Alt Left: The Motto of the Fascist Right: “Murder the Left!”

Manuel Rodriguez: Robert, you mentioned in the past how your grandmother had some memories about WWII propaganda, with a particular note about cartoons depicting Stalin and Hitler greeting each other with knives in their backs, representing how the non-aggression pact was a 10 year “ceasefire” of sorts before the fights.

That was actually my mother! She would have been only seven years old at the time too! She said her father showed her the cartoon, and she actually remembered it from all that time.

Do you have more anecdotes to share?

No, not really.

I ask mostly because I wondering how you would compare WWII-era propaganda with the current propaganda we are seeing from Westenistan.

It is so much more all-encompassing now.

I would say that modern propaganda is far worse, considering how Big Data, modern media systems, and more advanced psychological techniques along with almost 100

Yes, I agree. It’s like a system of Hyperautomated Thought Control.

I think we are seeing a pretty funny twist of events. One of the stereotypes they establish about countries that don’t vow to their wills is that of “the dictatorship.” Those rogue regimes have 100

This is said to be true about Venezuela. Yet the Opposition is very loud in Venezuela and nobody does a thing to them. They even have riots and the government doesn’t even do much. Often they just stand there and let them riot away. A while back, 75

A woman went there on a trip a while back and she said that in her hotel room, the only channels she could get were Opposition channels. I think at one time they had most of the TV channels tool. The Opposition papers are like Fox News on steroids. They lie about the government all the time in the worst ways, including ways that have led to actual loss of life. They used to issue regular calls to kill Chavez a while back. I’m not sure if they still do that.

All of the Opposition media outlets are complete traitors as they all supported a few violent coup attempts to overthrow the government. In any reasonable country, they’d be shut down for that treason right there. A man has declared that the completely free and fair last election was somehow invalid due to some fraud no one saw. He struts around the country, a complete traitor if there even was one, and the government doesn’t lift one finger against him!

The Opposition’s constant claims that Venezuela’s elections are rigged, fraudulent, and stolen are an exact mirror of Trump’s lies about how he really won the election. The allegations of rigging and fraud in Venezuela are about as fact-based as those of Trump. Yet every American liberal who screams that Trump is a threat to democracy and tried to steal an election insists that when the Venezuelan fascists say the same thing and steal the election that way, they are somehow correct.

The main thing I get out of Venezuela is how extreme, insane, and dangerous the Opposition is, yet the Chavistas pretty much let them run wild and say whatever the Hell they want to. That’s the opposite of a dictatorship. That’s like the most democratic country on Earth! You should know by now that every country that the US opposes is a dictatorship. Especially all Left populist states are somehow dictatorships because they are often very popular, winning 70-90

American liberals always support fascism, Nazism, and Al Qaeda and ISIS-type militants overseas. Those are really the death squads of the American imperialist far Globohomo Empire. It’s weird because we are pushing total social depravity on the world and then we sick these ultra-Right fascist-Nazi-ISIS death squads on you! The Globohomo part is extreme Left and then they enforce their Globohomo Imperialism with fascists and Nazis. It’s weird. It’s like

  • Death squads and gay bars!
  • ISIS and pride parades!
  • Nazis and transsexual bathhouses for all ages!

That’s basically American Democratic Party liberalism (shitlibs) nowadays and it’s been that way for some time now (at least the fascist-Islamist death enforcers). And for that matter, it is absolutely all of the parties in Europe, including the Greens and the social democrats. The European Left is now shitlib too even though they are farther left than US liberals. The only people there who make sense are some rightwing governments like Hungary and Serbia and of course, the real Left, the communists and Leftists.

Then behind the whole thing is the typical exploitative US imperialism which is out to rape and ruin every country on Earth so we can steal their stuff, loot, and booty.

It’s like the worst of the Left combined with the worst of the Right.

The worst part about the situation in Argentine is not that there was an attempted assassination on Cristina Fernandez, but how their media handled it. The best friend of the would-be assassin (who was not directly implicated, but more or less was aware and approved of his doing it) was interviewed after the event.

The friend lamented how he failed to kill her, and said he should have practiced some more, with the reporter only doing a slight “You shouldn’t say those things, that’s bad,” to the friend.

To show how irresponsible Argentinian and Spanish media are, they started posting infographs showing with text and pictures how to properly operate this sort of firearm so that it fires properly. Y’know, so the next murderer doesn’t make the same mistake. This was done almost as soon as it was reported that the gun didn’t fire due to a failure.

Yes, they sow open calls to murder. The slogan of the Latin American Right – an objectively fascist project – is “murder the Left.” Also, “The Left has no right to rule, and if they do somehow come into power, they are communists and all communists need to be killed or overthrown in a coup.

You also see that the Spanish Right (I assume these papers are the Spanish Right or does the Spanish Left act this way too) is just as fascist as the Latin American Left. It’s no surprise as the Spanish Right is still Franocist. After Franco, they drifted into rightwing political parties, but they never gave up the ideology or went away. Much of the Spanish Right is now made up of rather hidden but unreconstructed Francoist fascists.

This is the modus operandi of the Far Right. I think you’re familiar with it from watching Trump. First, the politicians and media of the Right start demonizing a certain person/group on the Left, fomenting non-stop hate.

Once one or a group of their followers attempt something act of political violence against the Left, successful or not, they immediately backtrack and cover themselves by saying that the attacker was just some crazy acting on their own committing spontaneous lone wolf acts that weren’t influenced by the people on the Right.

In other words, hate is freedom of speech.

Yes, sow endless calls to violence and then when someone acts on these provocations, say he was just crazy and acting on his own and the incitement had nothing to do with it.

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