Alt Left: Dual Loyalty and the Roots of Modern Anti-Russian Hatred among Western Jews

This dates back to the beginning of the Cold War when Israel aligned with the West and most of the world’s Jews lined up with the West against Russia. Before that many Jews had positive feelings about the USSR. A typical Jewish fake crisis like most of the crises they dream up stemmed from the “Let my people go” BS of the late Cold War years. As you may know, in general people were not allowed to leave the USSR. The main reason for this policy was to prevent brain drain, a known problem in the USSR.

However, around the time of the late Cold War, many Russian Jews started demanding that they be allowed to migrate to Israel. I have no idea why they demanded to go to Israel except Jews are always demanding to there for whatever reason. Notice the hypocrisy? Nobody else gets to leave but the Jews get to leave (but not the non-Jews) because they’re special, chosen, superior people. And if you won’t make an exception for these superior people so they can leave (And why should you?) you are an anti-Semite!

Hence the late USSR was condemned as anti-Semitic by Western Jews while it was hardly true. The entire mass of idiotic Western Jewish culture immersed itself in this asinine and chauvinist “let my people go” charade for decades during the Cold War. This was the main project of the Western Jews! What a bunch of tools.

I saw a recent statement by a Russian Jew who had been a professor at a university in the USSR. He said that there were 300 professors in his department (I assume this was a huge university), and all but three of them were Jewish! I’m sure there was severe anti-Jewish prejudice in the late USSR! There were only whole universities stacked top to bottom with highly-paid Jews in prestigious positions! Such anti-Semites!

He also said that it was hard to tell that most of these people were Jewish because such things as religion or ethnicity were not discussed much in the USSR as most people saw them as unimportant. Indeed, discussion of such things might have even been a bit taboo as race is with present day Mexicans.

Ukrainian Jews flee at the slightest sign of trouble. The Ukrainian Jews are in bed with Nazis who keep them in power, sure, but most of them are still typical Diasporan Jew traitors.

Most Jews in the Diaspora have dual loyalty. Their primary loyalty is to the Jews, and they only have secondary loyalty to their Diaspora host. Hence whenever war breaks out, the Diasporan Jews often tend to take off because they feel no loyalty for whatever Diasporan community is hosting them.

By this rubric, as soon as the war started, most Ukrainian Jews, previously fervent Nazis, conveniently took off for Israel. The Nazi Jew Zelensky owns a multi-million dollar mansion in Israel. I assume he will head there if things ever get too hot in his Nazi homeland.

Yes, a few Jews are serving in the Ukrainian army and even in the overtly Nazi militias. In fact, one of the worst Nazi militias has a prominent member who is a rabbi! Some of these overtly Nazi militias even have makeshift synagogues set up for their Jewish Nazi members. In addition, Israeli advisors were present with Azov at Mariupol. There is also video of members of a Nazi battalion in Ukraine where members are speaking Hebrew!

Nevertheless, most of them took off like the traitors they always are.

Just to show you what traitors Ukrainian Jews are, a while back I was working with this Ukrainian Jew on some software projects. He was an ok guy but he was seriously and belligerently Jewish with a typical paranoia of anti-Semitism. Early on, I asked him if he were Ukrainian, and he said, “No! I’m Jew!” I thought, “You piece of shit.” You can’t even be loyal to your own country. You always have to insist that you’re not a party of any Diaspora land you inhabit. That really made me angry.

By the same token, Russian Jews, who have been serious traitors for a very long time now since the breakup of the USSR, have also been flooding out of Russia to Israel. Why? There’s a war on and like the traitors they are, they don’t want to fight for a land that they feel no loyalty to.

However, it should be noted that many of the Russian Jews in Israel are Russian patriots, and there have been many pro-Russian demonstrations there.

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13 thoughts on “Alt Left: Dual Loyalty and the Roots of Modern Anti-Russian Hatred among Western Jews”

  1. I was reading a Jewish woman was covering for Paki grooming gangs in the UK. These people are always up to shit.

    Israel’s a different animal. Jews take all sides to confuse people, and their motives and intentions are always suspect.

    “Where are all the Jewish patriots in our time of need?” a Russian soldier asks.

    “They are all in Israel,” another Russian replies.

    1. You know what, though? There’s an exception to this. Many Soviet Jewish men fought in the Great Patriotic War. Of course everyone had to fight anyway, but the Soviet Jews were not trying to get out of it.

      And in the US Army in WW2, many American Jews fought in both the Pacific and the European Theaters. I’m not sure that they fought at a lower rate than everyone else. There was a draft of course, but still. There were reports of Jewish psychiatrists getting paid off to give young Jewish men fake psych deferments, but I’m not sure how prevalent this was and I still think that they fought at the same rate as everyone else.

      Two of my father’s Jewish friends fought in the war.

