs all the time. These people are writing inside Russia. Many of them refer to the SMO as a war. In fact, many of the pages have “war” in their very title, often referencing “the Z war.”

Nazism is extremely common in Russia. Lie. There were some small parties like this in Russia but even some of these were more Russian Empire nationalist such as the Black Hundreds going back 100 years to the time of the Revolution. The Black Hundreds were not White Supremacist or Nazis. However, they were antisemites. In the last decade, Putin has banned most of the White Supremacist and Nazi parties and organizations.

Much of the leadership has been jailed and the rest has gone to ground and is in hiding. Many have left the country. Curiously, most Russian Nazis have always supported their Nazi brethren in Ukraine, and many hate the Russian government. The vast majority of Russian Nazis who went to fight in the war have fought on the side of the Ukrainian Nazis.

Russians are extremely racist and bigoted against Muslims and East Asians. Lie. Russians have very much warmed to Chechens and other Muslim groups of the Caucasus since Ramzan Kadyrov took over the government and created a very strongly pro-Russian Chechnya. In addition, a variety of Dagestani groups are popular in Russia now as are the Asiatic Kalmyks, Tuvans, and Buryats, large numbers of whom have formed volunteer regional battalions and distinguished themselves quite well in this war.

Keep in mind that the Russian Defense Minister look Asian as he is half-Tuvan. Such people have a long history in the Russian Empire and many rose to high positions. In particular, the Tatar Muslims from the Urals are very well-liked. Many Russian White men confess to a weakness for what they call Central Asian women, who are seen as sexy and exotic.

However, it is true that some East Asian Russians complain of discrimination in cities in the western part of Russia like Moscow or St. Petersburg. This is unfortunate.

Only 1-2% of Ukraine or the Ukrainian army are Nazis. Lie. At the beginning of the operation, 40% of the Ukrainian military was made up of overtly Nazi battalions. Most of them were funded by a Nazi Jew named Kolomoisky who is one monster of a human being. It was Kolomoisky who shot down the M17 jetliner over the Donbass in 2014 with jets from a base in his area, which he controls as his own fiefdom and nearly his own country.

Ukraine has taken very few casualties in the Kharkiv counteroffensive. Lie. As noted above, Nazi casualties in this counteroffensive were 2,500 KIA.

Ukraine took very few casualties in the Kherson, Nikolaev and Zaporozhye counteroffensive. Lie. Above you will see that the Nazis had up to 5,000 KIA in this operation. Some put the figure higher. I would say it’s at least 5,000 dead.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Kherson, Nikolaev and Zaporozhye regions has been a smashing success and Russian forces have been devastated in this region. Lie. To be honest, the offensive has not really gotten anywhere. The Nazis  conquered a bit of land but in the scheme of things, the advances were quite mild considering all the blood and treasure that was expended.

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  1. I like East Asians but it does seem like Northeast Europe is immune to Yellow Fever. I’ve read an East Asian girl in a Baltic county complain about this. I’m guessing the Mongol invasion left a bad taste in their mouth. Maybe they have old tastes and are just into native fruit, not sea berries. Of course, some parts of Russia are East Asian af.

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