      I think he met one of his friends, the famous writer Avram Davidson, in the Pacific Theater when they were both stationed in China after the war. My father’s other Jewish friend, DG, fought in the European Theater. I remember when they liberated the death camps, they gave the American soldiers the opportunity to see them. They said that the Jewish soldiers didn’t have to go if they didn’t want to, and I think a lot of them declined. However, DG wanted to go and he went to visit the liberated death camps. That was pretty ballsy of him.

      1. Certainly Jews fought at a lower rate than Gentiles. In the film Saving Private Ryan they overrepresented the Jewish veteran graves. Rednecks likely volunteer the most, hence it’s Tennessee Volunteers instead of Brooklyn Volunteers. Italians and other Whites (especially blue collar ones) volunteer a lot too.

        The Jewish War vets used to attack George Lincoln Rockwell. It was a bad look to go to violence right away instead of debate. I would guess the minority of Jews that serve would be more likely to break other Jewish stereotypes, which is good.

        1. I’d like to see some evidence that Jews fought at a lower rate than Gentiles in WW2. I’m inclined to believe the opposite, at least in terms of that war.

          1. It’s a trope likely based on truth. I’ve seen Jewish War vets get made fun of for being such a small group. I think there was a wealthy Jewish area out East that had a low rate of service. I do think way more crosses than Star of Davids at the veterans grave says a lot. I’m guessing family pressure to not serve was still there. Well educated Jews would likely not serve as grunts but high ranking officers or officials. Lieutenant Dan type Jewish families, where every man has served and died in battle would be rare.

            Of course there’s more factors than just being Jewish. That war seemed personal to a lot of Jews and I wouldn’t doubt Jews got involved in the media, battle, etc. more than other wars. In a way it was their war. Western allies were puppets. Americans themselves were latecomers to the war.

        2. Back here on planet Earth:

          During the course of World War II, 550,000 Jewish men and women served in the armed forces of the United States. Another 1 million Jews served in other Allied forces – 500,000 in the Soviet Army, 100,000 in Polish Military and 30,000 in British Army.

          Jewish servicemembers accounted for 4.23 percent of all soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces.
          About 60 percent of all Jewish physicians in the United States under 45 years of age served in the military.

          Jews have never made up more than 3 percent of the U.S. population so they were quite over-represented in the US military during WW2, despite the claims of the racist pro-Nazi vermin Polar Bear above.


          Bureau of War Records cited in AJHS Newsletter (Fall/Winter 2003)
          Yad Vashem
          Associated Press (May 5, 2013);
          Jewish Recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor

          1. Where are the brave lions of Judah now in Russia?

            I said I wouldn’t doubt if Jews got involved in WWII more; it was in their own interests. Maybe there were enough Jew veteran graves that Spielberg didn’t need to multiply them. I don’t doubt the Jews fighting spirit for their tribe. You’re living proof of that. What percentage of Jewish physicians sacrificed their lives as a military grunts?

          2. Hey thanks. I thought that they fought at a high level in WW2. This is excellent data. Thank you very much. A few young Jews got out of the war via Jewish psychiatrists, perhaps. But they were drowned out by so many other Jews who served. Thank you very much, Jewish patriots of America, for your service in World War 2!

          3. Hey Honest Guy. I thank you for your contributions here. Just thought I would let you know that. You’re a valued contributor.

          4. He did his homework but I do think he copied “vermin” off a Nazi paper.

            I have my ear to all types. I have positive and negative views on Jews. I don’t doubt their potential and often superiority.

            And so when the flock of birds headed south for the winter, one small but proud bird said, ‘I will fly straight to the sun!’ She flew higher and higher, but very soon she burned her wings and fell to the very bottom of a deep gorge. So let us drink to this: let not a single one of us ever break away from the collective, no matter how high he flies!

            This bird trying to fly to the sun reminds me of Jews. “I’m so sorry for the bird,” seems like all the (((scorched bird))) wants to hear before her death. However, I am more concerned with the flock.

          5. He’s Jewish. He used to be a Super-Jew and a hardcore Zionist, but he’s calmed down a lot, and I actually like him a lot now. He’s not paranoid about the antisemites anymore, and he’s not the Super Jew antisemite hunter anymore. He has a much more nuanced view of antisemitism and even Zionism now. He’s a real progressive guy like me in a lot of ways, and from that POV, it gets hard to be full-throated in support of those Jewish fascists over there.

            Nevertheless, when he sees what he thinks of as a true enemy of his people, he can still go after them. If I were a Jew like Honest Guy, I would regard Nazis as my most deadly of enemies. That’s all I’ve got to say. This I respect Honest Guy a lot for that. He knows who his REAL enemies are, not his FAKE enemies, and he’s ready to fight them to the death. Godspeed to every Jew who feels this way.

          6. It’s fine, I’m not exactly pro-Jew but I do see them as White racially. Though it’s fun to joke with Europeans. Like a French girl would laugh at a French joke. You snipe on Jews though, eye for an eye.

          7. Yeah, Jews are White.

            Once I told my Mom, “The Jews are this weird White tribe that insists they’re not White and hates all the other White tribes!” She laughed really hard when I said that. She’s a Judeophile.

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